Best Yoga Pants To Hide Cellulite

Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular hobbies and exercises in the Western world, with millions of people embracing the philosophy of meditation through deep stretching, intense focus on the breath and enforcing that mind-body connection. 

But also, some people just want to get a decent workout and look good on the dancefloor, and why not? Although it’s not all about just looking good after yoga, it’s about looking good during yoga as well! 

Because not all of us are enlightened beings that can pretend not to be susceptible to the lures of the flesh. We want to look as good as possible while we’re doing a downward dog or are bent double in a cross-legged child’s pose. Luckily there are plenty of yoga pants currently on the market that can compress those bumps and curves that you might find embarrassing.


Cellulite is an unavoidable fact and can have nothing to do with body mass or being overweight, but just down to unfortunate genetics. Sadly, we can’t do anything about the genes we were born with, but we can do something about the pants that we squeeze into. With many advanced new materials, yoga pants are now tailored to hug your figure and give you that desirable shape. 

But what are you looking for in the perfect figure-hugging yoga pant? Are you looking for something high waisted or something that will give you that degree of flexibility on the yoga mat? How much could you be expected to spend on your average pair of yoga pants? 

Well, ease up and stretch yourself out, we’ve got this taken care of with our list of some of the best cellulite-hiding yoga pants currently on the market, along with a cheeky buyer’s guide and some of the questions that we get asked the most by yoga lovers looking to conceal rather than reveal. 

So grab your sweats and your roll-up mat and let’s get stuck into some of the best yoga pants that money can buy! 

Best Yoga Pants To Hide Cellulite

HLZKU Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings

Our first pair of yoga pants are extremely high caliber and extremely high-waisted, made of super stretch fabric that allows you to do the most daring yoga moves whilst streamlining your waist to its natural curves. If you want your mind totally free from concern so you can focus on your moves, then you’ll want to pick up a pair of the HLZKU Anti-Cellulite Compression Leggings. 

This high and tight waistband optimized tummy control and will keep your natural figure in place during the most advanced yoga moves. Coming as they do in a very sleek and stylish black color, you won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious and showing off your lumps and bumps to the world. 

The muted fabric is also utterly non-transparent, which gives you another reason to feel relaxed when doing your most ambitious yoga poses. These anti-cellulite pants imbue you with confidence and self-esteem even before you hit the mat. 

Wear these to the gym or your yoga class and you’ll feel more than capable of keeping up with the rest of your group, secure in the knowledge that when arching your back or kicking your legs up in the air – your yoga pants have got you! 


  • The high wide waist and four-way stretch function guarantee you maximum flexibility and discretion – you can be sure that these pants won’t tear turning a crucial flex!
  • The pants come in a variety of patterns and colors, all depending on what you feel suits your particular style.
  • The compression technology and seamless stitching result in a pant that won’t let you down even after months and months of hard stretching and sweating.
  • These pants are very stretchy and most importantly they absorb all excess sweat, which means that you can stay comfortable in your poses for much longer.
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  • Some of these pants run very long in the leg, which can result in your yoga pant bunching at the bottom – resulting in a potentially embarrassing and injurious stumble!

IUGA Leggings for Women

Our next anti-cellulite yoga pant comes extremely highly rated on Amazon and for good reason – with an array of colors and designs to choose from, these are one of the most stylish yoga pants currently on the market. It even comes with pockets for your iPod shuffle or your fit bit! The manufacturers have boasted this as a product designed by yoga practitioners for yoga practitioners – introducing the IUGA Leggings For Women.

 First off, let’s start with the enviable choice of color and design. You can choose anything from dark blue, gray, wine, space dye brown, begonia pink, olive and black capris, to name but a few! Simply pick the color you want to represent yourself with and get down that gym pronto!

 These high waisted stretchy pants give you the ultimate in stomach tension, allowing you to move fluidly and confidently from one pose to another. The unique material also prevents moisture wicking and the four-way stretch fabric promotes compression, comfort and support when doing not only yoga but running, jogging and meditation. 

