4 Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

Are you having trouble achieving results on your diet plan? Have you ever felt like you always “fall off” any diet you try?

Sometimes people get so upset after trying and failing multiple diets that they they just want to “throw in the towel” for good and give up! Can you relate?

Today I want to encourage you. Don’t give up! If you’re having trouble with a diet, there are some underlying causes that need to be addressed. If you don’t understand these reasons – and solve them – you will be constantly frustrated and won’t achieve the results you want.

So, let’s take a few minutes to examine the four reasons why most diets fail. And we will talk about a specific diet plan that addresses these four reasons. And soon you will have a better understanding of how to avoid failing on any diet you try.

Sound good? Okay, let’s look at the four key factors that you need to know.

Diet Fail Reason #1 – Unrealistic Calorie Intake

The first main reason why most diets fail is because they simply have you on a very restricted number of calories that you can’t realistically stick to. In other words, the diet might put you into “starvation mode” by causing you to consume so few calories that your body starts shutting down in order to conserve fuel. Your body will over rule your mind so even if you’re motivated, it is just a matter of time till your hunger will give in. And then we wall know what happens, you’re body will fight back by trying to help you “survive” the “starvation mode” and your hunger pangs will cause you to over consume calories to fix this problem. If you’ve ever tried a diet and “failed” you know how this ends – you feel like you “failed” and you give up hope. And sometimes it even backfires because you overeat and might gain weight which sets you back even further from your initial goal.

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For a diet to be successful you do need to lower your calorie intake to see fat loss results. But it’s important to do this in a systematic way that keeps your body’s “metabolic engine” burning calories efficiently.

Diet Fail Reason #2 Lack Of Satiety-Boosting Nutrients

Satiety is the term nutritionists use for “feeling full.” A big issue with most conventional diets is they do not provide you with enough of the two most satisfying nutrients: protein and fiber. Your body need protein to function optimally and for you to maintain your muscle mass. Protein is also the nutrient that’s the slowest to break down and digest in the body. In short, protein makes you feel full and that’s important so you stick with your diet and calorie plan and don’t overeat.

Combine the protein with dietary fiber, which is found in fresh fruits and vegetables, and it’ll slow digestion even further. Plus you will be eating foods you enjoy and not weird “diet foods” that are unnatural, so that will keep you on your plan and help you achieve success with your diet.

Many crash diet plans are very low in protein, and while they may have you eating lots of vegetables, many discourage the consumption of fruit.

By making these two nutrients a focus of your plan instead, you can see results that much faster and enjoy being on the diet which will help you achieve success and lose weight.

Diet Fail Reason #3 Time Consuming Meal Prep

A big problem with any diet is trying to change too many things at once. Some diets require extensive meal prep time and that is a “hidden reason” for diets failing. You are already trying to change your diet and exercise habits which can be a challenge. If you add complicated meal preparation to that you will exhaust your mental energy. Besides, who has an hour each and every day to meal prep? Not me — and definitely not you! Yet, many diet plans are so complex that they require complicated preparations which will cause you to break down a number of days into your plan. Despite your best intentions, the whole process starts to become too complicated and you will fail if you follow this approach.

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Instead, give your self the best chance for success by following an approach that gives you very basic, easy-to-implement guidelines that will help you achieve your own success goals.

Your meal preparation plan should not take hours to follow each week, and should work with your lifestyle. When you find such a plan, it’ll be easier than ever to stick with.

Diet Fail Reason #4 Lack of a Long-Term Approach

I’m sure you’ve heard that any diet you follow should encourage a long-term approach — and I agree. When you make changes to your diet, you should be focusing on being able to maintain healthy eating habits over the long term.

But, if your diet plan is designed to go on for months, it can also kill your motivation too!

I recommend a diet to give you a “Quickstart” – something with a shorter timeline that will give you quick results. The quick results will help you see a noticeable difference in your body. And mentally it will help give you a sense of encouragement and accomplishment which will help give you the momentum to keep eating healthy. And that’s the key for long term diet success.

You’ve probably heard people say that it takes about 21 days to start building a new habit. So three weeks is an optimal time frame for a diet. it’s long enough that you will see good results that will give you motivation to continue.

Anyone should be able to do three weeks if they put their mind to it. This is precisely what The Cinderella Solution is built upon. If you want quick results with a proven system that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, this is our top recommendation.

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