A Review of the 6 Best Men’s Yoga Shorts

To get the most out of your yoga session, you should be able to completely submit your mind and body. However, this can be extremely difficult to achieve if your pants or shorts keep riding up too high, distracting you from concentrating on yoga.

Additionally, if your clothes are too tight, they might deprive you of your flexibility, restrict your every movement, and may even prevent you from getting into the right yoga pose. With that said, having the proper yoga wear in your arsenal is vital to ensure you have an immersive and transcending yoga session. This article will walk you through 6 of the best men’s yoga shorts you should wear while doing yoga.

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The 6 Best Men’s Yoga Shorts You Should Wear While Doing Yoga

1. YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Yoga Active Shorts

The fundamental tenets that the shorts were designed around are moisture-wicking, breathability, and 4-way stretch, allowing the wearer to feel free and comfortable in their movements during their practice. The breathability of the shorts facilitates airflow preventing the buildup of heat and helping your body stay cool during your yoga practice.

YOGA CROW’s nylon and polyester fabric combination has been lab-tested for optimal strength for repeated and regular use to ensure longevity, assuring the wearer that the shorts won’t rip during their high-flexibility movements giving them confidence.

Yoga enthusiasts often complain about their yoga wear bunching up in the middle of their practice and having to disrupt their sessions to adjust their pants or shorts. You’ll be glad to hear that these yoga shorts have been specifically designed to eliminate this problem. The fabric is flexible and smooth, with just enough structure to prevent the shirts from bunching around your thighs during your yoga practice.

The shorts are lined with non-abrasive and non-restrictive boxer underwear that provides optimal coverage and support, allowing the wearer to focus solely on their practice. Even after the sweatiest exercises, the Anti-Microbial technology keeps these shorts odor-free.

The flat waistbands and seams provide additional comfort. In fact, these men’s yoga shorts are so comfortable and easy-going that you’ll often find yourself wearing them outside of your workouts as well.

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2. 4-rth Men’s Transition Yoga Shorts

These Men’s yoga shorts by 4-rth are a lightweight pair of shorts and a hybrid between 4-rth’s two most popular lines of shorts, which are the Eco-Track Shorts and the Fusion Shorts. The shorts boast durable and long-lasting construction and are made out 4-rth’s custom Modal French-Terry material which is derived from the wood of a Birch tree.  

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These yoga shorts have been manufactured with a form-fitting design in mind; they also feature front pockets that have been sewn on top of the fabric instead of being stitched from the inside as with regular shorts and pants. The lack of inward lining pockets prevents the shorts from bunching up on the inside during workouts and yoga practices. This helps keep you focused, making for an overall better yoga session.

The 2×1 RIB paneling that runs from the sides up and above the back-end helps improve stability and provides an exceptional range of motion and flexibility for stretching and demanding workouts.

The breathable fabric combined with the elastic waistband provides extra comfort and keeps the body from overheating, even during high-intensity workouts and yoga practices. These shorts are a great fit for a variety of activities, including yoga, climbing, hiking, and cross-fit training.

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3. CRZ YOGA Men’s Four-Way Stretch Travel Workout Shorts

The fabric of the shorts comprises 69% Polyamide and 31% Spandex making the shorts soft, lightweight, and durable. The 4-way elastic attribute of the shorts makes them highly stretchable and adds to the durability and comfort of the shorts.

This gives you a robust pair of shorts that will easily stand through even the toughest of workout regimes and yoga practices, all the while keeping you cool and comfortable thanks to the soft and light fabric material.

The elastic waistband paired with the drawstring allows the wearer to have a personalized fit that is both comfortable and provides excellent support, which is a mandatory requirement for all athletic wear and apparel.

The two side pockets, along with one zip pocket, make these pairs of shorts even more practical, qualifying them to not only be used as yoga or workout apparel but also as loungewear. The 7-inch inseam also facilitates leg movement making the shorts perfect for yoga, running, and other strenuous activities. The shorts are an ideal option for working out, hiking, biking, running, yoga, and much more!

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4. Nike Flex Men’s Yoga Training Shorts

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When it comes to clothing and apparel, Nike is the name we are all too familiar with, and so we can already expect this pair of yoga shorts to be one of the best ones on the market.

The Nike Flex Men’s Yoga Shorts are made from tough and comfortable polyester, granting the wearer extreme flexibility, range of motion, and the confidence to go all out during their workouts and yoga practices.

The elastic waistband makes for a personalized and comfortable fit that is neither too loose nor too tight. The soft, lightweight, and breathable fabric of the shorts helps accommodate airflow during your yoga practices allowing your body to remain cool and preventing you from excessively sweating.  

The two front pockets work well for storing small items such as your keys and cellphone. The black and iron-gray color combination makes the shorts look sleek and aesthetic.

Compared to some other yoga short options in the market, the Nike shorts go for a fit that is somewhere in between a form-fit and a loose-fit, and it may very well be the best kind of fit for yoga and other athletic activities since it offers exceptional support and comfort regardless of whatever you’re doing.

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5. prAna Men’s Mojo Short

With a soft-brushed and wide waistband along with a quick-drying, lightweight, and microfiber construction, the prAna shorts are one of the most capable and practical pairs of men’s yoga shorts you can find on the market.

The full inseam gusset facilitates greater mobility and flexibility, allowing the wearer to get into their yoga stances and poses with increased ease and comfort. The two front cross pockets and a back patch pocket with a Velcro closure allow for ample secure storage space for your mobile, wallet, keys, and more.

The quick-drying fabric and a breathable fit work excellently to dry off your sweat, keep odors to a minimum, and prevent your body from getting overheated. An added benefit of the fabric is that it is UPF 50+ rated, meaning that the fabric blocks out more than 98% of the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

The elastic waistband allows for an excellent fit and support. The strong microfiber fabric makes these pairs of yoga shorts durable, and they will easily last you for many years.

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6. Amazon Essentials Men’s Performance Tech Loose-Fit Shorts, Pack of 2

Looking for a more affordable option without having to cut back on quality? Then do we have a product for you! Men’s performance tech loose-fit shorts by Amazon Essentials are one of the most cost-effective products on this list. Nevertheless, they still offer a few of the same premium features that only the more expensive alternatives do.

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In contrast to a form or skinny fit, these shorts, as suggested by their name, adopt a more loose and roomy fit making them one of the most breathable options in the market. In addition, the moisture-wicking fabric helps drain away the sweat from your skin, helping you dry off quickly and avoid the unpleasant sweaty feeling that we all despise.

This breathability and quick-drying ability of the shorts also help keep odors to a minimum. The internal drawcord at the waist allows the wearer to have a personalized fit. This, combined with the soft and highly stretchable material, makes doing yoga or working out a charm.

The two spacious side panel pockets are quite deep and can easily hold your cell phone and other items, and you won’t even have to worry about them falling out when you sit.

Best of all, the shorts come in a pack of 2 and that too in a variety of contrasting color combinations.

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There are a lot of men who would like to try yoga shorts, but would not dare wear them outside the studio because they know that it can be quite embarrassing for them. They know that they will just hug every part of their body. While some people know that yoga is going to be highly beneficial health-wise, they are still very concerned about how they would look. It is a good thing that there are more options available right now.  

Men’s Yoga Shorts

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Summary of Men’s Yoga Shorts Review

The products outlined above are some of the best men’s yoga shorts that you can find in the market today. Each and every one of the shorts mentioned above delivers exceptional comfort, quality, flexibility, and breathability, all of which are key attributes for yoga wear. Not only that, but each of these yoga shorts is available in a variety of colors, making them excellent additions to your daily wear.

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