What’s The Best Yoga Mat Bag? Check out our 2023 Guide

Every yogi knows that a good yoga mat is one of the most important things for a successful practice. It is also important to have a quality bag so you can take your mat with you to yoga classes.

The bag helps protect your yoga mat and keep it clean and in good shape. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a yoga mat bag. The design is very important because we all love beautiful things, but it also has to be practical, durable and good value. Here is a guide you can use to find the best yoga mat bag according to your needs.

Top 5 Yoga Mat Bags – Comparison Chart


Yoga Mat Bags Product Reviews

Fremous Yoga Mat Bag

The Fremous yoga mat bag is an attractive bag that can be found in various colors. It comes in neutral colors such as black and dark green, but you can also choose from 20 attractive patterns. Ladies will love the Spring or the Lava pattern with flowers.

This bag is very durable as it is made of 100% high quality canvas. The price is also very reasonable, especially when we take into consideration the quality of this bag.

The best thing about this full-zip yoga mat bag is its size. It is really large (26 inches long and 7 inches in diameter) and it can be used for carrying most yoga mats. Some users emphasize that they have managed to fit two yoga mats into this bag, which makes it super convenient for people who are practicing yoga together.

This yoga mat bag has two multifunctional storage pockets. The pockets can be used for carrying essentials like keys or phones. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap and it is really comfortable.

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  • Affordable
  • Attractive design
  • Large


  • Potential issues with the zipper

Gaiam Yoga Mat Tote Bag

This elegant yoga mat bag is designed for people who like to be stylish even when they are going to a yoga class. It is white with a sophisticated print of the Tree of Life on each side.

However, due to its white color it may quickly get dirty and some of the spots may be difficult to clean. The bag is made of cotton and lined in nylon, which makes it suitable for machine washing. Yet, some buyers claimed that the bag shrunk after washing and drying.

It is possible to fit standard and premium yoga mats of up to 24 inches wide. It has an outside zipped pocket where you can put your personal belongings.

Also, the Gaiam yoga mat bag has a magnetic snap that makes it really convenient for people who are always in a hurry. You can open or close it in mere seconds.


  • Magnetic snap
  • Beautiful design
  • Convenient zipped pocket


  • May easily pick up stains

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

The Kindfolk is a beautiful and very practical yoga mat duffle bag and a great gift for people who care about the environment. It is made of high-quality patterned canvas and you can choose among four attractive patterns.

The bag can hold any yoga mats up to 26 inches wide and it has a lot of space. It is very convenient as it can hold your yoga blocks, blanket, or water bottle. The Kindfolk yoga mat bag is made of durable materials designed to last for years. Also, read our in depth article about the best yoga blankets to buy.

The price is higher in comparison to many yoga mat bags but that is justified. In fact, the manufacturer cares about environmental issues and all of their products are eco- and animal-friendly. Moreover, the company donates $1 for every bag sold to nonprofit organizations that fight slavery and human trafficking.

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  • Eco-friendly
  • Beautiful design
  • Good value for money
  • Durable


  • Some people state that the combination of colors seems too youthful

Yoga Sak

The Yoga Sak is a very convenient backpack-style bag, perfect for people who like to keep their hands free. It is made of twill polyester, a very durable material. It comes in various colors such as grey, blue, black, and green. The colors are neutral, for people who prefer to keep things simple when they are headed to a yoga class.

The Yoga Sak has adjustable straps that make it very practical. It has many little pockets so you can carry everything needed with you. One of its best features is the built-in water bottle holder, something that every yogi needs.

However, some buyers would have preferred the pockets to have zipper closures instead of the Velcro that comes standard. That may make this backpack less secure than traditional zipped bags.


  • Convenient to carry
  • Built-in water bottle holder
  • Warranty


  • High price
  • Some may not be crazy about the Velcro closures

Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag

This yoga mat bag is both beautiful and very practical. It is made of high-quality durable canvas and it comes in various colors. You can choose from seven unique designs, from simple to the more elaborate. This is definitely the most colorful bag we reviewed!

It is very spacious (35 x 13.5 inches) and you can fit most standard and premium yoga mats inside. There is space for other things as well and the bag is multi-functional. You can use it when you are going to the gym or even when shopping.

The best feature of this bag is that it has two specially designed pockets. The side pocket is large enough to hold a water bottle or towel. There is also a smaller interior pocket, which is zipped and perfect for carrying valuable things such as your keys, phone, or wallet.

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  • Design
  • Multi-functional
  • Good value for money
  • Warranty


  • May not fit very long mats


All five bags are excellent and loaded with advantages, making it difficult to choose the best yoga mat bag for everyone. Some people prefer elegant and colorful yoga mat bags, while others prefer them to be durable and practical. It is possible to have a combination of both and that is why we find the Ewedoos Yoga Mat Bag the best. It is beautifully designed and very convenient and we really like its pockets. But with these bags, everything depends on the features you consider important.

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