Best Yoga Blanket (Complete Guide – 2023 Update)

Every yogi knows the importance of having a good yoga blanket. If your budget is limited and you can buy only one yoga prop, you should opt for the blanket.

You can use yoga blankets in many different ways, and you won’t need any other prop. While some people use them instead of their yoga mats, other people use them in addition to the mats. 

A blanket can serve as a pillow, yoga prop, support, and many more things. You can also use one to keep you warm during meditation practice.

If you are not sure which yoga blanket to choose, here are reviews of the best yoga blankets.

Top Yoga Blankets Comparison Chart

Product Reviews

YogaDirect Solid Color Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket

This lovely handmade yoga blanket comes in a variety of bright colors. You can choose from seven options. The most popular colors are purple, pink, and burgundy. Ladies love this blanket because it makes yoga practice more elegant.

When it comes to color and design, we could even say that this blanket is minimalistic. Unlike most yoga blankets, it doesn’t have any pattern or stripes; that makes it perfect for people who like to keep things simple. Also, if you are a yoga studio owner, these blankets can be a good match for your studio decor.

One of the features of the best yoga blanket is its size. It has to be long enough to cover the whole body during meditation or the Shavasana pose. The size of this blanket is 53 x 78 inches, which means it is pretty large. Remember that it is vital to keep your body warm as it cools down at the end of the practice, in your final Shavasana of the day.

This YogaDirect blanket is very thick, and it provides you with support and comfort, even during the most challenging yoga poses. You can use it as a session prop, padding, or as a pillow for your head and neck. You can use it instead of a yoga mat and be completely comfortable.

The YogaDirect blanket is easy to maintain and keep clean. It is 50% acrylic, 40% polyester, and 10% cotton, and it is machine washable. All combinations are hand-picked by artisans, and they look pretty nice. We have to emphasize that the color of the tassel may vary because each piece is handmade. Artisans usually use neutral colors such as gray or black for tassels, so it is almost impossible to make an unattractive combination.

Some people love this blanket so much that they use it to decorate their living room sofas!


  • Beautiful, deep colors
  • It combines well with every room
  • Large size


  • It may shed a bit after the first machine washing

YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

You can use this beautiful multi-purpose yoga blanket for occasions besides yoga. Of course, you can take it to your yoga class, but you can also use it as a beach or picnic blanket. Once you start using it, you will want to take it everywhere with you.

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It is a regular-size blanket, 52 x 74 inches, but this yoga blanket weighs only 2.4 pounds, which makes it super convenient to carry with you. Plus, you can bring it with you everywhere: to yoga class, to the park or the beach. It fits in most yoga bags and backpacks.

There are a wide variety of color combinations available. Base colors are white and black, but the strips come in 13 different colors. Even the pickiest yogis can find the one that suits them! The colors are not too bright, and they won’t distract you during your practice.

This yoga blanket is 50% acrylic, 40% polyester, and 10% cotton. The YogaAccessories brand uses only high-quality materials, so this blanket is very durable. It can last for years,even if you use it every day.

It is very soft, and you can wash it in the washing machine. It dries very quickly, so you can do it often without the fear that you’ll damage it or wear it out. You can dry it in a machine dryer, but make sure you don’t use the highest temperature.

While its most significant advantage is its lightweight design, it can also be a downside for some people. It depends on what you want from your blanket. Do you need a light one that you can easily carry with you, or you find very thick ones to be the most comfortable during practice? Here, you’ll have to choose between comfort and portability.

If you are used to very thick blankets, this one may feel different. But don’t worry, it provides equal support to your body, and it won’t move while you are going through the yoga poses. It is very comfortable and gentle to your skin.


  • Lightweight
  • Great variety of colors
  • Multifunctional


  • Some people might find it too thin

El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket Colorful

This authentic Mexican yoga blanket combines both a fair price and high quality. El Paso Designs uses traditional Mexican patterns that are popular worldwide. This blanket can be a great for yoga practice, but it can also be that little detail that will completely transform your living room.

This blanket is an excellent option for you if you value eco-friendly and sustainable products – and which committed yogi doesn’t? The El Paso blanket is woven from soft recycled fibers, and its manufacturers can proudly say that the product is 100% environmentally friendly. It is also carefully handmade.

This blanket provides support and warmth during yoga classes. You can use it as a yoga mat, yoga prop, or meditation blanket.

Many people use it as home décor as well. That’s because it’s stylish design will make a welcome addition to any room in your house or apartment. At 51 x 74 inches, it’s size also makes it an elegant bedspread. The blanket is soft and gentle, and you will feel comfortable on it both during your workout or when you are relaxing at home.

