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Namaste Nourished was created to help women achieve a healthy body, a happy mind and a balanced lifestyle. You’ll find tips on healthy living, fitness, weight loss, yoga, non-toxic and balanced living.

About Me

I’m Ashli. I’m a qualified personal trainer, weight management consultant, and mom of a sweet little boy. I grew up in Australia and have always been interested in health and fitness. My childhood was full of weekend sports, playing with my sisters in the backyard, swimming in our pool and enjoying plenty of time at the beach.

Since becoming a mom, my passion for health, fitness, wellness and natural living has only intensified. I want to be around for as long as I possibly can to see my son grow up and reach his full potential.

As women, we are often pulled in so many different directions that our own health and wellness unfortunately takes a back seat.

It’s my passion to help women make positive changes in their life, commit to their health and happiness, find their purpose, achieve their goals (no matter how big or small!) and inspire those around them.

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to Namaste Nourished – I think you’ll like it here 🙂