Best Long Length Yoga Tops

Whether you’re a full-time yoga lover or are just dipping your toes into the world of the craft, the correct clothing is a must-have. Yoga is a very nimble and slow-paced sport; however, this doesn’t make the necessity of the right clothing any more important. In some ways, it makes it all the more important. 

Yoga is all about being present and aware of your movements, so your clothing must be comfortable enough to allow your mind to focus on what’s really important. On the other hand, yoga can sometimes be hard and sweaty work, so you still need to consider sweat-wicking material. 

If you take a look at any yoga instructor, you’ll more often than not find them in a short top or just a sports bra. However, if you don’t feel comfortable in these types of shirts, longer tops are a great alternative too. Not everyone loves to show off their stomach while they’re in downward dog! 

Long length yoga tops are harder to come by than shorter options, which is why we’re writing this article to help you out. We’ve found the five best yoga tops for you to choose from, each of which with differentiating factors to ensure that one is ideal for you. 

In a hurry? 

Can’t wait to order your long length yoga top and try it out for yourself? Look no further than here, where we’ll fasttrack you to the front of the line so that you can hear which is the best option on the market right now. 

After our extensive research on the topic, we’ve discovered that the Mippo Yoga Top is the best long length yoga top for you to enjoy, and here are a few reasons why we think so: 

  • The 19 color options ensure that everyone can get a top in their favorite color. 
  • The back of the top features a stylish design.
  • Lightweight material is great for yoga as it ensures perfect range of motion.

Best Long Length Yoga Tops


Mippo Workout Tops for Women Summer Yoga Exercise Shirts Sleeveless Tanks Gym Exercise Clothes High Neck Racerback Tank Tops Athleta Clothing for Women Deep Gray XS

Mippo Yoga Top for Women


CRZ YOGA Women's Seamless Athletic Long Sleeves Sports Running Shirt Breathable Gym Workout Top Navy-Slim Fit Medium

CRZ YOGA Women’s Seamless Athletic Long Sleeve Workout Top


Muzniuer Workout Tops for Women Open Back Tops Sleeveless T-Shirt High Low Tank Top Long Workout Yoga Top Long Tank Sleeveless Yoga Tops Black L

Muzniuer Women’s Yoga Backless Long Tank Top


Mippo Yoga Top for Women

Mippo Workout Tops for Women Summer Yoga Exercise Shirts Sleeveless Tanks Gym Exercise Clothes High Neck Racerback Tank Tops Athleta Clothing for Women Deep Gray XS

The best long length yoga top on the market is made by Mippo, and it features an interesting back to wow all your yoga partners. The fabric crosses over itself at the top of your back, adding a layer of style to your yoga practice. The armholes are enlargened to give you excellent range of motion. 

This top is made from 95% modal and 5% spandex, making the top lightweight and extremely flexible. You won’t have any issues with your top restricting your movements during your session, allowing you to enjoy your time more and get the most out of the practice. 

The front features a scoop neck which is modest enough to protect you from any wardrobe malfunctions, but low enough to keep you cool during your vinyasa. The stretchy fabric is loose-fitting but remains in the right place during all of your stretches. With 19 colors to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice! 


  • Stylish design on the back of the shirt. 

  • Lightweight material gives you great range of motion. 

  • Lots of color options. 


  • A few people complained about the scent. 

  • The sizes might run small.


CRZ YOGA Women’s Seamless Athletic Long Sleeve Workout Top

CRZ YOGA Women's Seamless Athletic Long Sleeves Sports Running Shirt Breathable Gym Workout Top Navy-Slim Fit Medium

Next up is a long sleeved yoga top made of 100% nylon, which will absorb your sweat to ensure that it doesn’t sit on your skin during your workout. Nylon is also quick-drying so you wont have to suffer while wearing wet workout clothing during your session.  

Nylon is a high-quality material that is sure to last you for a long time, so be prepared to have this top in your wardrobe for the foreseeable future. The sleeves house thumbholes to ensure that you don’t have to keep pulling your sleeves down into the right position.

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As the sleeves are long you can also use them to wipe away the sweat on your forehead! This top is seamless to prevent chaffing from additional fabric, and the fit is slimline to make sure that it remains in the right position on your body. 

