What’s the Best Yoga Ball (2020 Guide)

The yoga ball, or Pilates ball, or just the exercise ball is one of the most fun and loved pieces of exercise equipment. The numerous names imply that you can use it for all kinds of workouts, and it’s especially beneficial for beginners and people with joint problems.

In yoga, the exercise ball is a great way to expand on your standard routine. It offers your body more support, and it’s immensely helpful for your flexibility and balance. It’s just a matter of finding the best yoga ball for you. In this article, we’ll review five amazing yoga balls.

Top Yoga Balls – Comparison Chart

Yoga Balls Reviews

DynaPro Exercise Ball

What are the essential properties of a quality yoga ball? It’s that it’s not going to deflate easily or burst underneath you. Either could cause you to get get injured. These are serious concerns for everyone, but even more so for people with disabilities or seniors.

Yoga is a cross-generational activity, and DynaPro understands it. This ball has an anti-burst rating and it was built to last a long time.

DynaPro exercise ball can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of weight without deflating. Another fantastic thing about it is that its production process is sustainable. It’s made from recycled materials, which means that not only is it thick and strong, but it’s also better for the environment. That’s the kind of ball you’d find in professional gyms that care about the quality of the equipment they use.

When it comes to using this exercise ball for yoga, there is a lot of things you can do. Trying to perfect your downward poses will become much easier because you’ll feel stable and won’t have to fear you’ll slide down unexpectedly. Apart from yoga, you can use this ball for Pilates, push-ups, or a wide range of stretching or other workout routines.

And it’s a great choice if you want to turn it into an office chair. That way, you can sneak in some yoga on a lunch break. You can get this yoga ball in seven different colors and four sizes – 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, and 75cm.

This yoga ball will help you work on your core and your lower body strength. You can also use it to relax your muscles and just sit on it. In the end, you can just have fun with it and throw it around because it’s very durable.


  • Sustainably made
  • Durable
  • Anti-bursting rating


  • May take up to 24 hour to expand fully

Yogu Stability Exercise Ball

One of the things that make the yoga ball a fantastic choice for home or gym exercise is that it’s easy to set upend use. The Yogu Stability Exercise Ball will help improve your balance and flexibility.

And, just like the practice of yoga, it aims to work on your core strength as well. It is very sturdy and can withstand up to 2,000 pounds. That means there is nothing you can do to damage it because it has anti-burst properties.

This Yogu exercise ball comes in four beautiful colors, and with an air pump. That means you can start with your workout as soon as you inflate it. It also has an extra air plug, which is very practical.

This yoga ball is great for doing yoga movements like seated spinal rotation, where you sit on the ball that is against the wall and you rotate your torso for extra stretching.

This ball will remain stable, and you won’t have to worry about slipping and losing balance. The yoga ball comes in 65cm diameter size, which is the standard for grown-ups. You can use it instead of the chair or a tool that will help you with your sciatica and lumbar pain. All you need is a bit of imagination, and the Yogu Stability ball will provide the rest.


  • Comes with an air pump
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Affordable


  • Available in only one size

ProBody Pilates & Yoga Ball

ProBody Pilates is a company that makes products specifically for Pilates and yoga enthusiasts, and professionals. Everything they make, like their Pilates ball, is designed to provide the best exercise experience possible. This ball is a professional-grade tool, and it’s a smart choice for people who don’t want to waste too much time searching and shopping around.

The manufacturer uses a very low-odor non-rubber PVC that’s free from phthalates. The ball is sturdy and able to withstand 600 pounds.

Many physical therapists and fitness instructors recommend Pilates and Yoga balls. They are an excellent tool for building better balance, building core strength and can engage all the muscle groups as part of a workout routine.

And you can rely on the superior quality of ProBody Pilates ball to help you execute movements like hip stretches, as well as seated stork pose in yoga. You can get this pro yoga and Pilates ball in seven different colors, and an air pump is included.

This ball comes in four sizes. That means that you can use the largest one as an office chair and bring the mini one with you on trips, so you don’t ever miss a workout. The size of your yoga ball will be one of the factors that will make it the best yoga ball for you, and this ball comes in the widest range of sizes.

If you’re not sure what to do with your newly purchased yoga ball, ProBody Pilates includes access to videos you can watch and get exercise ideas. Also, this is a great yoga ball if you need to rest your pelvic floor if you are pregnant.


  • Professional grade
  • Low-odor properties
  • No phthalates


  • Only 600 pounds resistance

Trideer Exercise Ball

If you want to buy a yoga ball that has everything you need in the package, then the Trideer Exercise ball is probably something that you’d like. Not only can you get it in a variety of lovely colors, but you also get a foot pump, so that you can inflate the ball easily.

You also get two air-stoppers, in case you misplace or lose one. This yoga ball is one of the thickest you can find on the market. It has impressive anti-burst properties and can withstand up to 2,200 pounds. And this feature makes it the best yoga ball for people who need to feel extra safe and stable.

And unlike many other exercise balls, you can get it in five different sizes that range from M to XXL. That means that it’s incredibly versatile, and you can use it for a wide range of activities. You can work on your plank, or do a bridge, or make chest lifts easier without losing efficiency.

Once a Trideer exercise ball is in your home, there won’t be any shortage of creative ways to use it. And the durability coupled with high-quality materials it’s made from will encourage you to use it as often as possible.

The same goes for the gym applications. It will take up to 24 hours to inflate completely, but once it does, you won’t have to worry about it losing air while you exercise.


  • Extra thick and durable
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Five sizes


  • Complicated inflating process – may take up to 24 hours until fully inflated

SmarterLife Products Exercise Ball for Yoga

It’s hard to find an exercise tool that is as versatile as a yoga ball. Children and seniors, and pretty much anyone in between, can use it. And people of different levels of physical ability can benefit from a yoga ball. SmarterLife Products has created the exercise ball for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and stable while working on their core strength.

The four sizes and 10 colors to choose from will allow you to find the perfect option for your own body and exercise routine. This ball features eco-friendly materials, and the manufacturer avoids latex and other kinds of environmentally damaging chemicals, which is a massive plus.

The anti-bursting rating is amazing and stands around 2,000 pounds. And on top of that, you can’t puncture this exercise ball very easily, which means it’s safer around kids and pets.

And if you’re hesitant about trying it out because you think you will slip, rest assured that this yoga ball has excellent anti-slip properties. You can practice any yoga or Pilates pose or movement with a peace of mind. You will get a hand pump with this yoga ball, as well as extra plugs and a plug remover, so you’re completely covered.

And if you need workout ideas, this ball comes with an e-book “The 7 Secrets to Your Ideal Body” that you’ll get via email once you buy the ball. You also get an exercise guide curated by fitness professionals so you can get the best out of your SmarterLife Products Yoga ball and make it the best yoga ball for your needs.


  • Exercise guide + eBook
  • Great durability
  • Anti-slip properties


  • Sizing might be off

Staying Fit with a Yoga Ball

What features does the best yoga ball have? It needs to be anti-slip, anti-burst, made from quality materials, and offer plenty of color and size options. Most yoga balls we’ve reviewed in this article have all of that, and more. For those committed to sustainable purchasing, DynaPro and SmarterLife Products models are great options.

And for those who want professional design and longevity, Trideer and ProBody might be top choices. Whichever one you go for will give you the support and stability your body needs while doing yoga or Pilates, or just sitting behind your desk working.

what's the best yoga ball


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