The Best Yoga Mat For Travel

Have you been exhausted after a long airplane flight? One of the best ways to recover from jetlag is practicing yoga.  Yoga is one of my favorite ways to exercise, meditate and relax when I’m traveling.

And from the feedback I’ve gotten from many of you, there are a TON of yoga fans reading this website!

The great thing about yoga is that it’s so simple to get started. And when traveling, sometimes you need a special yoga mat that is designed for travel so you can continue your yoga practice while away from home.

To make it easier for my readers, I’ve researched and reviewed the best yoga mats for travel in the market. 

Want to know which yoga mats are best for travel? Let’s get started. 

1. Eco friendly & Washable – Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat   

If you want to travel mindfully, with a durable (yet portable) yoga mat, the Yogo Ultralight Travel Mat is an excellent option. This mat can be folded into a compact size and will fit easily in your suitcase, unlike a regular yoga mat. When you have this mat, there’s no need to miss your yoga practice when traveling.

The YOGO Ultralight Folding Travel Mat is extremely lightweight, weighs only 2.1 lbs, and can be easily tucked into your bag or suitcase  The mat comes with an attached carrying strap. The eco friendly natural tree rubber has extra grip since it is naturally sticky.

Overall, YOGO Ultralight Travel Yoga Mat is a very environmental-friendly, non-toxic yoga mat. The materials used for manufacturing the mats are from natural tree rubber and do not contain PVC, EPA, PER, PU, or TPE. You can clean the mat easily and air dry it because of its organic fabric. You can even use the attached straps to rinse it off in the shower.

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  1. Environment-friendly mat 
  2. Robust material 
  3. Long Lasting
  4. Compact


  1. There are no real cons with this mat. It is a regular size mat though, so if you are 6 feet or taller, you may want the YOGO Ultralight Long Travel Yoga Mat instead.

2) Foldable, Ultra-thin and Reversible – June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat

June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat is an all-purpose mat that is foldable and very portable. It also comes with an extra knee pad a carry strap which makes it a great value. It offers a unique reversible design which makes it stand out. One side is made of black rubber which provides exceptional traction. And the other side is microfiber which grips even better when wet. So if you want a traditional yoga mat feel, you can use with the rubber side on top. Or if you want to do hot yoga, use the microfiber side on top for great grip while in a heated environment.

June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat is 70 inches in length, 1.5mm thick and weighs 2.8 pounds. The dimension of the mat is 70 inches x 24 inches. The mat is foldable and can be easily carried anywhere to your yoga classes or home.  This mat is thin like a credit card, small like a notebook and is easy to carry because it is so lightweight. 

June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat is an environment-friendly company. Their yoga mats are recyclable and the rubber offers an excellent grip. Finally, this beautiful yoga mat was painted by a New York artist and it definitely has a unique look.

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  1. The mat weighs 2.87 pounds
  2. The quality of the material used is very good
  3. June & Juniper Travel Yoga Mat ensures that the plan is saved


  1. Mat is very thin. If you need more cushioning in your mat, consider the other options in this review.

3. Jade Travel Yoga Mat – with Natural Rubber

If you are looking for an earth friendly travel mat with great grip, then the Jade Travel Yoga Mat is an ideal choice. Jade Travel mat is lightweight and can be easily folded and tucked in your bag, allowing you to take your yoga practice anywhere!

Jade Travel Yoga Mat comes in two lengths 68 inches and 74 inches. The mat weighs 2.9 to 3.3 lbs and has a range of solid colors like Black, Olive Midnight Blue, and Purple. Jade mats are free from synthetic materials like PVC, PER, TPE, or EVA. These mats are environment-friendly because they are made with natural rubber tapped from rubber trees.

The Jade Travel Yoga Mat is manufactured in the United States with greater quality control than many imported products. The company pays careful attention to their product quality. And finally, this is an excellent choice if you’re concerned about a sustainable environment. Jade has also decided to plant a tree on the purchase of every single mat and through a partnership with Trees for the Future, they have planted more than 1 million trees since 2006!


  1. Jade Travel Yoga Mat is manufactured in America and great product quality
  2. Mats are made of natural rubber and free of synthetic materials  
  3. For every mat sold, they plant a tree. So if you buy one of these mats you are literally planting a tree!
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  1. Colors are basic colors so if you like a more fashionable or colorful mat, see the other mats mentioned.

4. Think Travel Yoga Mat – Very thin folding mat

If you’re looking for a very portable, foldable travel mat that will fit into any travel bag or case, the Toplus Travel Yoga Mat is an excellent choice. The materials are health conscious natural tree rubber and suede (without PVC, harmful dyes or toxic plastic).

The top of the mat has a a non slip suede surface that is soft on your hands and feet and provides a sweat and slip resistant mat that is perfect for hot yoga! The mat is 1/16th of an inch thick and only 2.5 lbs. It even comes with its own carrying bag.

Finally, its really important to mention the warranty – the Toplus Travel Yoga Mat comes with a 1 year free replacement or refund policy. So TOPPLUS really stands behind their products and you can purchase it with confidence.


  1. TOPLUS mat offers a 1 guarantee.
  2. Eco-friendly material is soft on your skin
  3. The mat can be easily cleaned and even put into your washing machine. 


  1. Thinness – Because it is super portable, it is also very thin. If you need more cushioning, this might not be the best choice for you.
  2. Colors – These mats are in basic solid colors. If you’re looking for something with more flash or style, see some of the other options above.

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