Best Yoga Pants For Men

This article covers the best yoga pants for men while taking into account the needs and requirements of most yoga practitioners. There are pants for people who need a skin-tight grip for advanced poses, and there are pants for slower meditative practitioners. 

Because of this diversity of options for men, these yoga pants are not compared or ranked in any way. They all represent ideal choices for different situations, different types of yoga, different practicing methods, and differently shaped people. Have a read through and see which ones suit you the best.

Men’s Yoga Pants Reviews

Alo Yoga Men’s Warrior Compression Capri

For comfort and convenience, you can’t go wrong with the Alo Yoga Men’s pants. You will be able to pull off the warrior pose with ease or any yoga pose for that matter, since the fabric is stretchable.

With moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology and four-way stretch, Alo Yoga’s Warrior Compression Pants tick all the boxes for a good pair of yoga pants. Plus, it even is available in a cool camo print.

In 2007, the founders of the Alo Yoga brand opened their doors to change the yoga industry. They placed their focus on design, fit and moisture-wicking technology. 

Alo Yoga has become a prominent brand because of their quality yoga gear and the Warrior Compression Capri is branded as one of their top pair of pants. 


  • 20% spandex compression pants
  • High quality material 
  • Machine washable


  • The fit is a bit off, so going one size up is a better option 

BALEAF Men’s Athletic Yoga Leggings

The BALEAF Men’s Athletic Yoga Leggings are comfortable, flexible tights designed for men. The gusseted crotch fits close to the body, so they layer easily. This makes them not just suitable for yoga and other athletic activities where flexibility is required, but also allows you to wear them as a warming layer under other clothing, so they can keep you warm and dry outdoors. They wear well underneath ski and snowboard gear and this gives them great versatility for active men who engage in indoor and outdoor workouts and sports. 

These yoga leggings are made of nylon and spandex, and the quick-drying fabric is breathable, wicking away sweat and moisture to keep you dry. The fabric gives great coverage, without being see-through, no matter what yoga pose you are in. They fit comfortably, with secure elastic banding at the waist that doesn’t slip. Four-way stretch allows them to move easily with your body for the full range of motion. 

These pants also have large side pockets, perfect for a mobile phone up to 5.5 inches, with a close, secure fit that keeps your belongings close to your body. The higher waistline provides a comfortable, flexible fit with light stomach control. 

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The BALEAF Men’s Athletic Yoga Leggings come in black, dark blue, navy, and charcoal grey, with optional contrasting stitching for extra style. They are available in six sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.

When ordering these yoga leggings, it’s a good idea to measure your body and order according to the size chart, rather than ordering your customary size. These pants are most comfortable and effective when they fit close to the body without squeezing, so take care for sizing. 


  • Affordable
  • Great colors with optional contrasting stitching
  • Secure, high waist band
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking fabric
  • Generous pockets


  • Should not be tumble-dried

BALEAF Men’s Active Yoga Sweatpants

The BALEAF Men’s Active Yoga Sweatpants are soft, roomy, and comfortable. The relaxed, straight legs make them great for a huge range of athletic activities, post-workout recovery, or simply for lounging around the house. 

These sweatpants are made of cotton and spandex, for a medium/light weight fabric that is stretchy and breathable. The soft fabric moves easily against the skin, allowing you to comfortably go through the full range of motion, and hold any yoga pose. 

They have a drawstring waistband that adjusts easily without constricting, and the strings can be worn outside the pants for reduced bulk, or tucked inside to stay out of your way. The large side pocket is perfect for a phone or wallet. 

The BALEAF Men’s Active Yoga Sweatpants come in black, charcoal, light grey, or navy blue, and in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL. The drawstring waist and relaxed fit allow some room for variance in sizing your individual frame. 

They are machine washable and dryer-safe, so these pants are low maintenance and easy to use, wear, and enjoy anywhere. 


  • Soft, comfortable, roomy fit
  • Waistband stays in place regardless of your activity or pose
  • Generous side pocket


  • Sizing seems off (best to go for one size up)

Hoerev Men’s Super Soft Modal Spandex Harem Yoga Pilates Pants

Without trying to sound like a lay person, these Hoerev pants are not for the “tricky” stuff. They are not the sort of things you would wear while pulling off some amazing poses in dangerous positions. 

These are more for the meditative side of yoga. They are like a warm blanket that was carefully draped around your waist. As you can imagine, they are as comfortable as sitting on a cloud, and they allow for a full range of movement, but they are not strong, thick, skin-tight or sturdy enough to pull off advanced poses safely.

