The 1 Trick to Turbocharge Your Micro Habits!

In previous blog posts we have discussed what “micro habits” are and why they are important. Personally, I think micro-habits are important because they are so small and easy to focus on. Instead of coming up with elaborate plans for change in the future, you can start making progress and changing right now!

And one secret to turbo charge your micro habits is to track them! Just because the habits are small and “micro” doesn’t mean you can skip this important step.

So let’s look a few reasons why its important to track your micro habits and make them even more effective for you:

Tracking micro-habits helps to keep you motivated

Having a record of what steps you’ve been taking to make a change will help you visually see the progress toward your goal you’ve been making. Being able to visualize the changes and see progress over time is one of the keys to staying motivated – and staying motivated is key to staying on track with your micro goals. If you ever start to doubt yourself, or have a bad day, its’ also a great objective reminder to look at which helps when you’re having a bad day.

You can see your progress

Progress goes with motivation above – being able to look at your tracking will help prevent you from giving up when you are having a challenging day or week. And that can be the difference between making forward progress on your micro habit or giving up. The visual feedback is a key part of being successful with any goal, habit or micro habit. Having a visual record of your micro habits will give you objective perspective on just how much effort and progress you’ve made. And that is key for the days where you want to give up.

Habits = Actions Performed Regularly

The literal definition of a habit is doing something regularly. So tracking it helps you make sure you’ve being regular and consistent with your actions. And if you’ve ever used SMART goals, the M is measurable and tracking helps you measure your progress. This will help you achieve success much faster than if you just make a sporadic or occasional effort.

In closing, tracking your micro-habits will exponentially increase your success in making positive life changes. Tracking things is one of the key component of measuring goals. By tracking you will have a record that you can refer to for inspiration on bad days. And you will have a historical record too. Being able to visually see your progress will make you feel better about your efforts too.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know how you are tracking your micro habits.


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