What’s the Best Yoga Wheel for your Yoga Practice? (Updated 2020 guide)

If you’re just learning about yoga wheels for the first time, your whole perspective on yoga is about to change! Yoga wheels are a quick and inexpensive way to increase your flexibility and be able to try new poses you otherwise would not be able to do. They are an easy way to enhance your yoga routines and reach your goals more quickly.

How do you find the best yoga wheel when they all look the same? What is it about a yoga ring that makes it so different from its competitors? And how do you find the one that’s best for your yoga practice?

In this article, we review the five best yoga wheels on the market. They each have their own strengths, whether it is a pliant foam cover, strong grip, or sturdy construction. They each excel in at least one area in a way that elevates them above other low-cost yoga wheels.

Top 5 Yoga Wheels – Comparison Chart

Product Reviews

REEHUT Yoga Wheel for Back Pain

The Reehut yoga wheel is the best all-purpose yoga wheel for people who use their wheels for stretches primarily, and its cleverly developed grip means it will not start slipping if you are sweaty. It is 12.6″ x 5″ and fairly durable.

It is a strong and sturdy yoga accessory that will enable you to do new poses. People on social media are bending over backwards (literally) to show themselves using this yoga wheel. And, the most common factor is that people of most sizes can use it. Those with very little body fat may find it uncomfortable, but bigger people can use this wheel with ease. The wheel can support 330 lbs., although most people will never put their full weight on this wheel.

Despite being a fairly good yoga wheel, it does have its faults, and the biggest is the industrial glue used to hold the foam onto the wheel. The glue has been reported by some users to be too rigid. This seems like a good thing, and it generally is, but over time the wheel starts to warp because you have repeatedly put pressure on it. As it warps, the rigid glue doesn’t have very much give, so it may start to crack.


  • Suitable for most
  • Relatively sturdy
  • great grip which allows for precise placement
  • Available in 3 finishes
  • Antibacterial & Sweat Resistant
  • Comes with an ebook with specific poses to use it with


  • The foam doesn’t go edge to edge
  • other wheels below can handle more weight and you should consider those if you are overweight

URBNFit Yoga Wheel & Strap Set

The UrbnFit yoga wheel has somehow managed to find the perfect balance of comfort and usability. It has a 12-inch diameter and offers a high degree of comfort while allowing you to maintain control and grip during stretches.

The foam that surrounds this wheel is just thick enough to be comfortable. There is always a fine line between having enough grip, offering enough comfort, and not being too soft. Some may say that this yoga wheel’s foam is too thick, but it is sturdy, almost like car tire rubber. As a result, it offers grip and comfort without being too soft when you use it. It looks like the foam surrounding the wheel has a lot of give, but it is firmer than it appears. It doesn’t move much at all unless you put a lot of pressure on it.

The box says that this yoga wheel can support 440 lbs., but the fact is it can hold about half of that. Nobody expects a yoga wheel to support 200+ pounds, but this wheel claimed it can be used by very heavy people and from user reviewers, they appear to question this statement by the manufacturer. Even if you are just stretching your back, and you are over 200 lbs., you run the risk of this wheel breaking.


  • Comfortable
  • Anti-flex PVC
  • Yoga strap included


  • Doesn’t come close to the 440 lb. rating

Pete’s Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

With a clever use of more sophisticated materials, the Pete’s choice yoga wheel is of far better quality than you would think based purely on price. It is the sort of disposable wheel that you would feel comfortable kicking around the gym. It does its job, and it doesn’t ask a lot of money for the privilege.

It is an economy model that will do an okay job. You can tell it is not an expensive product by the weight and feel, but the wheel has plenty of grip, and the foam padding isn’t uncomfortable. Customer support response time and professionalism is great. It is an economy wheel for people who are not looking to spend a lot of money, and want to start incorporating new poses into their practice they can only do with a yoga wheel.

This wheel will only last around two years if you use it once per day. Plus, it cannot handle a lot of pressure. The advertised weight limit is reasonable, even if it is still unrealistic at 350 lbs, but to be honest the construction is not the same as luxury model. Let’s be clear, this is an economy model that makes good use of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, but there is just not enough of it in the actual wheel.


  • Sophisticated look• Flexible
  • Bonus strap and eBook


  • Not the most durable

Mindful Yoga’s Yoga Wheel

This article had to feature at least one yoga wheel that was low-cost while still being very sturdy, and Mindful Yoga has just the thing. Overall, this wheel is the best happy medium of price plus quality. It may be a strong yoga wheel, but limited to 2 colors, purple and turquoise.

Thanks to the way the foam is placed, you may have a slightly harder time rolling it between your shoulder blades if you have a smaller body frame, but otherwise, the build is great for both beginners and intermediate users. It is sturdy, and the non-slip foam is above average.