There is a certain type of style and meditative yoga where these sorts of pants are par for the course. They not only look the part, but they are light, airy, and very freeing. They are the sort of pants where you will have to wear underwear because certain poses will leave little to the imagination. 

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For people who like to explore the Zen side of yoga and meditation, these types of pants are ideal. They look the part, and they are remarkably low cost considering their overall composition.

One downside is that these pants are going to be too thin for some people. This wouldn’t normally be a downside, but any time these pants are photographed they come out looking very thick and warm. They look like oversized jogging trousers, but these have far fewer similarities to sweat pants than they first appear in photographs. In person, they are more thing and airy, hence the “harem” name.

Also, the length of the pants seems a little too long, which is not a bad thing because the elastic bottom means you can alter how they hang.


  • Harem pants
  • Affordable
  • 9 available colors


  • May not be sturdy enough for more active yoga class


YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants

The YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants were designed with male athletes in mind, those who need pants with a great balance of loose and tight, for activities ranging from yoga to martial arts. They are soft against the skin, with a smooth elastic waistband and long, roomy leg to make any movement feel both comfortable and secure. 

These pants are made of 94% cotton and 6% spandex, for soft motion with gentle, 4-way stretch that doesn’t hold you back. The high quality fabric is never see-through. The wide waistband provides security and support, without binding or constricting. They also have a stretchable side panel perfect for activities like yoga and capoeira, that require a broader range of motion. 

These men’s long sweatpants have two side pockets and a discrete, high-quality embroidered logo. They come in black, dark brown, dark grey, light grey, and navy blue, in sizes ranging from S to XXL. In the fabric colors besides black, the waistband drawstring is contrasting white in color. 

The YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants have an unusual fit in menswear. The waistband is higher on the body than most men are used to, and the leg is very long. While this fit provides great security and full range of motion for all kinds of yoga and sporting activities, some men are uncomfortable in pants that fit this way, and would prefer a shorter leg that doesn’t rest on the floor. Some men want to have the pants hemmed, for a more traditional length, but this may also be a great advantage for tall men or men with unusually long legs. 


  • Comfortable, soft, roomy pants
  • Relaxed fit and stretch panel for full range of motion in any activity
  • High quality fabric
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  • Unusual fit may be uncomfortable for some men

Best Men’s Yoga Pants – A Buyer’s Guide

Ideally, you need to opt for pants that suit your type of yoga. If you are engaging in hot yoga, or if you like to go for a jog before starting yoga, then maybe some 3/4 length pants with elastic-ruffle cuffs would suit you. On the other hand, if you are planning on balancing on a 12-foot wooden stump in the misty Japanese hills, then maybe the tighter advanced yoga pants are for you. As mentioned in the conclusion, you can automatically opt for pants or leggings that advanced yogis typically wear.

Cost is also another factor because yoga clothing “can” become a fashion statement, but it sort of goes against the spirit of yoga. You are not a trapeze artist wearing brightly colored spandex; your aim is not to be looked at or to be seen on the scene.

Since yoga gear is not meant as a fashion statement, there is little need to overpay for design, art, or prestige. Try to think in terms of where 80% of what you pay for is functionality, and maybe 20% is based on visual appearance.

Ask yourself, are they fit for purpose, and can I find them cheaper? It is hard to believe, but some yoga pants cost more simply because they are a different color. Do you really need to pay more for the bright purple ones if the gray ones are just the same? 

Also, beware of buying pants for yoga that are white – unless you are a fan of bleaching your clothes. It sounds petty, but some people are almost afraid to try trickier poses because they are afraid that their white pants will mop up all the surrounding dirt, dander, lint, and fluff like a Dyson vacuum cleaner.


If you are serious about yoga, then the right pair of yoga pants is something you need to add to your yoga repertoire. As a man, you want to feel comfortable while practicing yoga, while maintaining proper alignment during your yoga poses. 

You also want to make sure you choose materials that are breathable, lightweight and easy to keep clean. If it has moisture-wicking technology, then even better!

Whether you buy tight-fitting or loose yoga pants, the main thing is to choose pants that make you feel comfortable. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the yoga pants we have presented here, as they are all made with high quality materials and will allow you to practice your yoga poses with ease. 

Finally, if you guys need more convincing to start yoga, then see our in depth post on the benefits of yoga for men.

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