Best Yoga Leggings (2023 Update!)

best yoga leggings

Yoga leggings are one of the most popular activewear items for women. You don’t have to be into yoga to understand that the comfort and versatility of yoga leggings go a long way when you’re looking for a comfortable and fashionable option.. But the search for the right yoga leggings can be overwhelming. So many companies are … Read more

Guide to the Best Plus Size Yoga Pants (2023 Update)

plus size yoga pants

Plus size fashion has changed a lot over the years. Brands are making a conscious effort to make their fashion lines as inclusive as possible.  Yoga pants are one of the most popular and beloved types of clothing items for women. Which are the best yoga pants for plus size, and which pair should you choose?  In this … Read more

Best Yoga Blanket (Complete Guide – 2023 Update)

Complete Guide Yoga Blankets

Every yogi knows the importance of having a good yoga blanket. If your budget is limited and you can buy only one yoga prop, you should opt for the blanket. You can use yoga blankets in many different ways, and you won’t need any other prop. While some people use them instead of their yoga mats, other people use them … Read more

What’s the Best Yoga Ball (2023 Guide)

best yoga ball

The yoga ball, or Pilates ball, or just the exercise ball is one of the most fun and loved pieces of exercise equipment. The numerous names imply that you can use it for all kinds of workouts, and it’s especially beneficial for beginners and people with joint problems. Yoga balls are also used frequently in … Read more

Best Yoga Mats For Hot Yoga Reviewed (2023 Update)

best hot yoga mats

For some people, the idea of hot yoga sounds both intriguing and confusing. What is it exactly? Essentially, it’s a practice of yoga that is done in a heated environment with a lot of humidity. If done right, it can lead to many health benefits, including detoxification, improved flexibility, stress reduction, and fat burn. Because … Read more

The Best Yoga Mats Under $50 (2023 Update!)

best yoga mats under $50

  A lot of our readers want to get started with yoga but they are put off by the high costs of yoga (buying yoga outfits, yoga mats, yoga accessories, and joining a yoga studio). Yoga doesn’t need to be expensive though – the easiest way to get started is to find an affordable yoga … Read more

2023 Guide – Best Yoga Mat For Beginners

best yoga mat for beginners

Whether you like going to the gym or staying at home to exercise, it’s important to have what you need to make the process safe and comfortable. A great yoga mat goes a long way when it comes to comfort and safety for those who enjoy yoga or Pilates or other floor routines done on a … Read more

Most Inspirational Yoga Blogs to Follow (Updated for 2023)

Yoga Blogs to Follow

When looking for inspirational yoga blogs to follow, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of available options. Finding a blog that’s inspirational with a good variety of content and reliable sources of information can be tough so we compiled a list of our favorite yoga and mindfulness websites for your reading pleasure.  Our … Read more

The Best Yoga Mat For Travel

Best yoga mat for travel

Have you been exhausted after a long airplane flight? One of the best ways to recover from jetlag is practicing yoga.  Yoga is one of my favorite ways to exercise, meditate and relax when I’m traveling. And from the feedback I’ve gotten from many of you, there are a TON of yoga fans reading this … Read more

Baron Baptiste – Founder of Baptiste Institute

Creator of Baptiste power yoga

Baron Baptiste is the founder of the Baptiste Institute and creator of Baptiste Power Yoga. His parents are among the pioneers of yoga in the United States. Baron’s father was his first teacher, who introduced him to yoga at a young age. He is known for having developed a style of yoga called Baptiste Yoga, … Read more

What Is Hot Pilates? Is It Better Than Hot Yoga?

What is Hot Pilates?

Hot Pilates is a workout featuring core-strengthening Pilates movements performed in a room heated up to 95 degrees. Basically, you are doing variations of squats and planks while giving the ol’ calorie burn a boost to get similar results as that of a cardio workout. For those who like to enjoy a cool workout in … Read more

Can Pilates Help with Weight Loss?

can Pilates help with weight loss?

Pilates is a form of exercise developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates. He was a German gymnast and carpenter who formed various routines to help injured soldiers and dancers recover. The repetitive exercises performed for Pilates are now considered beneficial in controlling breathing and strengthening the core muscles. Pilates is somewhat similar to Yoga, … Read more

A Review of the 6 Best Men’s Yoga Shorts

Men’s Yoga Shorts

To get the most out of your yoga session, you should be able to completely submit your mind and body. However, this can be extremely difficult to achieve if your pants or shorts keep riding up too high, distracting you from concentrating on yoga. Additionally, if your clothes are too tight, they might deprive you … Read more

57 of the Best Yoga Quotes About Spring

Yoga Quotes About Spring

In spring, trees begin to grow back their leaves, flowers begin to blossom and bloom, and animals begin to come back from migration or start coming out of hibernation. It is truly beautiful how nature renews itself in the springtime. In yoga the meaning of spring is similar, you are encouraged to let go of … Read more

Our 10 Favorite Tulum Yoga Retreats

Tulum Yoga Retreats

Tulum, Mexico is a yoga lover’s paradise –  somewhere to go to relax and unwind at one of the many wellness centers. Its luscious sandy beaches make this quaint town a popular vacation spot for those who love the ocean. Tulum has an endless amount of heavenly retreats, where people can go to cleanse the … Read more

A Closer Look at the Best Women’s Yoga Shorts

where to buy women’s yoga shorts?

Yoga is the ultimate choice for people seeking calmness, flexibility, and balance in life, especially most of you reading this article! Many of us practice yoga and that means we are always on the lookout for quality yoga clothes to help us feel (and look) good, enjoy our yoga classes and get the most out … Read more