The Simple Trick to Making Your Self Care a Priority

Every woman I know struggles with making self-care a priority. And if you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you can relate too!

Many women find themselves always helping others first. Perhaps that’s biological. And our nurturing instinct. On the surface it is not a bad thing to be helping our kids, our family, our friends.

But, sometimes this can become a habit that goes on autopilot to the point we forget to make ourselves a priority. When this happens you may start neglecting your own needs and wants. You may feel physically and emotionally run down. And then that can negatively impact your mood. And then suddenly you don’t feel happy. Or you feel overwhelmed. Or extremely frustrated. Can you relate?

Though it may sound selfish to put yourself first, you need to make yourself a priority! You can’t effectively help others in your life unless you’re taking care of yourself.

So, instead of devoting as much time as possible to appeasing others, let yourself be happy for a change.  Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of because you think you need to make someone else happy. You deserve to be happy as well. Take control of and learn how to make your mental and physical well-being a priority for your own self care.

Think of it as the flight instructions the flight attendants make you listen to before your airplane takes off. They always say the exact same thing every time: “Put on your own oxygen mask FIRST…before helping others.

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And there’s good reason for this. Because if you fail to put on your oxygen mask in time and don’t take care of yourself first, you can suffer from a lack of oxygen and then be unable to help your kids, or others on the plane.

Take Care of Yourself First so you can take care of others

This same concept applies to self-care. You can’t reliably help others, even if you want to, before you learn how to help yourself first. By taking care of yourself, you’ll learn to live a happier life. And an added bonus is that others will see this and you may help inspire them to improve their own lives as well.

Today’s Self-Care Affirmation – “My self care is a priority”

Yes, I know…sounds too easy.

It sounds too simple.

But guess what…it works!

Say it aloud right now. Then go in the bathroom and stand in front of your mirror and say it out loud.

“My self care is a priority”

Say it over and over for a few minutes.

You will start to notice a subtle shift in your energy.

And one final thing – say out loud ONE THING you will do right now to make your self care a priority. And then write it down on a post it or an index card and carry it with you all day.

Try it and let me know in the comments how it’s working for you, or if you have any challenges.


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