What Is Hot Pilates? Is It Better Than Hot Yoga?

What is Hot Pilates?

Hot Pilates is a workout featuring core-strengthening Pilates movements performed in a room heated up to 95 degrees. Basically, you are doing variations of squats and planks while giving the ol’ calorie burn a boost to get similar results as that of a cardio workout. For those who like to enjoy a cool workout in … Read more

Can Pilates Help with Weight Loss?

can Pilates help with weight loss?

Pilates is a form of exercise developed in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates. He was a German gymnast and carpenter who formed various routines to help injured soldiers and dancers recover. The repetitive exercises performed for Pilates are now considered beneficial in controlling breathing and strengthening the core muscles. Pilates is somewhat similar to Yoga, … Read more

Best Pilates Workout Videos On Amazon Prime

Best Pilates Workout Videos On Amazon Prime

Is pilates an exercise you have always wanted to try? Are you unsure of what workout video to choose? Do not fret, we have compiled a list of the best pilates workout videos on Amazon Prime just for you!  Pilates is a popular exercise that helps to strengthen your core muscles and body. It focuses … Read more

Best Pilates Mats

Pilates is world-renowned for both its calming effect on the mind and its physical benefits. There really is nothing quite like unrolling your mat and stretching yourself into a toned body and a tranquil state of mind.  That being said, there is nothing worse than a flimsy, lumpy mat that leaves you sliding around the … Read more