How to Do Self-Care on a Limited Budget

Do you feel like you need to do more self care, but worry about money and have a limited budget? If so, this article is for you!

For many of us, the source of a lot of our stress is money. Can you relate? So many people worry about how much they’re making, how much they’re spending, how much your friends are making, and so forth. Even if you’re on a budget though, you still need to take care of yourself so you can improve both physically and mentally. So we don’t want money stress to prevent you from taking care of yourself.

Good news – you don’t actually have to spend a lot of money in order to get into a good self-care routine.

First, physical fitness can appear to cost a lot on the surface. In large cities, many women join really expensive gyms to be seen and be seen, but you can get a good workout and get in shape with spending very little money.

If you’re thinking about getting all new gym clothes, gym bags, water bottles, supplements, a membership, and all of that stuff, you can stop now and realize that it’s not really necessary.

If you do need to buy things, you can always find cheaper alternatives to cut your costs. And if you have a “less is more” mindset it will help you feel better about yourself and also prevent you from buying stuff you don’t need need. The less “stuff” you have, the better!

Take gym accessories for example, the less you have the better. You don’t need a lot of workout outfits or accessories. If you’re going to work out at the gym you don’t need to buy a new bag. Instead you can re-use an existing bag. And instead of buying all new workout clothes to work out in, you can use whatever you have.

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Another area us women get distracted by is buying top brands. Can you relate? Have you ever bought something expensive mostly to show off? Quality is not always associated with the most expensive item though and a lot of times “basic” works just as well, especially if you’re on a budget. Take a water bottle for example, do you need to buy a brand new water bottle to be trendy at the gym? No…you don’t! You can find a cheap reusable water bottle or probably use one that is in your refrigerator right now.

Finally, you don’t even need a gym membership to get in good shape. Many women have bodyweight exercises or online routes that are free. You can find plenty of workout videos on YouTube that are free. My personal favorite is very very simple and almost anyone can do – Jumping Jacks. Yes, they will get your heart rate up and give you a cardio workout without requiring any equipment. (Note: Always check with your doctor before starting a workout routine to make sure you have medical clearance.)

How’s your mental Health – do you need some self care for your mind as well? Your mental health is critical part of self care. It’s not all about massages and expensive spa treatments. If you have a lot of stress on your mind and want to be more focused and present for your friends and family, meditation can help. And again the good news is that you can learn meditation for free online so money doesn’t need to prevent you from taking action. And if you would like to try a chakra meditation, try our guided chakra meditations for beginners.

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You can also create your own DIY “spa day” and invite your friends over. Have a spa “potluck” and have all of your friends bring or do something different. Maybe one of your friends brings or creates a homemade skin mask. Another can do massages. And so on. Then you have a very cheap “spa day” at home for either free or very little cost. Plus having your friends there, creates the social aspect of the spa. Talking about your problems with your friends is almost a free form of therapy and will help you connect too with your friends. And strong bonds and connections with others is one of the most important aspects of your self care.

In summary, money doesn’t need to hold you back from taking care of yourself. Try these suggestions above. And if you have any suggestions to share with our readers, please comment below!

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