Best Meditation Benches

Meditation is a mindfulness skill that takes practice like any other. Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. It takes consistent practice to perfect your style and feel comfortable searching your mind. But what if your body just isn’t cooperating?

The process of meditating is straightforward and simple, right? Just close your eyes, focus on breathing, sit still, and let your mind lead the way. You find yourself breathing slowly…inhaling and exhaling…trying to unlock your mind’s potential. But something is holding you back…

You’re uncomfortable, your ankles hurt and it’s starting to stop you from unleashing your inner zen. But how do you correct these issues?

This is where a meditation bench comes in handy. You need to ensure that your back is supported and that you have the right posture whilst you practice, and using a meditation bench will really help you find the perfect meditating position. 

Meditation benches have been used to practice meditation for hundreds of years, and it’s no wonder why! By using a meditation bench, you can relieve so much pressure from your knees and ankles and finally relax and unwind without any awkward discomfort. Where do you even begin when it comes to looking for a meditation bench though? And how do you know when you’ve found one that’s suitable for your own meditation style?Fear not, we’re here to help! Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best meditation benches to seriously up your relaxation game. We have also put together a useful buyer’s guide and a frequently asked questions section to help you decide which bench is suited for your personal needs.So, clear your mind, calm your troubles, and let us provide the best tools for your practice.

Top 5 Best Meditation Benches


Mindful Modern Folding Meditation Bench - Bamboo Kneeling Stool with Locking Magnetic Hinges - Portable Cross Legged Folding Seiza Chair w/Travel Bag

Mindful & Modern Folding Meditation Bench


BLUECONY Meditation Bench IKUKO Original, Portable Version With Bag, Locally Handmade Wooden Kneeling Ergonomic Seiza Seat - Dark Walnut, High Height (8' or 20 cm)

Bluecony Ikuko’s Original Meditation Bench


Waterglider International Meditation Bench (Nat. White), Seiza, Sustainable Acacia Wood with Curved Bottom Edges for The perfect posture, meditation stool, prayer bench, meditation chair, yoga stool

Meditation Designs Meditation Bench


Mindful & Modern Folding Meditation Bench

Mindful Modern Folding Meditation Bench - Bamboo Kneeling Stool with Locking Magnetic Hinges - Portable Cross Legged Folding Seiza Chair w/Travel Bag

This bench not only features a beautiful design but is so comfortable and easy to use that you can extend your meditation sessions for so much longer. It really ticks all of the boxes. It’s even made from sustainable bamboo wood, which is the most environmentally friendly wood in the world, so you’ll be helping the environment whilst you meditate!

It is comfortable and durable, ensuring that you can enjoy your meditation sessions without feeling any discomfort. The bench sits at 17 x 7.5 inches and is perfect for people of all shapes and sizes.

Unlike similar cushions or pillows, there is no need to cross your legs when using this bench/ This helps to increase circulation, enhances your focus, and allows deeper breathing techniques. The angled seat also allows the body to straighten effortlessly, removing all strain from your knees and lower back!

Mindful and Modern’s meditation bench can also be folded for travel and portability and comes with its own washable travel bag. This bench is designed with super strong locking magnetic hinges that allow the bench to fold down, whilst also ensuring that you can meditate without fear of your bench collapsing underneath you.

This bench is also perfect for yoga, prayer and would even look great as seating in your home with a stunning lotus design embossed into the wood. Mindful and Modern have every faith in their product that they even offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the bench. 


  • Comfortable and durable to use for prolonged periods of meditation
  • Helps to increase circulation and improve breathing and focus
  • The angled seat alleviates strain from knees and back
  • Made from sustainable wood
  • Features a beautiful embossed Lotus design
  • Compact, portable, and folds flat for travel
  • Has strong, magnetic hinges for extra stability
  • Comes with a full money-back guarantee


  • Only available in one size


Bluecony Ikuko’s Original Meditation Bench

BLUECONY Meditation Bench IKUKO Original, Portable Version With Bag, Locally Handmade Wooden Kneeling Ergonomic Seiza Seat - Dark Walnut, High Height (8' or 20 cm)

This bench is a very popular contender for meditators and is handmade from eco-friendly wood which is available in a beautiful dark walnut or natural shade. It has been designed and handmade by ergonomic and posture specialists as the perfect seiza seat for meditation.

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Its unique shape allows the back to straighten as the spine balances over the pelvis. This decreases damaging compressive loads on the lower back, allows deeper breathing, better circulation, increases energy flow, and your general well-being.

This meditation bench is also optimized for travel and the legs can be unscrewed and detached so that you can take it with you anywhere. This particular bench comes in three different sizes for people of different heights and flexibility.