For such a thick fabric, this product is also very breathable, guaranteeing that your legs and inner thighs will remain ventilated throughout even the most intense of exercises, which will be important when you want to push yourself to exercise for longer. These pants also contour and conform to the natural shape of your legs.


  • For the durability and compression gauge of the pants, they are remarkably well ventilated and comfortable, representing only the very best in yoga pant materials.
  • The range of styles and colors will be a major draw for someone who wants to either stand out at their next yoga session or those who want to blend into the background with a much more muted color.
  • The pockets will be a godsend for anyone who wants to keep a compact music player or some loose change on them whilst flexing.


  • In some of the larger sizes the fabric can be too slack, which leads to bowing in places you don’t want it!

ALONG FIT high Waist Workout Leggings for Women

Our next brand of yoga pant is one that comes highly rated amongst yoga practitioners in particular, with another feature that distinguishes it from all the rest – pockets. These make the world of difference, especially if you do yoga outdoors and want to have your own iPod playing music that will help you get in the zone – introducing the ALONG FIT High Waist Workout Leggings For Women. 

These yoga pants come in a wide range of styles and colors, perfect for those who want to do some night yoga or night running and want to remain discreet. These pants also have a high waist for increased tummy control and have a moisture-wicking, breathable and quick-dry material. 

The tightness around the belly also offers extra support for people doing squats and lower leg bends for a specific exercise or rehabilitation therapy. The non-transparent material also helps ensure the individual has the utmost privacy during their workouts. 


  • These yoga pants are extremely high quality and provide the user with the maximum amount of dignity when doing certain poses.
  • These leggings blend the fashionable with the functional, a figure-hugging set of pants that makes the yogi feel both attractive and supported during those difficult moves.
  • The price – these are some of the more affordable leggings on the market considering the range of features they offer the user.
  • With a 77% polyester makeup, these pants will allow for the full range of motion during an intense workout without sacrificing comfort. No longer shy about pulling those harder moves, you will be able to increase both your stamina and strength and ultimately your overall physical health.
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  • The fabric of these yoga pants is far too stretchy in places and tends to hang down during the moves that defy gravity i.e. any moves where your legs go higher than your head.

RUNNING GIRL Ombre Seamless Gym Leggings

Our next pair of yoga garments are of a much more conventional type, coming in a sleek plain black, when it comes to support, style and comfort, these yoga pants deliver on all fronts. With a double-layered construction, these pants contour to your hips and increase your overall stamina – introducing the Running Girl Ombre Seamless Gym Leggings.

 They really enhance your yoga stretches in the places you need it the most, especially around the hips, outer thighs and calves, giving full support and allowing fluid motion from one pose to another.

 But we also know that style is as important as comfort, and these pants are incredibly good-looking – the simple black design accentuating your legs muscles so the whole yoga class will be able to see the gains you’re making.

 The unique double-layer also presses tightly against the skin to eliminate any evidence of cellulite, instead drawing focus simply to the curves rather than the texture of your thighs and butt.


    This is made from a soft and comfortable fabric that allows you to hold those more difficult yoga poses for much longer, increasing your strength and stamina on the mat.
    The material is also incredibly absorbent, which is perfect for those advanced yogis who spend a lot of time on the mat and want to work up more of a sweat.
    The double seam in the crotch area as well as the non-transparent weft of the material will also assure you a high level of decency and security if you’re posed in a public space.


  • If you want this product to last, you will have to hand wash and air dry, which might not be appealing to those wash-it-and-wear yogis.
  • These do not come in the larger sizes.

CompressionZ Capri Leggings for Women

Our final pair of yoga pants are as attractive as they are supportive, cozy, resilient and affordable, and are certainly a must for those yogis who want to have the utmost confidence no matter what level of skill they’re at. The CompressionZ Capri Leggings for Women give any aspiring female yoga practitioner that snug fit and top-notch performance.

