Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks Swings

With the popularity of yoga increasing year by year, you probably know something about the discipline, and may even practice it yourself. What you may not have heard about, however, is the relatively new practice of aerial yoga. 

Aerial yoga started to become known as a practice in 2007, and since then, has started to grow in popularity, albeit not as rapidly as traditional yoga. It involves the use of a specialized hammock or swing to manipulate the body into yoga poses whilst suspended in the air.

Sounds like fun, right?

Not only can aerial yoga be an exhilarating challenge, but it also comes with lots of benefits, including strength-building, increased flexibility, and mental stimulation.

If you’re thinking aerial yoga could be the new and exciting hobby you’ve been looking for, the great news is, you can practice in the comfort and privacy of your own home – but first, you’ll need an aerial yoga hammock or swing. 

Don’t know where to start? No problem. We’ve made a list of the five best aerial hammock swings, along with a buyers guide and FAQ section so you can start practicing in no time! 

In a Rush? Here’s the Top Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Take a look at our top pick: UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set

  • Durable material and stitching 

  • Supports 550 lbs in weight

  • Multi-loop daisy chain straps included

  • Includes 23-page PDF guide

Top 5 Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks Swings

UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set

One of the most popular and well-reviewed aerial yoga swings on the market, the UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set is a fantastic choice for all ages and abilities.

The swing is made from strong parachute material and complete with padded foam handles and extra-spacious swing seat for added comfort.

Featuring 2 climber-strength, multi-loop daisy chains suitable for weights up to 200 lbs each, plus triple-stitching on the seat for extra security, this swing set ensures both comfort and safety with its professional design. 

The swing as a whole has a load capacity of 550 lbs. 

Included with the swing is a 23-page PDF Yoga Swing Guide, featuring step-by-step instructions to aerial poses and inversions, plus tips and tricks to help you master them.

Additionally, this swing set is available in a range of colors, from black or gray to turquoise or pink, so whatever your yoga aesthetic, UpCircleSeven has something for you. 

Ceiling accessories are not included with the swing, however, so you will need to purchase ceiling hooks separately for hanging. 


  • Strong material and stitching 

  • Features 2 climber-strength daisy chains 

  • Available in a variety of colors 

  • Includes PDF Yoga Swing Guide 


  • Ceiling accessories not included 

Editor’s Choice – INTEY Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing

If you want professional quality for an affordable price, the INTEY Aerial Yoga Flying Yoga Swing is for you.

The design’s combination of high-strength parachute material and polyester taffeta, held together with triple stitching, is strong and durable, holding up to 450 lbs in weight. Meanwhile, the padded handles ensure comfort during even the most challenging exercises.

Moreover, this yoga swing is adjustable with the included plastic rings and extension straps, meaning you have full control over your swing’s elevation from the ground. The swing’s adjustability also means you can transform your yoga swing into a hammock, so once you’re done exercising, you can lie back and relax.

The alloy swoop hooks easily clip into the seat and arms of the swing for added safety and ease of assembly.

The swing even comes with 2 ceiling mounts included, plus 2 sets of 4 screws, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing any mounting equipment separately. 


  • Strong, durable material and stitching 

  • Multi-purpose (swing/hammock)

  • Includes 2 adjustable extension straps and swoop hooks

  • 2 ceiling mounts and 8 screws included 


  • Can be uncomfortable due to lack of give in the material 

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Best Value – Aum Active Aerial Yoga Hammock

This Aerial Yoga Hammock by Aum Active prioritises your comfort with its Tricot aerial silk material. The fabric is both durable and soft, stretching naturally whilst supporting weights up to and over 500 lbs.

The swing comes with everything you need to ensure a safe and flexible aerial yoga experience, including 2 3-foot-long extension straps, 2 steel carabiners, 2 O-slings and a 2-page guide with pose and hanging instructions.

The extension straps have the added benefit of being very easy to adjust using the 6-loop system. All you need to do is purchase your mounting ring separately to install.

This swing is available in a wide range of fetching colors, including plum, teal and gold amongst many other exciting hues to set your ideal yogic mood. 