The smallest has a height of six inches, the standard is seven inches high and the highest is 8 inches. If you are over six feet tall, have longer legs, or struggle with flexibility, then this is the bench for you. 


  • Handmade from eco-friendly materials
  • Optimized for sitting in the seiza position
  • Helps to reduce tension and stress’
  • Available in three different height sizes and two wood shades
  • Curved/arched shape is designed for optimal support without the need for a cushion
  • The ergonomic design also keeps the spine in the perfect position
  • Has detachable legs that make it easy to transport
  • Simplest kneeling bench for a natural, balanced, and relaxed posture


  • Not as sturdy as non-travel benches


Meditation Designs Meditation Bench

Waterglider International Meditation Bench (Nat. White), Seiza, Sustainable Acacia Wood with Curved Bottom Edges for The perfect posture, meditation stool, prayer bench, meditation chair, yoga stool

If you’re new to the world of meditating and you’re struggling to find that perfect, comfy position then this simple meditation bench from Meditation Designs could be the perfect choice for you.

It is designed to support your back and knees whilst being solid and durable with a cushioned seat for extra comfort. It also helps to alleviate pressure from your back and joints, whilst giving comfort for your spine and ankles.

Made from sustainable acacia wood, this meditation bench is a great eco-friendly choice. It also features a cushioned top in 4 different shades, including ‘zen black’, ‘burgundy’, ‘natural’, and ‘royal blue’.

The round angled legs are secure and this helps to maintain your balance at all times. They have an ornate-look to them too and would fit in perfectly with a variety of interior design schemes.


●Solid, durable, and constructed from sustainable materials●Has a sturdy design that makes it secure for long sessions●Features a cushioned top that comes in four different shades●Promotes correct alignment whilst you meditate●The perfect choice for anybody new to meditating 


  • Non-foldable for storage or travel


Lotuscrafts Folding Meditation Bench

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Another popular choice is the Foldable Meditation Bench by Lotuscrafts. The specifically angled seat is designed to automatically straighten your spine and relieve pressure whilst you meditate, ensuring you’re comfortable and able to focus throughout your session.

The benchtop is also padded to ensure further comfort, especially in longer meditation sessions. It comes in four different styles and colors too, allowing you to find the perfect choice for your own personal taste.

It is available in two different sizes as well, which makes it the ideal choice for anyone who needs a little more room or who struggles with flexibility. It is also foldable so you can easily transport it to your favorite meditation spot.

And, once you’ve finished meditating for the day, it’s stackable design makes it easy to store away. This also makes it a good choice for anybody that would prefer a bench that doesn’t need to be made a permanent feature in their home. 


  • The angled-seat and padded benchtop make it super comfortable and promotes longer meditation sessions
  • The design also helps to straighten the spine and relieve pressure whilst you meditate
  • Comes in 2 different size options to suit any body shape or size
  • Is also available in four different colors to suit any personal taste
  • Foldable, stackable, and easy to store away when not in use


  • Made from materials that aren’t certified environmentally-friendly


Friends of Meditation Kneeling Bench

Friends of Meditation Kneeling Bench for Yoga, Meditation and Namaz

The Kneeling Bench by Friends of Meditation is ideal for relieving stress upon the knees during meditation, whilst also aiding spine alignment, ensuring that you’re as comfortable as possible even if you’re going into a particularly long meditation session.

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The bench also comes with a cushion further ensure perfect comfort at all times, along with its own carry bag for easy transportation and storage. This design features tracking and attachments for the cushion too, and these ensure you never slide off or become displaced.

The bench is made out of plastic which makes it incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around. Its simplistic and easy-to-use design makes this bench perfect for someone who is starting out at meditation or is traveling back and forth to meditation and yoga classes.


  • Lightweight enough to transport comfortably and comes with a carry bag
  • Is also easy to dismantle and reassemble adding to its ease of use for travel
  • The design helps relieve stress on the knees and keep the spine perfectly aligned
  • Includes a 1-inch thick cushion for extra comfort
  • Also includes tracking and attachments that ensure the cushion is kept securely in place during use


  • Made from plastic, so isn’t a particularly environmentally-friendly choice

Best Meditation Benches Buyers Guide

Meditation is an experience that is always personally tailored to you. So, when you’re looking for the perfect meditation bench, you need to consider what qualities are important to your meditation practices. For example, think to yourself:

  • Do I need back support?
  • Do I need a portable bench?
  • Do I want a certain style/color?
  • Do I want an eco-friendly bench?
  • Do I want a cushioned bench?

