What is Inner Smile Meditation?

Inner Smile Meditation

Have you heard of “Inner Smile” meditation? Honestly, it’s my single most favorite mediation to do! Most people have never heard of it, so today I’m sharing all of the interesting details and you can try it for free right now. Let’s explore… What is Inner Smile Meditation? The inner smile meditation comes from Taoist … Read more

The Middle Way in Buddhism

In Buddhism, the Middle Way (or Middle Path) is a teaching about a framework for looking at the world through a buddhism lens. It teaches a path of moderation and taking the path being the extremes of an overly easy path and an overly difficult path). Read on to learn more about this important Buddhist … Read more

Dr. Joe Dispenza – Everything You Wanted to Know!

Biography of Dr. Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a man who believes in the power of manifestation and encourages others to transform beyond their existing limitations.  Rather than accept your limitations, Dr. Joe encourages people to push themselves out of their comfort zone and truly liberate your mind and body! As a person and a motivational speaker, Dr. Joe … Read more

Satori, Buddhist Awakening

In Japanese Zen Buddhism Satori is described as a sudden moment of awakening or realization.  Linked to the experience of Kensho, or knowing one’s true self, Satori is directly linked with the Buddhist path to enlightenment.  The Zen Buddhist scholar D.T Suzuki (1870-1966) described Satori as ‘The acquiring of a new point of view in … Read more

Meet Tara Brach – Legendary Meditation Teacher

Meet Tara Brach, meditation teacher

Tara Brach is a renowned meditation teacher who guides people on their spiritual journeys using various methods. Her books, videos, and podcast depict her Buddhist beliefs. She is also a psychologist with a deep understanding of mindfulness and meditation practices. Brach is a proud Engaged Buddhist. She has been part of the community for decades, … Read more

Who Is Sadhguru? Learn All You Need to Know about the Yogi

Who is Sadhguru

Who Is Sadhguru? – An Introduction to the Renowned Yogi Jagadish Vasudev (Jaggi), or Sadhguru, is a renowned yoga guru from the south of India, known worldwide for his spiritual messages, meditation, philanthropy, wisdom, and insightful books. He has been teaching people how to overcome the challenging task of establishing harmony between spirit, body, and … Read more

The Best Mini Zen Garden Kit for Beginners

The most amazing mini Zen garden

Introduction If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Japan, you’ll agree that the Zen gardens there are among the most beautifully breathtaking sites to visit. These Zen gardens were created to allow Buddhist monks to meditate peacefully and work on creating a unique pattern in the sand that prevented the growth of plants. Even … Read more

39 Free Your Mind Quotes To Clear Your Head

A girl meditating on the beach

Keeping your mind and body free of stress and anxiety keeps you strong and makes you feel better about yourself. Furthermore, it also allows you to think clearly, giving you the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles that you are facing or will definitely face in your life. On that note, listed below are 39 … Read more

The Three Jewels Of Buddhism

The Three Jewels Of Buddhism

Fundamental to Buddhism are the ‘Three Jewels.’ Buddhist practitioners ‘take refuge’ in the three jewels of Buddhism to guide them towards enlightenment. There are a number of different denominations of Buddhism, but throughout all denominations the three cornerstones that remain throughout are the Three Jewels. But what exactly are the Three Jewels?  The Three Jewels … Read more

61 Be Still Quotes to Achieve Peace of Mind

be still quotes for inspiration

Trading calmness and peace for a minute of anger is the worst deal you can ever make! Impulsive behavior never benefits anyone! People who let their emotions get the best of them eventually suffer the consequences. If you have ever been in a situation where the struggle between stillness and emotional outburst was too much … Read more

41 Inspirational Sadhguru Quotes for Meditation

a person meditating

Meditation and mindfulness can help you improve the quality of your life drastically. The health benefits of meditation have been known for centuries. We all live very fast-paced lives and tend to feel stressed at most times. Meditation can help you calm yourself down and reduce symptoms of anxiety as well. If you plan on … Read more

Can a Mala Bracelet Help Your Meditation Practice?

blog - mala bracelets

A mala is a strand of 108 beads that are used to keep count during a silent mantra meditation. Often malas are worn as colorful necklaces or bracelets. In addition to being a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, they are a powerful tool for your yoga and meditation practice. Mala beads are sometimes referred to … Read more

62 of the Best Inner Peace Quotes

Inner Peace Quotes

Dalai Lama, Gandhi, and the Buddist philosophy are all examples of advocates of the term inner peace. Inner peace, also known as peace of mind, is related very closely to true happiness. Shanti and Chaina are some of the Sanskrit words that refer to someone’s mental calmness, or inner peace. Inner peace means even though … Read more

How to Practice Zen Meditation

Meditation is a technique used far and wide to help a person become more aware of themselves and their surroundings, and how to create a healthier perception of the world. Meditation can be used to better understand and channel your thoughts and emotions so that you don’t get so overwhelmed by life.  Plenty of people … Read more

What is the Best Meditation Pillow?

Best Meditation Pillow

Why worry about the best meditation pillow? After all, didn’t ancient monks use tattered rags stuffed with hay? Well, things have come a long way since then as we now stuff pillows with buckwheat.  Yet, the real reason why you should care at all about your pillow is because of how much time you are … Read more