  • Comfortable Tricot material

  • Includes 2-page aerial yoga guide

  • Includes extension straps, slings and carabiners 

  • Wide color range 


  • Ceiling mount not included 

Runner Up – Yoga4You Aerial Yoga Swing Set

Catering to adults and children, beginners and professionals alike, Yoga4You’s Aerial Yoga Swing Set is an extremely practical and reliable product.

Made of durable, triple-stitched, nylon silk fabric, and supported by steel carabiners, this swing will hold up to 660 lbs. The swing seat is wide, measuring 59 inches x 98 inches with a double layer of material in the middle, and the handles are padded with soft foam, all of which ensures maximum comfort during use.

The 50-inch extension straps provided are easy to install and allow you to adjust the swing’s height to suit you.

Although ceiling mounts are not included with this swing, the mounting and hanging instructions provided along with the PDF yoga guide ebook make this swing easy to use and install in your home. 

The product also includes 2 portable bags – one for the swing itself and one for the extension straps – so you can carry this swing between locations with no hassle. The swing is also available in 7 vibrant colors.


  • Soft but durable fabric 

  • Designed for comfort 

  • Adjustable 

  • Includes instruction ebook and 2 portable bags 


  • Ceiling mounts not included 

Runner Up – SYCYKA Aerial Yoga Hammock

SYCYKA’s Aerial Yoga Hammock is made of soft, stretchable fabric designed to support weights of up to a massive 2000 lbs.

The swing includes 2 titanium steel carabiners and 2 daisy chain extension straps. A storage bag is also included for ease of storage and portability. Additionally, included with the product is a ‘Beginners Guide to Aerial Silk’, making this hammock swing ideal for beginners.

Ceiling mounts are not included, but this swing can also be used anywhere with an appropriate beam, to which the daisy chains and caribiners can be attached. Set-up is made easy with the instructions provided, which will show you how to knot the swings to the carabiners.

This swing comes in an impressive array of colors, with some ‘gradual change’ options incorporating multiple hues in one swing for an aesthetically pleasing effect. 


  • Ideal for beginners (guide included)

  • High weight limit (2000 lbs)

  • Wide color range 

  • Includes storage bag


  • Ceiling mounts not included 

  • Not pre-knotted 

Best Aerial Yoga Hammocks Swings Buying Guide

Deciding which aerial yoga hammock or swing will best suit your needs can be a complicated process, especially if you’re new to aerial yoga.

That’s why we’ve put together this buyers guide, which will walk you through everything you should bear in mind when buying your new swing. 

Weight Limitations

Because an aerial yoga swing is designed, first and foremost, to suspend you in the air, it is very important to check the weight limitations of the product.

Weight limitations on yoga swings are very diverse and tend to be relatively high, ranging from 450 to 2000 lbs, so you should have no problem finding a swing that’s right for your weight.

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However, before making your purchase, consider whether you will be using the swing alone or with a yoga partner, as this will affect how much weight your swing will need to support.

Also, be sure not to confuse load-bearing limits of individual components (such as straps, silks or carabiners) with the weight limit of the overall product.


Most aerial yoga swings are designed on a one-size-fits-all basis, with many swings even being suitable for use by both adults and children.

However, it may still be worth checking the measurements of your yoga swing. Some swings, for example, are designed with an extra-spacious seat for added comfort and greater ease of movement.

Ultimately, the more square inches of material your swing provides, the more room you will have to move, so it is helpful to bear this in mind, particularly if you are a taller person.


When choosing a yoga swing, you have a choice of many different materials. Yoga swings are often made out of parachute material due to its durability and strength, but this can have the drawback of being a little stiff and uncomfortable to use.

Luckily, other materials such as Tricot and nylon silk are also durable, but have the added benefit of being softer and more comfortable. This will be especially helpful if you are using your yoga swing primarily or partly for therapeutic purposes, such as relieving back or hip pain. 


Some aerial yoga swings are designed with handles, whilst others require you to hold onto the aerial silk itself for balance. Whether you prefer a swing with or without handles is primarily down to personal preference, but if you are a beginner, you may prefer to opt for a design with handles for added security.

Opt for thickly padded handles where possible, as these will be gentler and more comfortable on your hands.


