10 Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss

If you’re after a high-intensity exercises that torches fat, can be completed in 20 minutes, works your entire body and can be done by beginners to advanced athletes, then kettlebells are the equipment you’re looking for.

Recently, I was diagnosed with Morton’s neuroma, a painful, non-cancerous growth that surrounds the digital nerve of the second and third toes. This painful condition means that I’m no longer able to do the high intensity interval training that I’ve always loved.

Of course, I wasn’t willing to just give up exercise completely, so I set out to find an alternative to HIIT that torched calories and was just as fun.

Enter – kettlebells!

They say that every cloud has a silver lining, right? Well for me, the cloud of my morton’s neuroma allowed me to discover the awesomeness of kettlebells.

Since then, kettlebell workouts have completely replaced my HIIT, and I now workout with kettlebells 3-4 times a week on average.

Kettlebell workouts are fast, fun and extremely effective at torching calories and burning fat!

kettelbell exercises for weight loss

Burn 400 Calories in 20 Minutes

The American Academy of Exercise found that the average person can torch 400 calories in just 20 minutes with kettlebells. That is INSANE. When I first learned that, my mind was blown. I don’t even know how long it takes on the treadmill to burn that many calories, but it’s sure as heck more than 20 minutes.

How to Avoid Injury Using Kettlebells

Here’s the only downside about kettlebells – basically everyone uses them incorrectly when they first get started. And this means that not only is your workout not as effective, you can actually risk injury.

If you really want to learn proper form, we have some clear recommendations.

Here is the best kettlebell book.

And if you are more of a visual learner, or really want to see a woman going through the routines so you can follow along, this is the best kettlebell DVD.

What are Kettlebells?

A kettlebell is a cast-iron ball with a handle attached to the top. They kind of resemble a cannonball (and are often incorrectly referred to as kettle”balls.”)

Where did Kettlebells originate?

Fun fact – kettlebells originate in Russia way back in the 18th century. Called “girya” in Russian, a kettlebell was actually a metal weight used to measure crops.

Eventually, kettlebells began to be used by farmers in strength competitions. Kettlebell sport (known as girevoy sport) is incredibly popular in Russia. While girevoy sport hasn’t really gained mainstream popularity outside of Russia, the use of kettlebells as part of an exercise regime is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States.

Kettlebells vs. Dumbells

One of the most common questions people have about kettlebells is “why do I need kettlebells if I have dumbbells?”

It’s a valid question, but in reality, kettlebells and dumbbells are two entirely different pieces of equipment.

While there are some movements that can be done with either a kettlebell or a dumbbell, a kettlebell allows a ballistic or explosive style of movement as opposed to a dumbbell which is most commonly used for slow, measured movements like dumbbell curls.

In addition, the uneven center of gravity of a kettlebell works your core muscles, which helps to tone and flatten your tummy.

Benefits of Kettlebells

There are dozens kettlebell benefits, including:

  • Excellent at torching calories and burning fat
  • Provides strength and cardio training at the same time
  • Relatively inexpensive to buy
  • Gives an intense, full body workout in a very short amount of time
  • Can work completely different muscle groups at the same time
  • Can be used in a small space and don’t need much space to store
  • Increases your metabolism
  • Can be done anywhere
  • No additional equipment needed
  • Fun!

What Kettlebell Weight Should I Choose?

Kettlebells vary in weight from 9lbs all the way up to over 200lbs.

When you’re first getting started, it’s important that you choose the right kettlebell weight.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” weight when it comes to kettlebells. Just like any other piece of gym equipment, there are a variety of factors that go in to choosing the right kettlebell weight for you.

However, here’s something to keep in mind with kettlebells – choosing a weight that is too light can actually cause injury due to incorrect form.

You might be tempted to “start small” and choose a very light weight. I’d recommend that you do not do that, otherwise you will increase your injury risk.

Kettlebells used to be quite rare, so they were very expensive even just a few years ago. But now they are very affordable and you can get great deals on Amazon for usually around twenty five to forty five dollars.

As a starting point, Kettlebell trainers typically recommend an 18 lb kettlebell for women and a 35lb kettlebell for men.

10 Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss

Ok, now onto the kettlebell exercises for weight loss!

Before you attempt any of these exercises, I highly recommend you watch the video entirely through. Once you’ve gotten a good grasp of how the movement is performed, then go ahead and give it a go!

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Windmill

Kettlebell Deadlift

Kettlebell Figure 8

Kettlebell Shoulder Press

Kettlebell Around the World

Kettlebell Sumo Squat

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

Kettlebell Snatch

25 Minute Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

10 beginners kettlebell exercises for weight loss
Kettlebell exercises are one of the best ways to lose weight fast. Click through to find out 10 of the best kettlebell exercises for weight loss


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