The Evening Success Ritual you MUST do to Make Tomorrow a Great Day

Did you know that what you do tonight will impact how happy and successful you are tomorrow? Having a good evening “success ritual” (aka self care ritual) tonight, will set you up for success for tomorrow.

There are a few essential self care rituals you should do to improve your day tomorrow. They all work together and are easy to do and easy to implement. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and follow along as you are reading.

You can start this habit….right now!

Success Ritual #1 – Start with letting go of the day properly

One important habit to wrap up today is the ability to reflect on the day and “let it go.” Today is 24 hours. And, as I often like to say, “tomorrow is another day.” No matter how stressed out you are, or upset, or having an off day, just remember a new day starts at 12:01am and you can approach tomorrow with a fresh perspective.

So, to start letting go of the day properly, think about what you accomplished today. If you need to, write down your accomplishments to give yourself perspective. Especially if you are the type of person that has a lot on your mind, it helps to just jot down 3-5 things that went well today.

This will help you unload the day and get the thoughts out of your mind and onto the paper. If you’re a big worrier, it helps to have a bedtime ritual or do some meditation.

And getting the stress of the day out of your mind, will help you sleep better.

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Success Ritual #2 – Write out a To Do List for Tomorrow

Today, we are going to start writing out a to do list for tomorrow.

The habit and practice of writing out a to do list at night for the following day is an essential success ritual. Start doing this today and you will be surprised at how quickly your mornings improve. When you get up each day you will start with a focus and start the day out strong with a goal and purpose.

When you get up you won’t waste time or mental energy wondering what to do, or feeling stressed. Instead you will have a clear focus for the day and know exactly where to start. Do you know how great that FEELS? You will once you start this success ritual!

Also, a strong suggestion is to only list 3 MIT’s on the list – “most important things.” This idea comes from Leo Babuta. At first people resist because it seems too simple, but keeping it to 3 main tasks will really help you focus on the most important tasks (“MIT’s”) and avoid creating anxiety for yourself with a long to do list that you will never get done.

Having a clear focus on 3 things helps you focus. And if you get them done you can always add more. And this also will help build a new habit of completing your to do list. No more never ending to-do list. Do you realize how much stress those endless to do lists are causing you?

Lastly, writing out the list helps with the “letting go” process from #1. Your new 3 item to do list helps you set out a roadmap tonight for success tomorrow.

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Success Ritual #3 – Give yourself time to wind down

It is important to let your mind unwind from work and family stress before you go to bed. And if you are constantly attached or addicted to your iPhone, then having some screen free time before bed will be super important for you.

Also, it’s important to have an activity that helps your body wind down. For some people it’s going for a walk with the family or working out. For others it may be a warm shower or bath. Or for some it might be watching TV.

Whatever it is, examine closely if what you are usually doing is actually working – is it? Or is it time to give yourself permission to make changes? Are you constantly working up to the minute you go to bed? are you answering work emails late at night? Reconsider what habits you can change or eliminate.

Success Ritual #4 – Optimize your sleep environment

Now that you have a ritual started to clear up some mental space and routine, it’s time

Now that you’ve dealt with clearing your head, how about your sleep routine? The ideal environment for sleep is a dark , quiet and cool space. If you are using your bed to do work before you go to bed, start changing that habit today.

Establishing a solid sleep routine is essential for proper rest and having a great day tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

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