The crewneck is ideal for modesty and won’t cause any malfunctions during your practice. Choose between 15 color swatches and patterns, and the sizes run from XX-small to X-large. 


  • Nylon is the most popular material for workout clothing.

  • Thumbholes are very convinient. 

  • The top is not too loose but not too tight either. 


  • The sizing might be different to usual sizes so use the sizing guide. 

  • The sleeves are tight for some customers.


Muzniuer Women’s Yoga Backless Long Tank Top

Muzniuer Workout Tops for Women Open Back Tops Sleeveless T-Shirt High Low Tank Top Long Workout Yoga Top Long Tank Sleeveless Yoga Tops Black L

The Muzniuer Backless Tank Top is particularly long in length at the back, so you can practice yoga safe in the knowledge that you’re covered completely. The top is made from 95% modal and 5% spandex, so like the Mippo Yoga Top above, this garment is very flexible and lightweight. 

Not only is this top very lightweight and malleable, but it’s also incredibly soft to touch. You will feel amazingly comfortable during your practice while you wear this top. The back of the top features a cutout to offer more style to your session. This top is the epitome of business in the front, party in the back! 

The tank top features a scoop neck which is lower than the other alternatives that we’ve seen, but not too low to threaten exposure during your yoga moves. There are 14 colors to pick from and the size ranges from small to extra large. 


  • Extra long length yoga top. 

  • Lightweight and soft material used to create this top. 

  • The sleeveless design gives you free range of motion.


  • The sizing might run small. 

  • The top is shorter in the front than the back which is not to everyone’s taste.


RBX Active Women’s Yoga Tank Top

RBX Active Women's Yoga Workout Tank Top Spring Black M

The RBX Active Women’s Yoga Tank Top is a long length workout top that doesn’t offer any sleeves. Instead, the straps meet at the top of your back to avoid them falling off of your shoulders during your poses. This is a great benefit as you won’t have to worry about irritating wardrobe malfunctions. 

The top is made from 65% polyester and 35% rayon, making it incredibly soft to touch while remaining breathable and moisture wicking. The fit is not too form-fitting but also not baggy enough to leave you with lots of loose material. 

A scoop-neck neckline is flattering while offering great coverage throughout your practice. The top is lightweight and feels as though you’re not wearing anything at all! If you value comfort then this is the top for you. Choose between 24 color options with sizes from small to extra large. 


  • Razor back for comfortable straps. 

  • Breathable and moisture-wicking material.

  • Lots of color choice! 


  • The sizes might run large. 

  • The color swatches might be different to the real color. 


Cucuchy Women’s Yoga Top

Cucuchy Yoga Tops for Women, Althletic Clothing Breathable Petite Gym Shirts Quick Dry T Shirt Feminine O Neck Short Sleeve Activewear Cool Elastic Slimming Fitted Pilates Vacation Clothes Grey M

The final long length yoga top on our list is moreso to be pulled over a sports bra to give you a bit more coverage. It’s considerably less fitted than the other alternatives on our list, so take this into consideration if you’re going to be practicing yoga with others. The unfitted nature of the top is much more comfortable than a fitted top, which is why we’ve included it. 

The polyester material wicks sweat away as soon as it’s formed on the body so you can spend more time enjoying your practice rather than worrying about sweat. Cucuchy offers this yoga top with both short and long sleeves, so you can customize it to your liking. 

As this top is more relaxed than the other options that we’ve explored, it is actually the most versatile alternative. If you want your yoga top to double as a regular garment then this one is for you! Choose from 11 colors for the short sleeve top and 6 for the long sleeve alternative. 

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  • Loose fitting top is very comfortable. 

  • Polyester keeps you free of sweat. 

  • Opt for either a long sleeve or short sleeve alternative. 


  • Some found the top too long.

  • The colors may differ slightly from the images. 

Best Long Length Yoga Tops Buying Guide

There are some important factors to consider when choosing the ideal long length yoga top for you, which we’ll now look at below. The length of the top is not the only factor to consider when choosing your yoga top – there are quite a few others to think about before you rush into a decision. 

Following our advice below will help to ensure that you get the most out of your yoga top and yoga practice. Let’s get right into the factors to consider, shall we?


