What Is Hot Pilates? Is It Better Than Hot Yoga?

Hot Pilates is a workout featuring core-strengthening Pilates movements performed in a room heated up to 95 degrees. Basically, you are doing variations of squats and planks while giving the ol’ calorie burn a boost to get similar results as that of a cardio workout. For those who like to enjoy a cool workout in a chilled room, hot Pilates may not be for you.

However, if buckets of sweat after a workout make you feel you’ve accomplished something, you will love this workout. Hot Pilates is the “hot” trend these days, so many studios are offering sessions with expert Yoga and Pilates instructors. You can find one near your location easily and get registered to enjoy a low-impact, high-intensity session of Pilates until you can’t sweat anymore.

Is Hot Pilates Right for You?

It depends on how you respond to extra heat while working out. Heat-related injuries are always a risk when exercising outdoors during the summer season. People who like the feeling of scorching sun beaming down on their bodies, making them sweat harder, can get into hot Pilates pretty quickly.

It’s an intense workout, so if you are new to Pilates, better wait a few months before trying a session of hot Pilates. And only continue if you won’t suffer excessive heat injuries.

The extra heat can cause vomiting, dizziness, headache, nausea, weakness, and fainting in some people. People suffering from hypertension should always refrain from hot Pilates workouts or seek consultation with a medical professional before trying this.

If you have no worries about these side effects, and think hot Pilates would be right for you, then make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. If you do not feel well during the workout, it’s best not to continue. Furthermore, consult a doctor before doing strenuous exercises in extreme temperatures.

What to Expect from a Hot Pilates Class

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A group workout session always differs from studio to studio. Hot Pilates is unlike hot Yoga, as the routine can change based on the instructor’s preference of exercises for the attendees. However, you can expect a few things from a hot Pilates workout anywhere.

  • You will perform high-intensity and low-impact core-strengthening exercises, such as lunges, squats, planks, and leg lifts.
  • The room will be humid and heated above 90 degrees.
  • The room will be full of sweaty people. You’ll feel like you are in a sauna.
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The atmosphere can be overwhelming for someone who has never been to a hot Yoga or Pilates class. You may get nauseous or dizzy during the workout, but do not let anxiety get to you.

Simply kneel on the mat and breathe slowly to relax your mind and body. You can try the Child Pose to take a break from strenuous moves and breathe until you feel better.

When your breathing is back in control, join the class again. It can take a few sessions for you to get the hang of it, so do not get disappointed. Here are a few things that will make your time at hot Pilates sessions easier:

  • Arrive early to register yourself for the class and meet the instructor.
  • Avoid using your cell phone during class.
  • Stay hydrated. Consume more than one liter of water before and after class. Drink minimum water during the workout.
  • Do not eat heavy meals 2 hours before class.
  • Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, and towel.
  • Breathe, relax, and enjoy the class!

How Is Hot Pilates Different from Hot Yoga?

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While hot Pilates is a new term for many people, hot Yoga has been one of the go-to workouts for fitness enthusiasts.

Hot Yoga is popularly known as Bikram Yoga, and it has a set of 26 poses that remain the same everywhere. The temperature during hot Yoga is set to 105 degrees, much higher than hot Pilates.

The major difference between hot Pilates and hot Yoga is movement.

In Yoga, you have to hold a pose for a certain amount of time, but in Pilates, you are moving continuously. Hot Yoga is an overall health and wellbeing class, while hot Pilates is more like a fitness workout.

Benefits of a Hot Pilates Class

Following are the benefits you can enjoy after hot Pilates workouts:

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Heat Therapy Promotes Better Blood Flow

Improved blood flow helps reduce lower back pain and muscle aches. It also releases toxins from your body and improves your range of motion.

Heat therapy has been aiding people for centuries, and combining it with rigorous exercises only increases the benefits. Hot Pilates raises your body’s temperature as the movements aid in pain relief.

Improved Concentration and Focus

All that sweat will initially distract you, but the room’s intensity and your movements only improve your core strength, focus, willpower, and concentration.

You would want to run away as soon as possible for the initial sessions, but when your heart and lungs sync to improve your posture and movements, you will feel the determination to see the sessions through.

Reduced Risks of Back Injury

Regardless of the room’s temperature and the intensity of the workout, Pilates is still a low-impact form of exercise.

The results are not visible right away, and you can get frustrated as the body does not show signs of improvement over the first few weeks.

However, Pilates works deeper to improve your mobility and posture to avoid back pain and injuries.

Best Pilates Workouts Available Online

Incorporated HIIT Training

Hot Pilates is not only about squats and lunges—it combines effective HIIT exercises with weight training to improve muscle and core strength.

The cardio movements add the high-intensity factor to your hot Pilates workouts, making each second worthwhile. It gets your heart rate up and burns more calories than regular Pilates.

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Improved Metabolism

Heat therapy increases your heart rate and blood flow, which aids in better metabolism. Hot Pilates also incorporates cardio which helps improve cardiovascular health.

Each session burns more calories for you and speeds up the metabolism to promote weight loss.

Is Hot Pilates Good for Weight Loss?

Hot Pilates has not been around for long to research its effect on weight loss. A few studies have determined the number of calories burned on average for Pilates students.

One such study suggests that a 50-minute session for beginners will burn 175 calories for an average person. For advanced Pilates, it’s 254 calories per 50-minute session. Another research suggests that excessive sweating does not increase the number of calories burned.

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However, nothing can stop you from enjoying the full-body benefits of a strenuous workout session. The sweating will help regulate your internal organs, improving your metabolism. It will help with weight loss if you throw in a few weekly cardio sessions and a healthy diet routine.

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Inferno Hot Pilates

In this episode, we take an inferno hot Pilates class at Doma Studios in Sacramento, CA! Let’s just say that the first Hot Pilates experience was incredible.


Hot Pilates is a routine that strengthens your core, muscles, and cardiovascular health. You work with a certified instructor who guides a group of people to perform Pilates movements in a room heated up to 95 degrees.

Hot Pilates has many benefits, including increased metabolism and relief from back pain.

If you want to enjoy a workout that combines cardio moves with Pilates rules, you can try hot Pilates at your nearest studio.

Hot Pilates – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Hot Pilates?

Hot Pilates is a form of workout combining repetitive movements of cardio and HIIT training with Pilates principles. The sessions are conducted in a room with a temperature above 95 degrees. You are sweating through the movements and burning calories with each exercise.

What Are the Main Studios That Offer Hot Pilates?

Some of the main studios offering hot Pilates in the US are Inferno Hot Pilates, Hotworx, and Equinox.

What Is Inferno Hot Pilates?

Inferno Hot Pilates is a 60-minute workout session combining Bikram Yoga with Pilates principles to focus on toning and cardiovascular health.

How Long Is Hot Pilates at Hotworx?

Hotworx offers hot Pilates sessions of 30 minutes that focus on self-myofascial release using a foam roller and core training following Pilates principles.

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