Best Yoga Trapeze Stands

While yoga isn’t exactly regarded as an extreme sport, yoga whilst hanging upside down does sound slightly more exciting. If you’re a seasoned yogi, you’re probably familiar with aerial yoga and its benefits.

If you’re new to the yoga scene, aerial yoga can seem like a daunting circus act suitable only for acrobats. Fortunately, it is considered a safe workout for all. Often referred to as ‘antigravity yoga’, aerial yoga involves all of the same poses you use on your yoga mat but suspended in the air.

This is usually achieved using strong brackets fitted to a ceiling which you can then attach a yoga hammock onto. However, unless you have the pleasure of owning your own yoga studio or gym, installing giant metal loops to your ceiling is quite a big commitment.

That’s where a yoga trapeze stand comes in handy. A yoga trapeze stand is a free-standing frame that can support aerial equipment and the user’s weight during yoga. 

A trapeze stand is perfect for those who enjoy practicing yoga outdoors as most are portable. They’re also suitable for those living in rental properties where ceiling brackets are not an option. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best yoga trapeze stands on the market right now, comparing their effectiveness and affordability.

We’ve also included a Buyers’ Guide and FAQ section below the products so there’s no need to bend over backward trying to find the perfect stand.    

Stretched for time?

We understand that your busy schedule may prevent you from being able to shop around and evaluate all of your options so if you’re keen to make a swift purchase and get straight to practicing aerial yoga, our favorite find is this trapeze stand by YOGABODY. Here are some of its key features condensed:

  • This stand is super strong and sturdy, holding a weight of up to 600lbs.
  • It’s made from a durable aluminum alloy material, making it the strongest of our options. 
  • It can be used both indoors and outdoors and is suitable for use on uneven ground.
  • The stand can be assembled quickly, in under five minutes if you have one other person to assist you.
  • This stand sells for $495 on Amazon with free and fast shipping.

Our Most Recommended Yoga Trapeze Stands

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze Stand

Our top pick is this yoga trapeze stand made by YOGABODY. Known for its simple design and robust user-friendly setup, it’s no wonder why Amazon customers are falling in love with it. 

This trapeze stand is praised for its easy assembly. You don’t need to be a DIY master to get started. It takes just a few minutes and two people to put together and all tools and screws needed are provided. The takedown is just as easy and requires no technical knowledge.

This also makes this trapeze perfect for using outdoors or taking along on yoga retreats or spiritual getaways. It is ideal for using both indoors and outdoors. The YOGABODY trapeze stand works just as great on uneven surfaces such as grass, in fact, it’s often used as the trapeze of choice at large yoga festivals worldwide. 

Many Amazon reviewers are impressed with how sturdy and robust it is. The frame itself is made from a rock-solid aluminum alloy material, preventing any shaking or bending while you’re using it. The frame can hold up to 600lbs of body and equipment weight due to its sturdy pro-grade stability.

The overall density of the frame does mean it is rather heavy (59.7lbs) making it a difficult piece of equipment to carry but when dismantled it can easily fit into the back of a car. It also comes with a handy storage bag with super-strong handles to make this easier.

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This trapeze stand is a little on the pricey side compared to others on this list but it is what you would expect with a solid aluminum frame. If the Amazon reviews are anything to go by, it seems you pay for quality, so if you are passionate about aerial yoga then this trapeze may be worth the splurge. 


  • The rock-solid aluminum frame can hold up to 600lbs
  • Easy setup in under five minutes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use


  • More expensive than other options on the market

KT Aerial Yoga Stand Frame

Next up on our list is the aerial yoga frame by KT. This stand is a buyer favorite and it’s easy to see why. It boasts many great features such as its compact style and anti-wobble technology.

This trapeze stand is perfect for the on-the-go yogi as it takes just ten seconds to set up and dismantle. Once folded, it stands as a long rectangular frame that is petite enough to store in closets and underneath beds making it ideal for city living and small-space dwellers.

The KT stand also comes with multiple size options, each with a different ‘footprint.’ Their smaller design is compact enough for use in even the smallest spaces such as hallways, corridors and even tiny balconies. The product itself is made from alloy steel and weighs 37.47lbs, making it lighter than the typical metal stand.

While no stand is suitable for carrying around day-to-day, this one is deemed portable in the sense that its easy disassembly makes it ideal for taking on vacations or day trips. 

This particular yoga trapeze is also versatile and can be used for a number of different activities including pull-ups and can even be used to support a reading hammock or children’s swing. At nearly half the price of our top pick, it is a more budget-friendly option. 


  • Easy setup and disassembly (less than ten seconds)
  • Anti-wobble technology
  • Small footprint makes it ideal for small spaces 
  • Budget-friendly


  • Can only hold weight up to 308lbs

FlagHouse – Indoor/Outdoor Swing Frame

The third addition to our list is this indoor/outdoor frame by FlagHouse. Although this frame is advertised primarily as a swing frame, many Amazon reviewers have found it to be a genius cost-effective yoga trapeze.

It has the same safe design and it is sturdy enough to hold adults weighing up to 200lbs. This affordable option is ideal for attaching your yoga swing, hammock or ropes. 

The assembly of this frame is pretty simple as it fits together using multiple smaller pieces, making it easy to pack away and store discreetly at home. The frame itself is made from strong galvanized steel piping and weighs 35lbs, making it the lightest option on our list so far. 


  • A cost-effective alternative to the frames advertised specifically for aerial yoga
  • Lighter than other options making it easier to dismantle and store
  • Can be used in multiple ways such as attaching yoga swings and yoga hammocks


  • It is only safe to hold a weight of 200lbs

Uplift Active Stainless Steel Height Adjustable Aerial Fitness Rig

Our next option is this aerial fitness stand by Uplift Active. This trapeze stand is an ideal option for many aerial users. The makers deem it portable enough to take to festivals, parks and events.

