What is Inner Smile Meditation?

Have you heard of “Inner Smile” meditation? Honestly, it’s my single most favorite mediation to do! Most people have never heard of it, so today I’m sharing all of the interesting details and you can try it for free right now.

Let’s explore…

What is Inner Smile Meditation?

The inner smile meditation comes from Taoist practice. The mediation has you smile inwardly on each of the major organs in your body to activate the positive and loving kindness within you.

It’s easy to do, and a lighter and more fun mediation.

This meditation seeks to take the vital force of chi and circulate the energy throughout the meridians of your body. This is thought to benefit your health, increase your vitality, help you balance your emotions and open up your inner spiritual and creative energies!

What is Chi Energy and Why is it at the Core of the Inner Smile Meditation?

Your chi energy circulates through the meridians in your body.

This energy circulates through the meridians of the body and can benefit your health, increasing your vitality and balancing your emotions as well as opening you up spiritually and creatively. A key idea in the meditation is the belief that chi energy may be stored or blocked by different internal organs. The mediation utilizes these concepts that you can use this energy to relax and help your organs heal.

Chi energy is a type of energy that is said to be present in all living things. It is often associated with the Chinese concept of qi, which is said to be the life force that flows through all things. Some people believe that chi energy can be harnessed and used for healing, meditation, and other purposes.

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of chi energy, but some people say that they have experienced its benefits firsthand.

Some experts say that chi energy may be a form of “placebo effect”, meaning that it only has an effect if someone believes it will. Whether or not chi energy exists, many people swear by its benefits.

Now that you know all about the concepts of chi energy and the inner smile meditation, let’s try the meditation.

This is honestly my favorite single meditation of all time!

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Inner Smile Meditation Transcript

Here is the Transcript of Lee’s meditation:

“Let’s begin this inner smile meditation by finding a comfortable place and just taking a couple of nice long deep breaths just relax into where you are relax into your energy relax inside yourself as you inhale draw the breath deeply into the abdomen into that power center and then as you exhale let the abdomen relax and release and the breath to effortlessly come out through the nose.”

“This meditation is called the inner smile and as a way to build healing energy in your body so visualize yourself watching a sunset or a sunrise with this golden light on the horizon feel this golden light shining on your face and this light lifts the corners of the mouth just ever so slightly and creates a smiling energy between your eyes.”

“The smiling energy on the face sends a message to raise the vibration in your body to uplift to elevate your internal state of being when we’re smiling there’s a message to the body to rebalance to cultivate health vitality and inner joy.”

“Feel this golden light from the horizon shining on your face like a personal connection to the universe your own personal energy source connecting to you and filling you up with more energy and vitality.”

“Take a deep breath draw this energy into your face golden light soaking up into every cell in your face your own personal connection to the universe filling you up as you receive it and draw it in this energy into your face let it fill up your whole cranial area let it soak up into your brain and calm and relax your mind.”

“Again inhale, draw the energy into the face into the head now when you exhale, exhale through the mouth and visualize any cloudy gray energy going out. This is called washing the mind so we breathe in smiling energy breathe it in as golden light and when you exhale visualize any cloudy gray energy going out goes down to the earth to be recycled…”

“Washing the mind washing away old thoughts old ways of thinking creating space for that golden light of creativity and intuition that golden light of feeling connected on purpose and guided inhale through the nose exhale softly through the mouth and feel your whole upper area the whole cranial area full with lights with wisdom and clarity now let this energy let this smiling light go from the back of the head and move down through your spine…”

“Breathe lights energy vibration from the back of the brain down through the spinal cord inhale through the nose exhale out through the mouth and we’ll cleanse and clear the nervous system. Inhale golden light through the brain back of the head down through the spine exhale out through the mouth, cloudy and gray energy going out breathing in light and exhaling out stress and tension.”

“Feel it washing down all the way down through the spine so that all the nerves are vibrating at this higher frequency resonating with your inner potential, breathing in golden light. Exhale cloudy and gray and feel that energy going down from the upper back to the mid back all the way to your lower back until it reaches the sacrum.”

“Your whole spine is a pillar of golden smiling light this light is absorbed into your nerves and spread through the whole entire body when you take a deep breath allow that light that smiling healing energy to move through the body like electricity as if the circuitry in the body is turned on and flowing from the head to the fingertips from the head all the way down to the tips of the toes.”

“Now feel this golden light moving through the muscles of your body it’s like warm oil moving through the muscles untangling tension any constriction or knots or contraction in your muscles just feel them relax take a deep breath and feel your neck shoulders upper back relax like warm oil poured through the muscles down through the mid back all the way down through your lower back.”

“Your body is relaxed it’s vibrating and it’s full of healing energy smile some golden lights from the face draw it in from the universe smile it down to your heart center fill up your heart center with smiling loving compassionate energy let that loving energy and that compassionate energy stay within you turn that loving energy inward and fill yourself up with gratitude this is the most healing energy in the universe.”

“And allow that energy to regulate and balance and harmonize inside your body smile into the heart breathe golden light into the heart exhale out through the mouth cloudy and gray, releasing out through the body old emotional energy anything that’s feeling limiting in your heart center.”

“Allow the potential in your heart to be revealed. Smile to the heart, breathe it in, exhale cloudy gray goes out as you let go and release emotional stress love compassion kindness emerge very naturally let this smiling energy from the heart start to spread through the rest of the body as the heart beats chi and light and energy move through the electrical system of the body through the meridians from the heart center down the arms from the heart center through the abdomen…”

“From the abdomen down the legs all the way to the toes full of loving energy full of healing full of radiant golden light use this power and the smiling energy to just direct and help to regulate any areas in your body that might need a little extra healing.”

“Turn your attention to anywhere in your body that needs healing energy and fill it up with golden light as you fill up that area in your body with golden light again exhale cloudy gray any sick energy goes out and let yourself just be immersed in healing light smiling energy as a way to cultivate gratitude healing and empowerment.”

“Let the whole body be filled with golden light take a deep breath feel yourself shining with internal energy feel yourself radiance smiling with the universe take some long slow deep breaths let every cell in your body soak up the smiling energy take that smiling energy take that light into the rest of your day…”

If you want to learn more about Lee Holden and his Qigong and other offers, check out his website.

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Inner Smile Mediation Summary

Also if you want to learn more about applying the concept of inner smile to your daily life, be sure to check out Mantak Chia’s incredible video below.

Video: How to get Inner Smile for Daily Life Practice?

When we extend love and kindness, which can be as simple as smiling, we not only help others feel loved and cared for, we feel a sense of inner peace and contentment as well. This video explores the benefits of the ancient Taoist technique of inner smile meditation.

Life regularly offers both exhilaration and exhaustion. Maintaining an emotional and energetic balance while you navigate daily obligations is essential. One way to stay balanced is by noticing throughout the day whether you’re smiling or frowning. And if you’re frowning, take a moment to smile instead.


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