What Are The Best Essential Oils for Meditation? (2020 Update)

There are an ever-increasing number of apps and online channels dedicated to meditation. It’s hard to overstate how beneficial and in many ways crucial the meditative practice has become.

Adding essential oils to your meditation routine can really boost the practice and increase your mind-body harmony. Why do meditation and essential oils work together so well? And how do you know which essential oils to use when you meditate?

We’re going to review five best essential oils for meditation and see what each of them can do for you and your well-being.

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Plant Therapy Vetiver Essential Oil

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of essential oils? Probably something like peppermint and maybe not vetiver, but Plant Therapy is a company that recognized the many benefits of this exotic plant. The vetiver essential oil by Plant Therapy is 100% pure and contains nothing but the naturally extracted oils. Various laboratories and experts thoroughly test every bottle of oil this company makes.

The focus on quality and purity is essential here. There are no additives or preservatives, and you can use it in a diffuser or directly on your skin. Either way, you’re inhaling only the fruits of nature. This vetiver oil comes undiluted, and a small bottle can last you a long time. How can vetiver oil help you when you meditate?

The best approach is to use an essential oil diffuser, or dilute it and put it on your pulse points, like the wrist or inner elbow. You can even take in the scent from the bottle and let it wash over you.

Vetiver is one of the best essential oils for meditation because it can help you concentrate and stay mindful. It can also be beneficial if you’re struggling with insomnia, anxiety, and other feelings of restlessness.

The Plant Therapy vetiver essential oil has a woody and smoky scent that can help you transcend your daily lifewhile you meditate and feel closer to nature. One of the most amazing things about Plant Therapy is that all of their essential oils are safe for children. So, kids ages 2-10 can use this oil without experiencing any side-effects. It’s the first line of essential oils that an entire family can use.


  • Undiluted & 100% pure
  • Safe for kids
  • Independently tested


  • Difficult to pour out of the bottle

Healing Solutions Sandalwood 100% Pure in Jojoba

Meditation has now been well researched by scientists and its benefits are well documented. And meditation with essential oils only emphasizes those benefits, and often adds many more as it helps incorporate your olfactory sense of smell. Sandalwood is one of the most popular essential oils used in meditation, and Healing Solutions produces this amazing oil diluted in jojoba oil.

The ratio is 70:30, and this way, you get the benefits of both essential oils in one bottle. Sandalwood essential oil is famously tricky to extract, so Healing Solution uses jojoba because it has a powerfully healing effect on your skin and hair. Using this combination of essential oils during meditation will help you reduce the mental chatter and bring your focus back to your breathing.

The unique smell of sandalwood is gentle to all your senses. The Healing Solutions bottle of sandalwood essential oil with jojoba passed rigorous tests and checks for any impurities. It’s also Kosher certified. The company has an advanced distillation and bottling process, which is very important to a lot of us buyers! Finally, this bottle of sandalwood and jojoba essential oils is therapeutic grade.

You can use the diluted version of sandalwood on the skin to treat minor issues and also for hair. It’s gentle and is very unlikely to cause any irritations.


  • Therapeutic grade oils
  • Great bottling process
  • Great for skin and hair


  • Not that great sandalwood to jojoba ratio

Plant Therapy Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

What are the benefits of Cedarwood Essential Oil? It can help you sleep better, and everyone knows how important sleep is for proper functioning. It can also help us women to keeping our menstrual cycles regular and eliminating our skin blemishes. Plant Therapy has cedarwood essential oil in its long list of essential oils for a reason.

This cedarwood essential oil is made from Moroccan cedarwood. The company is well-known for its line of kids-safe essential oils, and cedarwood is one of them. It’s a therapeutic grade quality oil, and it’s 100% pure and undiluted. It’s also USDA certified and organic. You can use the Plant Therapy cedarwood essential oil to help your respiratory system as well.

You can use it in an essential oil diffuser to help alleviate symptoms of bronchitis and reduce coughing. It’s also one of the best essential oils for meditation. It has a dry aroma but not strong enough to overwhelm your senses entirely. You can use cedarwood essential oil in combination with other essential oils as well.

You can use also mix this with eucalyptus or something similar and rub a few drops on your skin to stay in a meditative mood longer. You can also use this oil as a base for other homemade lotions and soaps because it’s completely pure and doesn’t contain any additives or harmful ingredients.


  • USDA certified
  • Blends well with other oils
  • Great for respiratory issues
  • Safe for kids


  • Not everyone likes the scent of cedarwood

Miracle Botanicals Palo Santo Essential Oil

What is the No. 1 reason people are flocking to meditation like never before? They are trying to rid themselves of negative energy. The Palo Santo essential oil can do that for you. If you use Palo Santo essential oil by Miracle Botanicals, you might experience your meditative space filling up with more calm energy and the sense of being grounded. This bottle has 10% of Palo Santo essential oil diluted in 90% argan oil.

You might have heard that argan oil is popular in skincare and haircare products. It also works well as a diluter for palo santo essential oil. This way, you can use it right on your skin.

You don’t need to scratch your head about the ratio and which essential oil to use. In a diluted form, it might not be perfect for a diffuser. But you can always place a few drops on the pulse spots, and let the beautiful scent fill the room where you meditate.

This palo santo essential oil will almost surely put you in a relaxed and meditative mood. What can it do for your well-being? It can help you build up your immune system and fight off inflammation. It also resembles frankincense essential oil in that it has antioxidant properties. Finding a good quality palo santo essential oil can be notoriously hard, and Miracle Botanicals have done a great job with quality and scent.


  • Great blend with argan oil
  • Smells great
  • Helps fight inflammation


  • Can’t use it in a diffuser

Now Essential Oils Patchouli Oil

For many people, the first thing that comes to the mind when talking about aromatherapy and the best essential oils for meditation is the patchouli essential oil. The distinctive and intense aroma is so well-known and so frequently used in many areas of life. You can use this fantastic Now Essentials patchouli oil as a base for homemade soaps and bath oils. It comes steam distilled, and it’s 100% pure and vegan.

The scent of this musky and earthy oil will make you feel like you’re closer to nature and will help you get into meditative mood quicker. The Now company is known for its quality and commitment to sustainability. They are a family-owned and operated company, and they are determined to promote and donate to various charities.

That approach aligns well with what meditation aims at anyway, and that is to enhance the feeling of empathy and gratitude. This patchouli essential oil from Now has pain relief properties, and it can help with symptoms of a cold.

The benefits of patchouli oil are well-documented in history and across cultures. When it comes to essential oils for meditation and aromatherapy, it’s important to look for the therapeutic grade, like the one from Now.

You want the best essential oils for meditation, and that includes all oils made with care and tradition in mind. Patchouli oil blends well with coconut oil and can be an excellent massage oil with many benefits and a pleasant scent.


  • Sustainably made
  • High-quality
  • Highly concentrated


  • Some might find the scent too strong

Enhance Your Meditation with Essential Oils

The best essential oils for meditation are the ones you like the best – that’s usually the most common qualifier. However, there is a difference in quality and packaging, as well as the distilling process. All of these five essentials oils can significantly enhance your overall well-being.

But you can’t use all oils in a diffuser if that is your preferred choice. That said, you can use them to make your homemade products, but you have the flexibility with the range of essential oils we reviewed above. All of the oils reviewed in this article have passed rigorous testing and are harmless. Some are even mild enough for kids.

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