Adjustability and adaptability (the two frequently go hand in hand) are important features in a yoga swing. Selecting an adjustable yoga swing comes with several advantages, from being able to adjust the height of your swing from the ground (ideal for beginners) to the potential for multipurpose use, such as the ability to turn your yoga swing into a hammock for relaxation.

For increased flexibility in terms of use, look for adjustable extension straps or multi-loop daisy chains. 


Consider how much work you are prepared to put into mounting and installing your yoga swing. Some sings come more-or-less ready to use, whilst others require you to do a little more work, including potentially knotting the swing yourself (with the help of instructions, of course).

The majority of yoga swings do not include mounting equipment such as ceiling mounts. These do not tend to be too expensive or difficult to find, so this may not be a problem for you. However, if you would prefer to install your swing without too much preparation from your end, consider purchasing a swing that does include ceiling mounts and the corresponding screws.

Alternatively, if you have an appropriate beam or tree branch in or around your home, you may be able to attach your swing to this using included straps or carabiners. Be sure to read the product information carefully before purchase to check what is included and where the swing is suitable for use. 

Additional Features

Aerial yoga swings often come with additional features to make your aerial yoga experience easier. For example, an included yoga guide, containing aerial yoga poses and/or set-up instructions, can make an aerial yoga swing more beginner-friendly, whilst extension straps allow you to control the height of your swing according to your level of comfort.

Included ceiling mounts and screws will facilitate the set-up process. Meanwhile, a storage or transport bag will be useful if you want to pack up your swing after use or transport it between locations. 

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Aerial Yoga Swings – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of an aerial yoga swing?

Purchasing an aerial yoga swing can have many incredible benefits for both your physical and mental health. Aerial yoga requires greater upper-body strength than traditional yoga because you will be using your arms and shoulders to pull yourself upwards during many of the exercises involved.

Not only will this help you to build strength, it will also encourage better muscular balance. Aerial yoga is also better for your spine, as it reduces the compression.

It may also help you to increase your flexibility because the support of the hammock allows you to relax into poses that you might otherwise strain your muscles to hold. Mentally, aerial yoga is more complex than traditional yoga, so practicing it may increase your focus and improve the function of your nervous system.

What can I use my aerial yoga swing for?

There are several different ways you can use your aerial yoga swing. Primarily, you can use it to perform a variety of yoga poses, including advanced backbends and inversions. Step-by-step instructions to achieving these poses can be found in yoga guides, which are often included with the purchase of an aerial yoga swing. 

However, you can also use your aerial yoga swing for other purposes, such as building core strength, meditating, or for pain relief in the joints or spine (although you should always consult your primary care physician prior to use in this case). Some yoga swings can even turn into hammocks that can be installed indoors or outdoors, so you can use your aerial yoga swing to just relax!

How do I set up my aerial yoga swing?

Ultimately, the set-up procedure for an aerial yoga swing will vary between products, so always check the specific instructions of your product to ensure your safety. 

Most aerial yoga swings can be installed either with ceiling mounts or by structures such as ceiling beams or swing sets. Before you set up your swing, you will need to decide which of these options is best for you. If you decide to attach your swing to an existing structure, it is very important that you know how much weight this structure can support.

Never attach your swing to any structure that you are not certain can support your weight. If you decide to use ceiling mounts for your swing, it is best to hire a professional to install these for you. This way, you can be sure that your swing is installed in the safest, most durable way possible.

Once you have located a safe structure or installed your ceiling mounts, you can proceed to attach your swing according to the product instructions, using the straps/daisy chains and caribeners provided.

Are aerial yoga swings safe?

As with any activity that involves being suspended in the air, aerial yoga comes with a certain level of risk. However, as aerial yoga swings are specifically designed to support a significant amount of weight and movement, you can rest assured that they are perfectly safe when set up according to instructions and used carefully and correctly. 

Aerial yoga swings often incorporate features such as triple-stitching, steel carabiners and height-adjustable straps to make them as safe and secure as possible.

To minimize the potential for injury, you should hire a professional to install any ceiling mounts, and always remember to check that all components are locked in and undamaged before use. Adjusting your swing to be as close as possible to the ground whilst you’re still getting used to the practice is also a good idea. 

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