Self Care Quickstart – Get Started with 10 Minutes a Day

One of the biggest obstacles that many women face when trying to establish a self care routine is the thought that “I don’t have enough time” to dedicate to this. Do you feel like you “Should” be taking better care of yourself but feel like you don’t have enough time to commit to taking better care of yourself? Or that it will take a lot of time and effort, so why even bother?

If so, read on for a quick mindset adjustment that will help you get started taking better care of yourself today in just 10 minutes! 

In reality, you don’t need to take a ton of time out of your day in order to get a self-care routine going. Today we will talk about getting started with as little as 10 minutes a day.

Together let’s start to change the mindset that self care takes a lot of time. Actually, it’s much more important to start with a little bit of time daily so you can actually create a consistent habit or routine for yourself. 

To make it super easy for you to get started, let’s make it a simple choice and choose either to make it a mental health or physical health self care habit. Is it your physical body or is it your mental health?

Go ahead and think about it for 15 seconds. Today we’re making a quick decision and your body and mind will know exactly which one to focus on. Listen to your initial gut reaction and go with it. Today is the day you will take a simple action.

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If you chose mental health, I want you to take 10 minutes today to either meditate or to say an affirmation. If you haven’t meditated before, I will be posting more about that later this year. But just start by setting a 10 minute timer on your phone. Sit in a quiet place you won’t be interrupted. Close your eyes and take deeper breaths. Every time you breathe out (exhale) just say “letting all my stress go…”

If you chose physical health, then I want you to take a 10 minute walk today. And to keep it simple either do it during lunch, during an afternoon break or after work.

Easy, peasy right? You can do this today!

As little as 10 minutes a day is enough to help you improve your life significantly.

In closing, just do this simple self care Quickstart and begin with 10 minutes today. Habits start small and are made by doing things consistently. So it’s good to have a small habit to build on. No matter how busy or stressed you are, you can squeeze in 10 minutes of self care today.

As always, please comment and let the readers know what you’ve tried that helped you. Namaste!

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