When you create an economy yoga ring, you can focus on either a strong construction or comfort. This wheel is all about construction, which means it is not as comfortable as the others on this list. 

With that said, this is one of the stronger wheels on this list, but it is harder with less cushioning, and you can feel it when you rest your back on it. If it were a bit heavier and had higher quality padding, it would probably be the best yoga rings on the market. It claims to support up to 500 lbs., and even though it is strong, it is not that strong.


  • Proven non-slip
  • 500 lb. max weight support
  • Eco-friendly
  • Best balance of price and quality


  • Less cushioning – Feels on the harder side

Gaiam Yoga Wheel

Possibly one of the most underrated yoga wheels on this list, the manufacturer of the Gaiam Yoga Wheel tried something new. They tried coating their wheel with cork (also available with rubber or yoga mat cover), and the principle holds up rather well. This is a fine yoga ring that is 5” by 12” diameter.

Cork does make for an interesting wheel covering. It is tough, durable, and very sturdy. But, it also has that little bit of give while still being able to easily handle a lot of pressure (which is why cork is perfect for wine bottles!). It also offers a bit of grip, which is not as much as the rubber version, but what you lose in grip you make up for in sturdiness.

In general, this wheel is on the lower end of the economy model spectrum. It is rather low-cost, which is great for people who do not want to spend much, but this product probably will not last more than two years. Plus, there are some models leaving the factory where the glue coverage is not 100%, which means parts of the wheel can be rubbed off if put under enough pressure. One downside is that if you do need to return the item during it’s warranty, the company makes you pay for the return postage.


  • Cork or rubber outer layer
  • Tough and sturdy
  • Odor control closed cell design


  • Possible QC problems

What is a Yoga Wheel?

A yoga wheel is a plastic circular accessory that helps you increase your flexibility and try other yoga poses you would not be able to do without the wheel. Yoga wheels are typically made from wood but typically plastic. Because they are so simple in design, they are usually relatively inexpensive. The yoga wheel or ring is wide enough that you can rest a foot, a limb, or your back on it.

Yoga wheels are fairly new to yoga and didn’t exist when yoga was started. The concept was created by Dharma Mittra who has been a well known yogi for many decades.

How to Use a Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels will help you enhance your flexibility and ability to do new yoga poses. You can use the wheel to add it an existing pose you can already do, or place it under a limb to allow you to:

  • Open up a body part (e.g. your back)
  • Advance a movement (e.g a back bend)
  • Improve your overall balance
  • Stretch a limb or body part
  • Improve flexibility by changing the position of certain muscles

One of the biggest benefits that many yogis report is that adding a yoga wheel helps their back pain vanish! The wheel can help you experience pain relief in only a few weeks through enhanced stretching and increased strength.

Of course it all depends on our own individual bodies, but that is what you will usually hear if you talk to experienced yoga practitioners.

How to Use a Yoga Wheel

Here is a good video overview.

What To Look for When Buying A Yoga Wheel

There are three elements to buying a yoga wheel. There is how strong and sturdy it is, how well it grips, and how well the foam works.

Sturdiness – The yoga wheel needs to be sturdy. Cheaper models will skimp on materials (amount and quality), and you end up with a wheel that breaks after several uses. If you are looking to use this ring for stretches and poses, rather than just for poses, then a strong and sturdy ring is required.

Grip – Try to avoid rings that have no grip at all. Many poses and stretches rely on you putting pressure on the ring, and if you put pressure on a round object that has no grip, then your body may slip off the wheel and you could get hurt!

The foam – needs to be sturdy so that it repels the pressure you put onto it. Yet, a wheel just made of solid plastic is uncomfortable, so you need to balance comfort with the ability to apply pressure without too much give. If the foam gives way too much, then the ring becomes useless, and maybe even dangerous when being used for balance exercises.

All These Yoga Wheels are Solid Options

Despite the complaint that some of these are economy models, and it shows through their less-than-perfect construction, the fact is that making a yoga wheel is not very difficult. It is not like they are building spacecraft. It is true that there are plenty of yoga wheels that are terrible, and it is true that these five stand out through their ability to function without costing a fortune.

You could pick any of these five yoga wheels at random, and you are still sure to get a good wheel when the parcel arrives at your door. The Mindful Yoga’s Yoga wheel is the best combination of quality plus price. But if your’e new to using a yoga wheel and don’t have one, even a low cost option will get you started with new poses. Even if the wheel only lasts a couple of years, the cost is relatively low relative to the new poses you will be able to add to your yoga practice.

What's the Best Yoga Wheel for your Yoga Practice?


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