Most Inspirational Yoga Blogs to Follow (Updated for 2023)

When looking for inspirational yoga blogs to follow, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of available options. Finding a blog that’s inspirational with a good variety of content and reliable sources of information can be tough so we compiled a list of our favorite yoga and mindfulness websites for your reading pleasure. 

Our Top Recommendations for Yoga Blogs to Follow

Mind Body Green

Mind Body Green is one of the best known well-being blogs. Founded over 10 years ago, this company firmly focuses on science-based holistic wellbeing, providing support and advice in areas ranging from nutrition and supplements to mental health and exercise, with yoga being one of the key players when it comes to holistic lifestyle. Mind Body Green draws on the expertise of yogis with various backgrounds – from teachers and spiritual leaders to advanced practitioners and people whose life was in some way or another changed because of yoga. On MBG you can find seasonal yoga flows, insight into the effects yoga has on mental health, exploration of yoga myths and great advice on how to incorporate yoga into everyday life. We love the variety and accessibility of content on MBG!

Daily Cup of Yoga

Daily Cup of Yoga started as one man’s journey. The founder of Daily Cup of Yoga wanted an online space to document his discoveries of the yoga world. What began as musings of a law student with a yoga mat and a Yoga for Dummies book, grew into one of the most influential yoga blogs that is still going 13 years later. As well as sharing his personal experiences, Brian is now able to give a voice to people with similar passion for yoga and allow the expertise and experience of seasoned yogis to reach the wider audience. We also love to see a yoga blog ran by a man, helping to get rid of the stigma about men practicing yoga. 

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Hippie Heathen

Hippie Heathen is an up and coming blog that addresses the struggles of balancing work and family with living intentionally and holistically. What makes Hippie Heathen stand out from the crowd is that it is run by a woman of color, creating a safe and inclusive space for other African-American women, who are often overlooked in the world of yoga. The content is written in a welcoming conversational manner with a sprinkle of sass, intended to inspire and empower fellow yogis. We love to support new projects and we hope Hippie Heathen grows to its full potential!

Yoga Dork

Yoga Dork is a great place for yogis to catch up on the latest news in the yoga world, walking a fine line between being an informative portal for yoga lovers and dissecting yoga through the lens of pop culture. Yoga Dork writers do not shy away from sensitive topics and like to shine the light on yoga controversies, providing witty and sometimes poignant commentary on the modern yoga culture.

Bad Yogi

Bad Yogi is not only a blog but an online yoga class resource. The founders of Bad Yogi made it their mission to challenge yoga stereotypes, breaking them down one blog post at a time. Erin and Adrien strive to redefine yoga culture and create an inclusive environment without judgement or expectation. We love the Bad Yogi approach because we also strive to create an inclusive online space where yogis of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome. 

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene is an international yoga teacher who hosts what is probably the most popular yoga themed YouTube channel. With her classes she managed to create a multi-million person community all over the world, and in her blog she shares personal experiences intertwined with raising important questions about the yoga community. She also explores how yoga values fit into the modern world and encourages her audience to be mindful on and off the mat. The reason Yoga With Adriene made it onto our list is because we believe it’s incredibly important to explore all aspects of yoga and let your everyday life reflect your values as a yogi. 

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Elephant Journal

Elephant had been established back in 2002 as a magazine, and as its audience grew, they transitioned into digital formal in the effort to further decrease their environmental impact. The Elephant Journal team are dedicated to sharing the mindful way of life that’s good for people and the planet, including yoga, sustainability, conscious consumerism, enlightened education and arts. They are to this day completely independent so you can count on their content being 100% authentic and honest. We can always rely on Elephant to share the truth, even if it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Finess Yoga

The creators of this website have made it their mission to spread the word about the various virtues of yoga. They believe that yoga has something to offer to just about anyone and by exploring the amazing effects yoga has on the human body, they highlight the different approaches each person can take to achieve desired benefits. They look at links between yoga and various physical and psychological conditions. For example, how to ease depression and anxiety through yoga practice. They also strive to give you the tools to avoid yoga-induced injuries and they certainly give you plenty of food for thought. Since we are on a similar path, we felt it was important to share their blog with you!

J. Brown Yoga

J. Brown is an NYC based yoga teacher, known for his unique approach to yoga practice and his writing. After having practiced both Ashtanga and Iengar styles, J. realised he needed a different approach, and so for the last decade and a half, he has been creating techniques teaching people how to practice yoga in a more fulfilling way. His writing has been featured on two of the blogs on our list – Elephant Journal and Yogadork, as well as in Yoga Therapy Today and International Journal of Yoga Therapy. Some consider his outspokenness controversial but we think it is important to question the status quo and address the “dark side” of the yoga community.

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If you have any other top favorites, please let us know in the comments.

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