How to tell if a meditation bench is right for you

Are you struggling to reach a deeper level of meditation? Are you constantly distracted by aches and pains in your ankles, lower back, and legs? A meditation bench is a tool to ensure that you keep pressure off your joints and your spine is properly aligned so that there is no interference in your session.

We know that you need complete harmony with your mind and body, and awkward discomfort is ruining your vibe. A meditation bench alleviates all the pressure from your body so that you can meditate longer, better, and deeper.

How to choose the best meditation bench for you

Depending on your lifestyle and meditation style, the perfect bench for you will differ. It can be difficult to remain comfortable if you are just beginning your meditation journey and all of this information is daunting.

But there’s no need to worry. Below, we’ve broken things down into different categories to help make determining what you’re looking for in a bench and, ultimately, helping to guide you towards the best meditation bench for your own needs.


Let’s start by looking at the different materials available to you. Most meditation benches are constructed using wood, and this is to ensure that they are durable enough to support your weight for prolonged periods of time.

If you choose to go for a wooden option, you might want to go for one that is built using sustainable materials or environmentally-friendly woods such as bamboo or acacia. This is, of course, a personal preference but it’s always nice to know you’ve helped the environment in some way.

Some meditation benches are built using plastic. Whilst this isn’t as environmentally-friendly as some woods, plastic is still highly durable and will be unlikely to break or bend under pressure. It’s also a lot more lightweight than wood, so could be a good option if you like to meditate in many different spots.


You’re wondering if a bench, cushion, blanket, or pillow is the right choice for you and it may be stressful trying to pick the perfect option. If this sounds like you, then perhaps a simplistic, easy to use, the cushioned bench will be best to ensure that you are comfortable and aligned at all times.

Some mediation benches come with tracking and attachments that help keep the cushion securely locked in place. This allows you to continue meditating without any worry of sliding off your bench.

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If you’re a more practiced meditator and working, busy, or on the go then a bench that can be optimized for travel may be your best option. Many meditation benches can be folded to make them more portable, and this also saves space in the trunk of your car if you’re going away to a meditation retreat.

Some meditation benches also come with carrying bags and these are also fantastic for helping make their portability that much easier. A carry bag can also be used as a way to store your bench safely out of the way if you would prefer not to have it as a permanent home-decor feature.

Size & Height

Depending on your height and flexibility, you may need to consider a bench that offers multiple sizes for all body types. Most benches support heights up to 5’11, but if you’re taller or have long legs then we recommend a larger bench to ensure your posture is supported at all times.

Luckily, most meditation benches are now available in a variety of sizes which makes finding one for a taller person a lot easier. Be sure to always check the weight limit of your bench as well, as accidentally exceeding this could let to voiding any warranties it comes with. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a meditation bench?

Meditation benches are designed with an angled seat to relieve any pain and discomfort when meditating in the ‘seiza’ position. Meditation benches are intended for sitting upon much like a small stool, whilst supporting the body and aligning the spine.

When meditating in a kneeling position like the ‘seiza’, there can be a lot of discomfort in the knees, ankles, and legs and you may get distracted, or not want to meditate for long periods of time. This can affect your meditation and practice.

Do I need a meditation bench?

By using a meditation bench, you’ll be more likely to alleviate any pain and discomfort from your knees and joints, whilst also ensuring your back and spine is perfectly aligned for better posture. This then promotes deeper breathing, enhances your focus, and encourages better circulation.

Why use a meditation bench over a pillow?

One of the most important factors you need to consider in finding your comfort is what suits your posture best. A cushion is much easier to use if meditating with crossed legs or in a sitting down position, as it conforms to your shape.

However, if you prefer the kneeling position to meditate, or suffer back pain and while in a cross-legged position, then a meditation bench is much better for you.

How does a meditation bench work?

A meditation bench distributes weight much more evenly throughout the body. The slanted, angled position of a meditation bench allows your spine to align perfectly and relieves a lot of pressure from the lower back. Therefore, you can focus on your breathing and mind without being distracted by knee or back pain.

How to sit on a meditation bench?

A meditation bench is typically used to assist you in the kneeling position, so you need to correctly balance the weight of your body whilst also ensuring your knees and ankles are alleviated of pressure. So, first things first, get into a kneeling position.

We recommend using a rug or blanket to make sure you are keeping your knees protected. Next, lift your bottom off your ankles and place the bench underneath, adjusting so that you feel the right angle that is comfortable for you to sit. Now, your ankles should be flat against the floor and the bench should be supporting your whole weight. Make sure you readjust so that you feel no pain in your lower back or knees.

If you are using the bench correctly, then you should feel no discomfort at all and can therefore get back to meditating for longer and finding your zen.

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