Why you should add a Kansa Wand to your Evening Routine

The Kansa Wand has found renewed popularity the last few years, especially on Instagram and other social media. The ironic part is that it’s been used for centuries in Ayurvedic practice to balance your skin’s pH level as well as your doshas and chakras.

In Ayurvedic practice, the doshas represent the 3 biological energies that exist within the body. And the chakras are the 7 spots along your spine that represent your spiritual energy centers.

So although Instagram influencers might think this wand is new, when you use it, you’re actually incorporating a 5000 year old facial technique into your skincare routine.

According to Ayurveda scholars, it is thought that Kansa wands started as an evening ritual in south India. The rounded metal tip is made of kansa (an alloy that blends aluminum, zinc and copper) to create a product with naturally antibacterial properties. Practitioners believe the unique metal blend helps fight toxins and bacteria and also clarifies your skin. The unique round shape helps to promote relaxation and stimulate your skin cells.

The Incredible Facial Tool That Might Replace Your Jade Roller

In short, the Kansa Wand has an older and longer history and is replacing jade roller’s. Here is a quick overview of the benefits. (Note: this post and website are not medical advice, this is information according to Kansa Wand proponents and ayurvedic practitioners).

The Kansa Wand:

  • Is designed to stimulate blood flow, encourage lymphatic drainage , drain the toxins and sculpt the facial muscles.
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage of the skin, which helps reduce puffiness and also help increase blood circulation to the face.
  • Can stimulate blood flow to the skin with its roller ball
  • Even if you don’t believe in the Ayurvedic benefits, recent studies show that external application of copper assists in keeping a good balance of bacteria on the skin and can increase activity in the dermis, which can stimulate new skin cells.
  • If you have used a jade roller before, the mechanism behind using a Kansa wand is quite similar.

What is the Kansa Wand made of?

The Kansa wand has two parts – the handle (usually wood) and the kansa head (sometimes referred to as the dome) which is typically made of bronze. In India, the kansa wand is known for its healing properties. In the last few years you have likely heard about a lot of women using jade rollers and the Kansa wand is basically a more ancient Ayurvedic solution for the same thing.

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The dome of the kansa wand is shaped into a domed device that is used to massage the face, neck, feet, and other parts of the body. For decades, it has been used to relieve stress, increase energy, and make skin glow.

The Kansa wand’s wooden handle and bronze dome make it easy to apply pressure on the face in gentle strokes. The wand offers a warm, calming sensation that can help to reduce stress, clean your skin and promote the flow of energy.          

How to use a Kansa Wand?

You can use it at any point in your day but since it originated as an evening ritual, we recommend you stick with the historical practice and incorporate it into your evening self-care rituals before bedtime.

After washing your face, you should apply a serum such as this vitamin c serum. A serum will help prevent your skin from being pulled by the wand and help ensure it glides over your skin..


Kansa Wand YouTube Tutorials

From discussing this with my friends, I know its difficult to sometimes explain things in text vs. visually so here is a video that shows the step-by-step process. If you aim for 5 minutes a day you will start to notice and feel a difference.


Benefits of the Kansa Wand

  • Relaxing – The Kansa wand is incredibly relaxing. Most women who use it, love to incorporate it as part of their daily routine. And it becomes like a mini at home facial and a little bit of daily self care. The circular motion that you use with the wand is calming and soothing to many women. And it’s a great wind-down habit to incorporate into your evening routine before you go to bed.
  • Improved Skin appearance – most women report that they feel their skin looks better. For some women they see more definition around the cheekbones and jawline. Some women report their face looks fuller and some have even noticed a reduction in wrinkles.
  • Reduced puffiness – many women report it helps reduce facial puffiness.
  • Stress Reduction – the ritual of rolling it on your face as part of your evening self care routine will become a part of your day that you look forward to.
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Best Kansa Wand

So, if you’re curious about buying a kansa wand and incorporating it into your daily routine and adding more Ayurvedic practices into your daily self care, we have a recommendation. For this specific product, we really only have one recommendation, the HealthandYoga(TM) Kansa Face and Foot Massager



Sizing – the difference between the small and medium is this:

  • Small – 4.5″ long and Kansa head is 1.75″ wide
  • Medium – 5.25″ long and Kansa head is 2.25″ wide

So the best option for you probably depends on your hands and feet and face size.

If you have small hands, feet and face you’ll do better with a smaller wand and if you have larger hands, feet and face, the medium will likely be a better option.

How-To Guide For Facial Massage

Using your Kansa Wand should only take three to five minutes during your morning skin-care routine. Just apply your favorite serum or oil before your massage so it will glide on your skin. By the way, the wand’s copper material is an added skin care bonus because the copper is a very conductive metal. Some Ayurvedic practitioners think it helps to neutralize free radical skin damage. The Kansa Wand will enhance the function of any antioxidant-rich serum (or oil) you are applying to your skin.

Here are the step-by-steps to make this part of your daily routine:

1. Massage in Circles: Massage the wand in a counterclockwise direction, making circles around the middle of the forehead. Then reverse directions and repeat another five times, in a counterclockwise direction.

2. Figure eight Pattern: Draw a figure-eight pattern on the forehead five times. This pattern will help calm the mind and emotions, stimulate your memory, and improve concentration. It’s also thought to be helpful for relieving sinus headaches.

3. Zig-Zag Pattern: Massage in a zigzag pattern across the forehead five times, using gentle pressure.

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4. Jaw Clench: Clench your teeth so that you can feel the jaw muscles contract. Massage with firm pressure in a circular motion on this point in your jaw with the wand. Repeat five times.

5. Cheekbone: Circle the cheekbone five times using firm pressure. Repeat on the left and right sides of your face.

6. Below cheekbone: Move under the cheekbone and then massage upward and downward with firm pressure, moving from the corner of the mouth up to the earlobe and back to the corner of the mouth Then moove to the jawline and then move down from the ear to along the jaw towards the chin, from the chin back along the jaw to the ear lobe.

How do I clean my Kansa Wand?

Its good to clean your wand regularly. Here is an easy method.

  1. Before you use for the first time, to remove any manufacturing residues, you can use clay (like Fuller’s Earth) to make a paste and rub it on the metal. Rinse it with with water and dry with a cloth. Reminder: Never use any abrasive or industrial chemical or alcohol on the Kansa metal, as this will ruin it!
  2. If you are a professional, and feel the need to sterilize, particularly between clients, use a few drops of tea tree oil and rub it on the metal with a cloth. But again, do not use any industrial chemicals, solvents or disinfectants as they will ruin your Kansa Wand!
  3. After use, rinse in cold water and dry.
  4. It’s good practice to clean your wand after every use as a buildup of skin oils and product can accumulate.

Is using a kansa wand safe?

A kansa wand is generally thought to be a very safe and risk free skincare technique. If you are allergic to metals (e.g. if you’ve had a rash from wearing costume jewelry), that is a contraindication (reason not to try this). This information is according to Mona Gohara, MD, associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine.

One more thing – if you want to incorporate a tasty ayurvedic beverage into your evening routine, along with the Kansa Wand, see our quick and easy Golden Milk Recipe Ayurveda. And we also have a great article about the skin benefits of rosehip oil – which ties in with using the Kansa wand as part of your daily skincare routine.

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