Our 10 Favorite Tulum Yoga Retreats

Tulum, Mexico is a yoga lover’s paradise –  somewhere to go to relax and unwind at one of the many wellness centers. Its luscious sandy beaches make this quaint town a popular vacation spot for those who love the ocean. Tulum has an endless amount of heavenly retreats, where people can go to cleanse the mind, body, and soul.

Below is a list of our Top 10 Tulum Yoga Retreats, each one chosen with loving care and spiritual guidance – these are the retreats that promise you a more enjoyable Tulum yoga get-away.

Our Top 10 Favorite Tulum Yoga Retreats

Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort

The Zenses Wellness and Yoga Resort is 1.5 miles from Paraiso Beach and has beautiful gardens as far as the eye can see. After a long day of jungle trekking go back to your peaceful resort to enjoy some ocean view star gazing.

Here at this tropical resort, you can free your mind, body, and soul in their organic oil private spa. Yet, you might want to check out the free daily yoga class first or take a quick dip in the in-ground pool. Don’t worry about taking your towel for they have some waiting on-hand by the poolside.

palapa quintana roo in tulum mexico












Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa

Get lost in hundreds of acres of lush tropical gardens, Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa is mere minutes from the legendary ancient Mayan ruins. They offer a wide range of Spa by Pevonia treatments one of which includes pantries for guests to keep their own line of spa supplies.

And as an added bonus, you can enjoy a head-to-toe Spa Massage at the Dream Apothecary. During your stay, don’t forget to sign up for the Coral Reef & Life Under The Sea Tour. By the way, I hear the snorkeling there is out of this world. The amazing natural beauty here provides the perfect environment for inner-peace and wellbeing.

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Era Hotel & Spa Tulum

Era Hotel & Spa is a unique resort that’s surrounded by the wonders and beauty nature has to offer. Creating a relaxing environment to immerse yourself in while on vacation.

This yoga retreat is ideal for those who are environmentally-conscious. As the architecture consists of all-natural materials like sand and other organics. From the furniture to the ornate decor, it enables you to rest easy and concentrate on becoming one with yourself. Thus, giving the Era a reputation as being akin to the “Garden of Eden.”

Tulum Ruins

Elements Tulum Boutique Motel

The name says it all, the cozy and warm Elements Tulum Boutique Hotel isn’t your typical yoga retreat! It only makes sense, then, that they have one of Tulum’s most luxurious spas. Making it the ideal place if you want to get away from everything, kick back, and relax.

For a small fee, you can enjoy one of Element’s soothing person massages at their exclusive wellness spa. Choose anything from facials to full head-to-toe body treatments, the choice is up to you. And if your someone who loves dining in the great outdoors, take advantage of their outdoor terrace and patio furniture.

Lamat Tulum – Daily Yoga & Meditation

The buzz surrounding Lamat Tulum – Daily Yoga & Meditation isn’t by coincidence, as this yoga resort’s a prize-winner. Here guests can enjoy the chilled atmosphere, ideal for meditative practice and becoming one with self.

Plus, the beachfront view and sun terrace enable you to have a relaxing yoga/meditation session surrounded by the beauty of Tulum nature.

You’re sure to find it an invigorating experience that cleanses the mind and revitalizes your body. Helping boost the spirit and bring a peaceful harmony back into existence.

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Manglex Eco-Hotel

Known as a yoga lovers paradise, the Alaya Tulum reconnects you with self in their tranquil jungle environment. Offering yoga and wellness to those new to the practice as well as yoga-pros. If preferred, you can enjoy their group sessions surrounded by like-minded people seeking inner peace.

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Or, for something more private, there are also one-on-one sessions offered here. Afterward, you can partake in a revitalizing head to toe massage while appreciating the Tulum beauty.

This yoga retreat even features the power of sound healing sessions each Tuesday at 7:30 P.M. for cleansing the body chakras. Enabling energy to flow freely amongst every part of the body. from head to toe.

Ahau Tulum

Enjoy the magic of Tulum here at the mystical Ahau Tulum. Let your hair, relax, and unwind with their sunrise meditation session or daily yoga lesson. For those with a love of the “Great Outdoors”, the ancient Mayan ruins are right around the corner.

If you are seeking self-wellness and spiritual guidance; try out the Ahau Temazcal healing therapy session. There, a Mayan shaman will help guide you through a 2-hour cleansing ritual. During which, you enjoy the traditional Native steam-bath that promotes good health and well-being.

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Sonido del Mar

The ever mystical Sonido del Mar Yoga Resort offers a tranquil and friendly environment. Known for their inspirational themed yoga sessions, with this theme being “Yoga Sound Of The Sea”. That’s right, you can start the day attuning yourself with a 9:30 A.M. oceanic yoga workout!

Afterward, venture on down to the wellness center and enjoy a classic spa treatment. Some of the other services that they provide include Beauty, Body Massage, and Body Exfoliation. Upon building up an appetite, take advantage of their elegant Bistro which caters to both vegans and meat-eaters alike.

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Central Park Resort & Spa

Central Park Resort & Spa is an energy-conscious luxury resort equipped with its own solar-powered water system. Making this a history-making first for the exotic land of Tulum.

The luxurious Leaf Spa is their main attraction, drawing in visitors who want to cleanse their minds and leave their worries behind. As a matter of fact, guests are welcome to an on-site massage upon their arrival. Giving him/her the opportunity to become intuned before venturing off into the jungle wilderness. Their exceptional massage therapists provide various services suited to your own specifications.

New Great Mexican Studio Rooftop Pool & Yoga Studio

Last, but not least is the New Great Mexican Studio Rooftop Pool & Yoga Studio! This isn’t your typical Yoga Resort, for it even has its very own guest water park as well.

Of course they’re most famous for the soul-cleansing yoga studio and immense fitness center. As an added incentive, New Great offers guests game-play on their full-size outdoor tennis court. At this unique wellness center, you’ll find yourself at one with nature. Helping to open up your chakras and unleash a limitless amount of energy.

Gran Cenote Tulum Mexico










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We hope you Plan a Yoga Retreat to Tulum!

The above 10 Tulum Yoga Retreats and Resorts will help release you from your earth-bound senses. Incorporating various yoga and meditation techniques in the gorgeous Caribbean town of Tulum makes for an awesome vacation that will leave you feeling energized and re-charged.

Take the time to read reviews from other guests, get a feel for the resort, and go with that which is best suited. May your stay be a good one filled with the joy and peace you’ve been seeking.

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