What Is Ice Yoga? Learn Everything You Want to Know Here

People often have a number of complaints about hot yoga, its fanatic enthusiasts, and the unpleasant stickiness that comes with it. If you are not a fan of hot yoga, you would definitely find ice yoga to be quite pleasant.

Ice yoga is a special type of yoga that you can do in cold climates where the frigid air helps you focus better and you can exercise without excessive sweating. You don’t have to be in a stuffy studio to enjoy ice yoga, but you can practice it outside in the snow along with other enthusiasts.

Although there are some drawbacks of ice yoga, it is a fantastic way to exercise for people who live in cold areas. You can take your yoga to the next level at an ice rink or snowy area near you and enjoy ice yoga classes according to your experience level. With ice yoga, you can stretch, breathe, and destress in your winter wear and increase endorphins in your body.

In this article, you will learn in-depth about ‘What Is Ice Yoga?’ and how to try it if you are interested.


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What Is Ice Yoga?

Ice Yoga is a kind of yoga that is practiced near ice or snow. Practitioners go through several yoga poses on a rubber mat between them and the ice and enjoy the rush of endorphins due to the low temperature.

Exercising in cold climates is quite unusual. However, ice yoga experts believe that when the body is exposed to low temperatures, it allows the release of endorphins and the body releases more calories as it works to maintain its internal temperature. It is a quite common type of yoga in the USA, where there are ice rinks and frequent snow. It is most famous in Minnesota, where the lakes freeze in the winter, and locals can enjoy ice yoga in cold temperatures.

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Ice yoga is mostly practiced outside and allows practitioners to enjoy a free and open environment instead of a limited and stuffed yoga studio for hot pilates or yoga. Yoga instructors teach the students to get into a cozy and comfortable mindset and find peace and calmness in their breath. While most yoga instructors suggest using a thick rubber mat to insulate and protect from the cold, many even recommend paddleboards for safe exercising.


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How Do People Practice Ice Yoga?

Although beginners struggle to focus with the cold temperature, many ice yoga students become unfazed by the cold after a few sessions. Even with the wind hitting their faces, the students and instructors maintain their calm and tranquil state and focus on their breathing.

By zeroing in on their internal and mental state, students can keep away worries about how their body is feeling. This allows them to concentrate on their thoughts, maintain positivity, and stay intentional with everything they are doing. It is a mindful transformative activity that is highly interesting and engaging.

Some yoga instructors play music in their ice yoga classes while some prioritize teaching their students how to remain steady and focus in 40o F below temperatures. It is a communal activity that might not be appealing instantly to a lot of people, but many people change their minds once they take an ice yoga session. The challenges of practicing yoga in these cold temperatures are undeniable, but if one has the spirit to do it, one can definitely overcome the difficulties.

What Do You Wear While Doing Ice Yoga?

Most people wear their common winter wear for ice yoga. Nevertheless, the exercise gear can change accordingly depending on the temperature and location where ice yoga is being practiced. People who go to ice yoga for the first time should wear gloves and several layers of warm clothing. Even with maximum protection, you are bound to feel cold as you stand at a single spot practicing various poses with other enthusiasts.

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Some ice yoga students in Minnesota wear full winter gear that is deemed suitable for fishing while exercising. Although it can make yoga movements seem clunky and not that graceful, the greater coverage provides shielding against the cold and ice. It is also considered better not to wear upper wear that consists of hoods or an attached hat; this can cause problems while bending your neck and even prevent you from perfecting the cobra pose.

While practicing ice yoga, many students struggle with flexibility and feel constricted by their winter coats. It is best to channel away the focus on constriction toward one’s breathing. Snow boots can also cause problems for some people, as many experienced yoga practitioners struggle with their footwork. It is important for ice yoga beginners to not get stressed by their winter wear and to focus on holding poses as best as they can.

Winter gear for ice yoga is there to provide warmth to the practitioners, and even if it causes problems with flexibility, these issues can be ignored while practicing common yoga poses.


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Ice Yoga: The Ultimate In Mind Over (Frozen) Matter

Standing on a windy, frozen lake doesn’t sound appealing to most — but that’s just what several Minnesotans do in order to relax, reports Jeff Wagner.

Ice Yoga – Frequently Asked Questions

Is ice yoga for everyone?

Ice yoga can be practiced by adults of all ages and skill levels. Instructors guide practitioners to stretch, breathe and hold common yoga poses together in the cold temperatures. Most ice yoga classes teach students how to concentrate on their breath, learn about its connection to movement, and be present in the current moment.

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Can beginners attempt ice yoga?

Yes, ice yoga is a great activity for beginners who want to try an interesting fitness activity.

Where can I find an ice yoga class near me?

You can visit fitness centers and yoga studios near you to ask if they offer ice yoga classes in the winter. Ice yoga is limited to locations that usually get snow in the winter, which is why many yoga enthusiasts visit special localities to try it.

Where is ice yoga practiced most commonly?

Ice yoga is practiced in cold countries like Sweden and other Nordic countries and in some parts of the USA as well.

Do I need to buy special gear for ice yoga?

You don’t have to buy special clothes for ice yoga if you have appropriate winter wear. You may need to buy a thick rubber mat for stretching on the ice if you don’t have that already.


Ice yoga is a fascinating type of fitness exercise that is usually tried by yoga enthusiasts living in colder parts of the world. It entails practicing yoga on ice on top of thick rubber mats to provide protection against the cold.

The best part about ice yoga is that everyone can try it with the help of an experienced yoga instructor, regardless of whether or not they have done yoga before. If you are into fitness and want to try something new, you should try ice yoga in a class near you.

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