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It’s a very strong frame made from magnesium alloy which is praised by Amazon customers for remaining upright and still during use. 

To get started, simply attach your carabiner to one of the two top bar connector rings. These can be moved around so you can use the A-Frame for multiple disciplines, making your yoga experience as flexible as you are. 

This frame, however, is the most expensive on our list, coming in at just under $800. 


  • Made from a strong magnesium alloy material
  • The versatile design can be used for silks, trapeze and hammocks


  • It is the most expensive option on our list

SURPCOS Swing Frame

The final yoga trapeze stand on our list is this one from SURPCOS. This frame, like our third option, is advertised as a swing frame.

However, on further inspection, the manufacturer has deemed it safe for use as a yoga trapeze holding up to 400lbs. It is the most colorful option we have found, with a super-strong yellow top bar. This top bracket joint is reinforced by a casing to increase its load-bearing capacity. 

This frame does need to be installed using ground nails. This means that using it outside is as easy as pushing the nails into the grass, but if you wanted to use this frame indoors, you would need to be willing to drill holes into your flooring which isn’t ideal or possible for everyone. 

This stand is by far the most affordable option on the market, priced at just $85.99 it’s easy to see why Amazon customers are going crazy for it. 


  • The reinforced top bar can hold up to 400lbs
  • Extremely budget-friendly


  • Requires drilling if using indoors

Best Yoga Trapeze Stands Buying Guide

When shopping around for the perfect yoga trapeze stand it’s a good idea to first identify what key features would benefit you the most and what you want out of your trapeze.

These key features should include; practicality, affordability, sturdiness and available height and space. 

Is it practical?

Practicality is arguably the most important factor to consider when buying aerial yoga equipment. You need to first consider where you’re going to be using it, if it’s just for workouts at home, measurements are crucial.

We recommend measuring your ceiling height and double checking that the stand you choose is going to fit in your space. If you’re living in a small space we recommend looking into adjustable trapeze stands so there’s no risk of injury or bumping your head on the floor. If you’re more interested in using your stand outdoors, weight is an important factor to consider.

As most trapeze stands aren’t suitable to be left standing outdoors for long periods of time, we recommend choosing one that is simple to assemble and as lightweight as possible. If you’re going to be performing intricate poses and inversions, you will definitely want a trapeze frame that can withstand a lot of movement and hold a lot of weight.

Aerial yoga equipment should be made from some sort of metal alloy, if it’s not, it’s probably not safe enough to withstand an adult’s body weight. Solid metal poles are the sturdiest option, ideally either aluminum or steel due to their robust properties.

Although, it’s important to note that if the poles are solid metal apposed to hollow metal, they are going to be significantly heavier. 

Is it affordable?

If you’re on a tight budget, you may have already noticed that yoga is not a cheap hobby if you want to practice with equipment. Anything marketed as a yoga trapeze stand is going to set you back quite a few hundred dollars, for a good one that is.

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This is usually due to the materials used, strong metals aren’t cheap to produce. However, there is a way around this if affordability is your top priority. As proven by a couple of the products in our list above, often you can grab a bargain if you don’t actually search for a yoga trapeze stand but instead look for a metal swing frame.

You’ll find that sometimes on the description for the product, the manufacturer will list multiple uses for the frame and a lot of the time this includes a yoga trapeze. We don’t recommend using any product as yoga equipment without checking with the manufacturer if it is safe first as some may not be suitable.

However, this is a great way of getting fancy aerial yoga equipment for sometimes less than $100.

What if something goes wrong?

Finally, we recommend checking if your new yoga trapeze comes with a warranty, usually the reputable companies will include one with your purchase. This means that if any parts become faulty or don’t arrive in full working order then it will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

Remember, this isn’t just regular workout equipment, you are trusting the frame entirely to support your body weight while you are suspended.

Aerial Yoga – Frequently Asked Questions

Is aerial yoga dangerous?

Aerial yoga is by no means an extreme sport but it can look quite daunting to beginners. As aerial yoga is usually taught in classes by a trained instructor, this is generally considered safe.

If you’re planning on using your yoga stand at home, we recommend attending classes beforehand or watching online tutorials to ensure maximum safety. 

Aerial yoga isn’t suitable for those who suffer from heart disease, arthritis or issues with blood pressure. Most beginner swings and hammocks will only be raised a few inches from the floor, so the chances of injury are slim. 

Can I lose weight from aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is a great full-body workout and participants can burn up to 400 calories per one-hour session. Keeping your body suspended in intricate poses is not a walk in the park, so you will reap the rewards when it comes to looking healthy and feeling healthy.

It combines both cardio and strength training making it an effective workout and great for those looking to shed a few pounds. 

How much space do I need for a yoga trapeze?

If you’re living in a small apartment, aerial yoga at home probably isn’t feasible unless you buy a stand with adjustable height options. To safely practice aerial yoga we recommend a minimum ceiling height of 2.7m and a 1.5m radius of free space surrounding the trapeze.

This will ensure every pose can be carried out freely and without risk of injury.  

Why use yoga trapeze stands?

You’re probably already aware of the benefits that yoga can have on your health, many people associate yoga with relaxation, stress reduction and good circulation. But these benefits are even more extensive when practicing aerial yoga as it combines the yoga with inversion therapy in one package.

Some of the health benefits of aerial yoga include:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Better core strength
  • Stronger joints
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • Better posture
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • More refreshing sleep
  • Better blood flow and circulation
  • Higher levels of blood oxygen absorption
  • Better upper body strength



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