If you love authentic Mexican style, this is most certainly the right blanket for you. It brightens every room, but it can also lift your spirit if you are not feeling great. Some people find that beautiful yoga blankets motivate them to continue with their practice, even when they don’t feel like doing it.

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Due to its attractive design, people also use it as a car seat cover or a camping blanket. The El Paso yoga blanket is a versatile product, and even if it turns out that it isn’t the best solution for your yoga class, you won’t feel like you wasted your money since you can use it as a cover for your sofa or bed, and it can also be a thoughtful gift for people who like the classic Mexican style.

This blanket is available in many different colors. The most popular combinations are red and white or yellow and white. Recently, an attractive mix of teal and cool mint became very popular, especially among the younger generation.

When picking the best yoga blanket, we have to consider various factors. One of them is the price. The affordable price makes this model even more attractive. It can be a bit thin, depending on what you are used to. But it is more than good value for money.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Authentic design
  • Multifunctional


  • Some people might experience issues with washing

Boho Blanket for Meditation, Yoga, and Living

Anyone who loves the Boho style will fall in love with this blanket. It is also perfect for people who don’t like Mexican blankets or are tired of them and now want to try something different.

As its name suggests, you can use this Boho blanket both during yoga class and in everyday life. You can take it to the beach or use it while you are traveling. It is pretty large, 52 x 70 inches, and it can easily cover your body during meditation or even your sofa when your friends come over.

It is also very light, weighing just under 2.2lbs., which makes it perfect for casual yogis who spend a lot of time outside. It becomes even more useful during the summer when you can bring it with you to festivals or the beach. It is great for stylish people because it lookssophisticated.

This blanket perfectly fits into Boho-style homes, and it is an excellent gift for people who like this style. Some women even wear it as an over-sized accessory.

It has an attractive Mandala pattern, and you can choose from various colors. The best of all is that this yoga blanket is reversible, which means that it has a different pattern on each side. Let’s say that you’ve bought a blue, white, and grey mandala design, and you’ve grown bored of it after a while. Don’t worry; you can reverse it, and you will have a completely new yoga blanket.

The Boho blanket usually combines colder colors on one side (blue, green, grey) with warmer ones on the reverse side (blush, red, orange). When it comes to materials, this blanket features a unique poly/cotton blend, which makes it very soft. It is very high quality, and it can last you for years.

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It is very durable, and you can wash it in the washing machine. If you are not satisfied with the blanket, you can get a full refund.


  • It has two sides
  • Beautiful design
  • Great gift
  • Warranty


  • A bit thin

Canyon Creek Authentic Mexican Yoga Falsa Blanket

This is a pretty large yoga blanket, 53 x 76 inches, and it is perfect for yoga classes and solo practices. Whether you want to land softly on it, or you need support during complicated positions, this blanket can help you.

It is long enough to cover the whole body during restorative poses or meditation practice. It will keep you warm at the end of the practice session when the body is cooling down in the resting position. Canyon Creek blanket features soft materials, and it feels great on the skin.

You can use it as a yoga prop or put it under your back if your hamstrings are tight. It makes yoga positions more comfortable, and it can help you relieve back pain in some positions.

Canyon Creek is an authentic Mexican brand, and all of the blankets are handmade. This one features high-quality materials, and it is very durable. It has a traditional Mexican pattern that makes it unique and recognizable around the world.

You can choose from 11 colors, ranging from pink and bright orange to pastel colors such as sea green and light purple. The pastel options are gorgeous, and they are unique because other brands usually don’t have a wide selection in this category. Mexican blankets typically come in bright, vivid colors, so this might be an excellent choice for those who want gentler tones.

However, artisans who make these blankets always warn customers that the shades might vary slightly. They may not be entirely the same as the shades that you have seen in the picture because each blanket is handmade, and colors may sometimes vary.

It is very kind of the company to say it openly, so there won’t be any negative surprises. People who value handmade and eco-friendly things rarely mind whether the color looks precisely the same as it was on the picture. It might be a great choice if you want to support a local, traditional manufacturer.


  • Beautiful pastel colors
  • Durable
  • Large and comfortable


  • The shade may vary slightly

Which Yoga Blanket to Choose?

All these blankets are well-designed useful, and you can’t go wrong with any of them. That might, however, make the decision even more difficult for some. If you are wondering which one to choose, ask yourself, what are you going to use your blanket for? Are you going to use it only during your yoga practice, or you want a more versatile one?

All of the above-mentioned models are made of high-quality materials, they will make your yoga practice more convenient, and can last for years. Finally, you should base your decisionon your personal taste or style.

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