5 Guided Chakra Meditations for Beginners

5 Guided Chakra Meditations for BeginnersIf you’re new to chakra meditation, it’s a good idea to follow along with a guided chakra meditation for beginners. Practitioners believe that chakra meditation can reduce stress, boost your immunity and bring you a greater sense of inner calm. When you’re balancing the chakras, it’s important to note that your chakras are all interconnected. While it’s important to work on balancing individual chakras, the entire system must be balanced, also.

Meditating on the chakras can assist in bringing your chakras into balance, but when you’re just getting started, it can be difficult to keep track of which color and energy center you’re trying to focus on.

This is where a guided chakra meditation for beginners can help. A guided meditation will help you lead you and allow you to stay focused on your meditation.

Beginner Chakra Meditation – Great Release

This relaxing meditation from Meditation Zen is perfect for beginners. There is a soothing instructional style that will gently guide you through an easy chakra and kundalini meditation. This beginner chakra meditation is perfect for anyone looking to harmonize and balance your body’s energy!

Guided Meditation: Open Balance Chakras, Heal & Sleep

This is a longer guided meditation that is nearly an hour long. It will help open balance chakras, help you cleanse your aura and sleep better. The author, Jason Stephenson, has been described by the actor Russell Brand as an “Australian Brain Alchemist.” For over 15 years, Jason has studied the positive effects of guided mediation and relaxation music. His YouTube channel has grown to over 250 million views. Jason became fascinated with the importance of guided meditation during his 30’s when he experienced personal troubles.  As he says “I got off track and delved into the abuse of drugs and alcohol – a total abuse on all levels to my body, mind, and spirit. I relied on meditation and affirmations at this time to get me through some fo the darkest days of my life.” He used mediation and affirmations as daily ritual to help improve his health and change his mindset. As Jason says “I went from being a total wreck to having the strength to help others from their darkest days.”goo

Guided Meditation – Full 7 Chakra Beginner Friendly Meditation

If you are looking for a beginner friendly chakra meditation, this is a good option. It’s shorter than the one above at only 25 minutes but long enough to get a deeper understanding of the 7 Chakra energy system.  This chakra meditation is led by certified yoga instructor Jen Hilman who hails from Austin, Texas.

The 7 Chakras Alignment Guided Meditation for Beginners

This 30 minute guided mediation is lead by Brett Larkin who has a very popular yoga channel. Her meditation is a a guided 7 chakra alignment meditation for beginners to bring alignment, healing and balance. The chakras are energy centers that live along your spine and go from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that the quality of your energy improves when you bring the seven chakras into balance and healing. Brett uses visualization, breathwork and mantras to help guide you toward harmonizing your energy points. And you can do this guided meditation either sitting up or laying down.

Balancing Your Chakras with Healing Energy – Guided Meditation

This guided mediation is nearly 45 minutes in length and is a powerful energy healing mediation. It is led by Linda Hall who draws on her own experience and her experience as a teacher over many years. This meditation will help rebalance the major chakras along your spring using breathing techniques, color healing, visualization and even affirmations! Linda says that this mediation will boost your positive thinking, nurture your ability for self compassion and help you manage stress and anxiety.

In summary, these are some of the best and free guided chakra meditations to help rebalance your Chakras. If you try one, let the Namaste Nourished community know what you found most helpful in the comments.


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