 This is a sleek and, more importantly, soft fabric that will imbue your movements with that fluidity and allow you that extra half an hour on the mat – remember: with increased comfort comes increased endurance.

 The double-layered stretch design will contain all that cellulite, compressing the skin into tight and natural curves – your booty will simply look great in these yoga pants.

 These are available in a whole host of styles from eclectic to modest or businesslike, they suit a wide range of people looking for a variety of things in their yoga workout. These pants also have a moisture-wicking quality, meaning no unsightly sweat patches during your more hardcore yogic workout.


  • The non-transparent four-way stretch material will guarantee you more time on the yoga mat and increased stamina, skill level and overall confidence in your range of motion.
  • The anti-cellulite technology will hide all those knobbly lumps and bumps in the texture of your skin, compacting it all into enviable curves that will leave everybody else in the yoga class wondering what they did wrong!
  • The yoga pants are extremely flexible and will allow you that extra level of movement needed for advancing your technique without impediment, which may be essential if you’re rehabilitating lower back or hip joints.
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  • Even though the fabric is extremely stretchy, some users have complained that it is a little too tight and doesn’t allow for the increased range of motion they desire.
  • These are not high-waisted, which may not be suitable for those who want that extra skin coverage.

Best Yoga Pants To Hide Cellulite Buying Guide

Cellulite is notoriously hard to get rid of, and most people probably take up yoga to rectify this. But, you don’t want to be hampered by embarrassment even before you’ve hit the mat. So to reduce pre-yoga stress, what should you be looking for in the perfect yoga pants?

Ideally, you want a yoga garment that does not accentuate your tummy or your thighs, giving you those natural curves and that extra comfort and confidence in your own body.

However, the basic features of anti-cellulite yoga pants do not stray far from what a regular yoga pant offers you – that is a high level of durability over multiple sessions, comfort, non-transparent material and a stylish design.

What a lot of anti-cellulite yoga pants do offer is compression and a higher waistline. If you don’t want to display that extra skin during a workout then you should be looking for a high waited feature. Keep those back dimples hidden so that you can focus on your exercise routine. The compression capabilities of your yoga pants should also be clearly stated by the manufacturer.

Your pair of yoga pants should be made out of smooth fabric to increase your levels of comfort when you’re pulling those difficult-to-manage, revealing yoga poses. You don’t want to be feeling self-conscious when stretching, as this can take your focus off the move and cause you injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Benefits Do Yoga Pants Give You?

Comfort levels during exercise have been proven to affect your stress levels, so the more comfortable the yoga pants, the more relaxed and less stressed you’ll be during your workout. If you’re wearing pants that are too constrictive, then your focus will be on that particularly painful area rather than your exercise.

Most yoga pants have been designed with maximum comfort in mind, so the chances of you fidgeting in a pair of yoga pants that cut into the flesh are slim to none.

One of the best things about yoga pants is that you can wear them all the time! More sophisticated than your average jogging bottom, you can wear your yoga pants in the office or at the daycare center and nobody will bat an eyelid!

Do Yoga Pants Help Improve Your Exercise Routines?

The perfectly fitting yoga pant will give you the privacy you need when exercising in public, which will automatically help you to focus on your current pose. Also, flexibility is important and you will be looking for a seamless yoga pant that won’t split during an awkward moment.

Half the battle of exercise is confidence in what you’re doing, and you want a yoga pant that emphasizes rather than hinders that, providing you with proper form as it conforms to your posture.

Good yoga pants can also get you motivated for exercise. Regular clothing is often drab and ill-fitting, whereas a yoga pant is spray-on and stretchy – you almost won’t even notice that you’re wearing them! You could even wear your yoga pants before you go to bed. Then all that’s left for you to do is wake up in the morning with your exercise clothes already on. By removing your prep time you’ll be immediately ready to hit to the mat or the gym!

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