Best Books to Reset your Money Mindset

If you’ve ever had a financial challenge (and honestly who hasn’t?!), at some point you’ve probably thought about changing some things up in your life. Maybe trying to figure out how to earn more money. Or invest better. Or pay off some debt.

Sometimes we make plans but then they don’t turn out because we have a default mindset that we return to, especially under stress. Psychologists call this our “money mindset.” It is formulated by things we learned directly or indirectly from our parents growing up, or close role models, friends, colleagues and tv and books.

Like with other changes, it takes some time to change your money mindset. Today I wanted to share a few books that have helped me change my money mindset. These are the books that have really impacted my thinking and helped me save and earn more and have a solid financial foundation.

Worthy: Boost Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Net Worth

Nancy Levin’s Worthy has become really popular in the last few years since it was published. She really gets beyond the surface to look at the relationship between our self worth and our net worth. In short, to increase our net worth, we must really have strong self-worth or otherwise we won’t be successful at moving our plans forward.

If you have a lot of plans that you don’t follow through on, this one will likely resonate with you! This book is filled with writing exercises that will help you uncover your limiting beliefs and learn how to start to change them, with big mental shifts along the way!

You Are A Badass At Making Money

This book will really help you understand your approach to money and figure out and troubleshoot why things you may have done haven’t worked out.

What I love about Jen’s book is that she is upbeat and encouraging but also very no BS and straight to the point.

This book isn’t really about specific financial invest but more about mindset. The chapters in this book will help you learn how to uncover the things that are actually holding you back from making money, show you how to tap into your natural ability to create wealth and understand how to challenge and re-examining your own Money Mindset.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich is a classic and a must-read for anyone who is looking to change their mindset around money. Hill’s book is one that people often mention since it’s been around for ages since it was published in 1937!

One caveat, because the book is so old, some of the language is dated but if you can get past that you will enjoy it and it’s a fairly quick read.

The book explores the secrets behind some of the richest people in history including Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. Hill also outlines his revolutionary 13-Steps to Riches as part of his Law of Success philosophy. Hill shows you how to cultivate a burning desire for what you want, support it with unwavering faith and take persistent action so you can think and grow rich.

The Millionaire Next Door

This book is considered a class must read book in the personal finance section. The authors conducted a study of 1,000 actual millionaires over a 20-year period. This book provides a true insider’s look at the thoughts and behaviors of financially successful people.

Hint – most of them are not showing off their wealth on Instagram!

This book helps to show that the popular concept of a flashy millionaire isn’t how most people with money actually live. Instead, most average Joes and Janes with money live simple lives and quietly build a solid wealth foundation for their families.

If you struggling with trying to keep up with your neighbor’s flashy new car and that sort of thing, you will really benefit from this book – it’s a must read that will have a major impact on your wealth mindset.

best books to reset your money mindset


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