Guide to the Best Plus Size Yoga Pants (2023 Update)

Plus size fashion has changed a lot over the years. Brands are making a conscious effort to make their fashion lines as inclusive as possible. 

Yoga pants are one of the most popular and beloved types of clothing items for women. Which are the best yoga pants for plus size, and which pair should you choose? 

In this article, we’ll review five products, which in our opinion, make up the best plus size yoga pants, and we assess the quality and durability. It’s not enough for yoga pants to be stretchy. They need to be breathable and comfortable too.

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Product Reviews

Lola Getts Plus Size Leggings

Trying to find the right pair of plus size yoga pants can turn into an agonizing process. Even when you find the ones you really like, you’re never quite sure if they will roll down your tummy or if they will pinch and squeeze. Lola Getts knows your struggle and has done everything to make sure that doesn’t happen.

All of their products are specially designed for a curvy figure. This means that, unlike many other companies, they don’t just make a size 4 and then scale up. They are thinking about real people with real bodies and their needs.

The leggings are 90% Supplex and 10% Lycra, which means that they are very comfortable and stretchy. The waistband is not too thick, but it still always stays where it should be. The sizes start from 14 and go up to 28, which proves that they take sizing matters seriously.

There are 2 important design considerations to mention about these leggings. First, they are designed with flat lock stitching which is important because the stitching doesn’t add bulk. With cheaper seams that extend a bit, they will cause you friction on the inside of your leggings which can irritate your skin and cause chafing. And they can rub against the outside of your legging and cause rubbing of the seam which causes wear and tear and leggings that will not last as long. The second design consideration is that they have a diamond shape crotch panel which will prevent the dreaded camel-toe.

These 7/8th’s length capri leggings have excellent compression and offer support exactly where you need it. In addition, they accentuate the line of your body as well. The fabric is non-sheer and that can be particularly important when you’re out in the supermarket or at a public yoga class. Every item is cut and designed in the US.

As with any good great pair of yoga pants, these can be used for any type of exercise, but the quality and the classic design allow them to double as casual or lounge wear. Wear them to the farmer’s market or on the days when you stay in and take on a movie marathon. These Lola Getts are very durable, and they effectively wick moisture as you want them to. They also can pass the squat test with flying colors.

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  • Accurate sizing
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Great compression
  • Very comfortable
  • No Camel Toe
  • No Side Seams


  • Some users reported the fabric bunched around their knees

Core 10 Icon-Series the Warrior Mesh Yoga Leggings

Finding the right fit is not the only struggle for plus size women. Even when you do find a pair of leggings in your size, the design tends to underwhelm. Core 10 understands that you can, and you should, look good in any size and that every woman deserves a cool pair of yoga pants. These Warrior Mesh leggings look fabulous and have that elusive edgy look. They are slightly more expensive too but also come with a broader range of sizing options.

And they deliver when it comes to performance and you can wear them comfortably in any yoga position or on your morning run. They fit closely, hugging your curves gently. They also wick moisture quite well, better than most yoga legging brands. There is a lot of mesh detail, which means that they are breathable as well as stylish.

In case you are worried about potential chafing, there’s no need to. You can wear them all day without any chafing getting in the way. They contain 21% elastane and the high waist is comfortable and soft. The waistband tucks away and supports your tummy gently, so it’s even great for postpartum use.

Core 10 doesn’t only make yoga pants for plus sizes, but their sizes go up to 3X and are all accurately scaled. As far as these yoga pants being squat-proof, things are looking good and you can go on to do any kind of activity that involves squatting. These leggings are easy to maintain. You can machine wash them and they will dry quickly such that you can wear them to your next class, if that’s what you have in mind. And a final note they have a small pocket in the rear that you can use for your phone or other small items.


  • Very stylish
  • True to size
  • Breathable mesh
  • Phone pocket


  • Not ideal for high-intensity workouts

Calvin Klein Plus Size Leggings (with control waistband)

Calvin Klein probably makes you think about underwear and perfume, and these are the fields this brand traditionally dominates, but Calvin Klein is in no way a two-trick pony. When it comes to a sleek, polished look, no one does it better than Calvin Klein. These yoga pants prove that bigger brands are competing to cater to the plus size community, and it’s great to see a well known clothing brand making leggings for plus size women!

