Inspiring Yoga Instagram Accounts Everyone Should Follow (Updated for 2023!)

Whether you are new to yoga or perhaps you are hoping to brighten up your Instagram feed, finding inspiring new accounts to follow can be quite challenging. Here are our recommendations for Yoga Instagram accounts that will inspire you to do more yoga, improve your mindset and lifestyle, and perhaps even up your Insta game.

Best Yoga Instagram 2020


Kino McGregor has a huge online presence – she is not only a regular blogger and an acclaimed yoga teacher, she also has over a million followers on Instagram. And it’s not surprising – this woman is truly an inspiration. In addition to her training and retreats, she runs an online yoga classes platform, OMstar, and in her personal time she is a keen traveler. Follow Kino for content that will not only inspire you to roll out your mat but also to book a plane ticket to all the beautiful locations she visits!


Do you ever wonder what type of poses you could create together with your yoga buddy? The @acroyoga account has got your back! Posting the best acroyoga content from all across Instagram, this account is a goldmine for anyone who wants to partner up and practice poses together. 


Rachel Brathen, often synonymised with her Instagram handle @yoga_girl is one of the most influential yoga figures on the platform. She has well over two million followers and for a good reason. She practises yoga and mindfulness in all areas of her life – in her work, in her social media presence, in her family life, and even in her diet. We feel that Rachel’s Instagram is a great example of how yoga can transform one’s life. Perhaps following her will inspire you to transform yours, too!


Caitlin Turner, known to her followers as @gypsetgoddess, could also be a physical manifestation of a yoga goddess. Caitlin’s passion for travelling really shines through the picturesque views surrounding her in almost every photo. Practising everywhere from white-sanded beaches to sandy canyons, Caitlin clearly shows her connection with nature. Warning: following @gypsetgoddess may lead to some serious Insta-envy!

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While some of us might still be figuring life out, Natalie Asatryan seems to have found her path. At the age of 15, she is the youngest female certified yoga teacher in the US, having qualified when she was only 12 years old! As well as teaching yoga, Natalie is an actor, musician and dancer. She is a visionary setting an example to her own generation as well as generations to come. She is often quoted saying “There is no age limit for changing the world.” Follow @natalieasatryan to help Natalie spread her positive message, get inspired and create changes of your own!



When you first stumble across Kerri Verna’s Instagram, you might ask yourself: “but where is the beach?” Kerri’s pictures might not have the exotic beach as a backdrop, but her video tutorials will sure as hell make you look good in a bikini. Self-titled as Queen of Core, @beachyogagirl doesn’t limit herself with classic yoga flows, instead incorporating props into her training and creating a link between yoga and pilates. Her methods make even the most complex yoga postures accessible with variations and props. 


Have you ever heard of Strala yoga? Well, Tara Stiles is a co-founder of this popular yoga style! What started as free yoga sessions in the local park, grew into a global community. Tara Stiles is a yoga teacher, a mother and a published author – and that’s just scratching the surface. Tara’s Instagram has a wonderful quality to it, creating a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Through her flows and her quotes, she makes you feel welcome and accepted, almost like you have been friends all your life. Follow her account for themed flows and feel-good vibes, and you will not regret it.


Adriene Mishler’s name might not ring a bell outside of yoga context but if you have ever practised yoga using online resources, we bet you heard of Yoga With Adriene. Adriene is most famous for her YouTube channel that at this moment has a staggering 6 million subscribers. Yoga With Adriene is perhaps the most extensive yet accessible online yoga class resource, with sessions ranging from beginner friendly to advanced or even especially adapted for a particular purpose. Since Adriene’s main platform is YouTube, her Instagram stands out compared to other yogis on this list in that it’s not so focused on her image but rather set to show the world as Adriene sees it. It’s a wonderful insight into this yogi’s worldview and a lovely way to connect to everyone’s favourite online yoga teacher.

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Amanda Bisk is an Australian yoga teacher with a background in pole vaulting. Australia’s coast makes a pretty magical backdrop, and whether Amanda is pictured with blue skies or a sunset in the background, we can’t get enough of it! This Instagram account is also packed with useful drills for mobility, muscle building and strength. As well as being a qualified yoga teacher, Amanda is an elite athletics coach so the workouts she posts on her Instagram account are inspired by her experiences both in athletics and in yoga.


Stephanie Birch’s Instagram account is a mixture of inspiring yoga poses, exotic locations, relevant quotes and stylized snapshots, interlaced with her personal thoughts. Stephanie is a photographer, which is reflected in the unique style she brings to the table. A fusion of  colourful thumbnails woven into a representation of her life. It’s hard to pinpoint how she creates such a lovely atmosphere with her photos, so the best thing to do is follow @stephynow and experience it for yourself!


When you think of must-follow yoga Instagram accounts, there is no way @sjanaelise would not be mentioned. Sjana has well over 1.6 million followers, and her photos truly reflect the beauty of this world. Sjana herself is like a walking image of a goddess with her flowing hair, beautiful features and otherworldly ability to balance upside down. Following her Instagram would certainly make your feed more vibrant!


This Instagram certainly stands out from the rest of this list, and in a way, from a wider yoga community. A conventional image that comes to mind when we think of Instagram yogis is probably a young slender woman, and yet @danatrixieflynn is here to challenge these stereotypes. This strong beautiful woman rocks a short hairdo, is covered in tattoos and her Instagram features a lot of urban landscape as the background to her practice. She is not afraid to be her truest self, perhaps her Instagram account will encourage you to do the same.

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This account is an absolute must-have resource for yogis with hyper mobile joints. Ran by Celest Pereira and Adell Bridges, @hypermobile.yogis Instagram contains a great selection of tips, tricks and drills from the two brilliant yoga teachers mentioned above. Celest has a background in physiotherapy and Adell has enough yoga skill and experience for five people! In fact, it’s worth following these ladies’ individual Instagram accounts as well as their collaboration account. @hypermobile.yogis is also an invaluable resource for yoga professionals as it teaches them how to handle hypermobility in their students. It’s educational and yet broken down enough so anyone could understand and benefit from this content.


Erin is a yoga teacher whose whole presence feels like she is a work of art. Her flows look like a fire is dancing inside of her, and her body seems to be capable of just about anything. One of Erin’s specialties is handstands, which incidentally is useful not only to yogis but to circus folk and callisthenics fans alike. If you are looking for movement inspiration, @erinkellyart will almost certainly scratch that itch! 


Vanessa Tikaani is another yogi on this list who combines her passion for movement and photography, which led to her account getting traction. Vanessa represents the wonderful reality that you don’t have to present a certain way to be able to not just do yoga but to reinvent yourself through yoga. Vanessa uses her voice to encourage and inspire other people to choose a path of self-love and acceptance, and looks gorgeous spreading the message.

If you have suggestions for yogis who you follow and have influenced your yoga practice or lifestyle, please let us know in the comments below.

best yoga instagram accounts to follow

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