The first thing you might notice with these yoga pants is that the color is intense and very deep. Compared to other black leggings, these seem blacker and they are not prone to fading. Although yoga leggings are usually intended for a yoga class, Pilates, or other kinds of low-intensity workouts, you’re also going to feel very comfortable pairing them with a nice pair of shoes or boots and going out to run errands. If you like to wear your yoga leggings all day when you are out and about, you will appreciate that these are a more fashionable option to pair with other non-yoga clothes (tops, jackets, purses, shoes, etc.).

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They are very soft and comfortable, and the waistband sits very well around mid-waist. You get 4% spandex, 24% nylon, and 72% rayon with these leggings, which means they support your curves well and they stretch as much as you need them to. The control waistband helps them stay in place so they won’t fall down during poses. And it will help conceal your tummy a bit.

You can get these leggings in sizes 1-3XL which is a decent, but not great, plus size range. The compression on these Calvin Klein’s is great and the overall quality of these leggings assures that they are durable and are very likely going to last a long time.


  • Versatile
  • True to color
  • Very soft
  • Fashionable and will pair well with your non yoga clothes


  • A pricier option because they are a fashion brand (but worth it!)

Joyshaper High Waist Cropped Leggings with Pockets

Yoga leggings are almost the perfect piece of clothing. But what is the one thing they most often don’t have? Pockets, of course! It used to be inconceivable, but now it’s something to look for. And these Joyshaper plus size leggings have two pockets on the side, so enough room for your phone and your money.

It might seem like a strange cause for excitement for some, but for women who love taking long walks, hiking, or running, having those pockets to store keys, phone, or other personal belongings can make all the difference.

The sizing goes up to 3XL. When it comes to color and design, these leggings offer several different shapes and patterns. They will give you all the freedom of movement that you need when you’re doing yoga or Pilates. These plus size yoga leggings are soft, comfortable, and very stylish.

This pair is called the “Joyshaper” because it has a bit of compression to help provide some lift and support with a higher waist – and make you look and feel great about your body! The material is 81% polyester and 19% spandex, so they are stretchy, soft and very comfortable. And the breathable properties keep you dry during your workout routine. 

And you can get then in either full or capri length too. They are versatile and created to be more than workout clothes. You can either relax or exercise in them, all the while having that bit of flare on you. But style and comfort aren’t everything.

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These Joyshaper plus size leggings are durable and dependable. You don’t have to worry about them being see-through or making any tearing noises when you’re doing squats. These yoga pants are for women who aren’t satisfied with plain black leggings, and for those who feel pockets are a must on near every piece of clothing.


  • Two side pockets
  • Several great styles
  • Very stretchy


  • Possibly too high waisted

RBX Active Plus Size Stretch Ankle Yoga Leggings


Sometimes when you want a really good pair of yoga leggings for your workout routine, going to a source that understands sports and activewear can make a great difference. RBX is a company that makes size-inclusive activewear and does an amazing job at that. These beautiful plus size yoga leggings are 92% cotton and 8% spandex.

Although cotton doesn’t have the moisture-wicking abilities of polyester, it’s a preferred fabric for a lot of people when it comes to practicing yoga or performing any other activity. The material doesn’t hug your body in the same way, and it may stretch out over time, but the breathability is great, and it will feel good on your skin.

These leggings are full length and sometimes that means that your ankles might suffer if they are pressing too hard. However, with these leggings, the material around ankles is stretchy and that means that you stay comfortable during your workout, or even when you’re just relaxing at home.

This feature means a lot if your legs are prone to collecting fluid during the day. The last thing you need is to have lines around your ankles and the feeling of discomfort. That is why RBX Active Plus Size Yoga Leggings are designed with consumers in mind. The rare fabric combination of cotton and spandex makes them stand out from the other options.


  • Cotton and spandex
  • Stretch ankle
  • Great for everyday use
  • Machine Washable


  • Might have to size up

Plus Size Yoga Pants with Support and Style

The best plus size yoga pants for some women mean the chic Calvin Klein’s, and for others, it might mean staying stylish while working out in a pair of Core 10’s. But either way, the quality, durability, and comfort are important.

All of these five plus size yoga pants will feel good on your body and make it simple when deciding which size to get. 

They all pass the squatting test and are equally suitable for outdoor and indoor activities. It’s the details that might feel different and be a matter of individual preference. And the design and color options might be the deciding factors in your purchase.

best plus size yoga pants

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