How comfortable you’re going to feel in your yoga top is a very important consideration to think about before purchasing one. An uncomfortable top might put you off practicing yoga altogether, making the top pretty redundant. 

Yoga is about mindfulness and focusing on what’s important. If you’re finding yourself distracted or uncomfortable due to the clothes you’re wearing, you’re not going to get the most out of your session. 

How comfortable you feel in your top is dependant on your personal preferences and the type of yoga you’ll be practicing. Seamless tops can be more comfortable as there is no additional material rubbing against your skin, so this might be a feature to look out for. 

Sleeve Length

We’ve already established that the length of the yoga top should be considered long, but what about the sleeves? Yoga tops come in a variety of different sleeve lengths – tank tops, or no sleeves, t-shirt length sleeves, or full-length sleeves. Which option you prefer all depends on your personal preference. 

The shorter the sleeves, the cooler you’ll during your practice. However, tank top sleeves might fall off of your shoulders and distract you from your practice. If you don’t want to worry about this, there are special razorback straps to choose from as well. 

Half-length sleeves can be beneficial for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to either extreme. Be mindful that sleeves tend to roll up and they might cause an issue around the elbow. If you’d prefer not to have to pull down your sleeves throughout your session, you can opt for long sleeves that contain thumbholes. 

Holes for your thumbs offer a place to anchor the sleeve to ensure that it doesn’t bother you while you’re stretching. Whichever sleeve length you prefer will cut your search down substantially, so have a think about what you want. Most yogis tend to wear tank tops, but feel free to do what feels best for you! 


The most popular materials for yoga tops to be made from are nylon and polyester, which are both durable, strong, and offer you great longevity. You’ll be able to benefit from your new yoga top for a long time after you purchase it! 

Nylon and polyester also moisture-wicking materials, so you won’t feel yourself sweating while wearing it. This is one of the reasons why most people tend to wear nylon or polyester while they’re doing any sort of workout. 

Nylon is stretchier than polyester, so if you’re wanting a form-fitting top, you should choose nylon for additional give. Polyester tends to hold onto odors more often, so make sure that you wear a good deodorant! 

You can also opt for a cotton yoga top, and these are often more flowing and loose-fitting. Cotton absorbs sweat rather than wicking it away so you should choose a darker color to avoid noticeable sweat patches. Cotton is also very breathable and arguably the best material to put against your skin. 

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The fit of yoga tops varies greatly from yogi to yogi. Some prefer flowing tops that are loose-fitting, while others prefer a tight-fitting top to ensure that it doesn’t ride up. The former is more comfortable for most people, but some people prefer the peace of mind that they can get with the knowledge of not being exposed. 

Some yoga moves can be particularly difficult to achieve while wearing a loose-fitting top, such as a downward dog and forearm stand. As your head is below your abdomen, the flowing top could easily ride up and expose your stomach. 

Whether you choose a tight- or loose-fitting top will depend on which feature you value more – comfort or indiscretion. We have included both form-fitting and loose yoga tops above to ensure that there is something for everyone’s preferences. 

Your Yoga Environment – class, outdoor, indoor

There are a few different environments that you might choose to practice yoga, including indoors or outdoors, in a class or on your own. Indoor yoga is much more versatile for the different types of yoga tops because you don’t have to worry about the weather or temperature. 

However, if you’re planning on practicing yoga outside, you might want to take the environment into consideration. Is it going to be windy or chilly? If so, a long sleeve top will help keep the cold out. Is it going to be very hot and sunny? Moisture wicking material all the way! 

If you’re going to be practising yoga during a class with lots of other people, chances are that you’re going to be much more reserved than if you were to be playing at home. For this reason, a form-fitting top might suit you better as it’s less likely to ride up during a vinyasa.  

Color and pattern

Purchasing a yoga top is just like buying a top for everyday wear – you should like the color and enjoy wearing it. You’re more likely to have a better practice and experience if you feel good about yourself, so choosing a top that you feel confident in is a must. 

Luckily, many yoga tops come with a lot of color options for you to choose from. Not so many come with patterns, but you can still find some on the market. Darker colored tops are better at hiding sweat stains, but lighter colors can often make you feel cooler during your practice.

Yoga Tops – Frequently Asked Questions

What is best to wear for yoga?

Anything that is comfortable for you and won’t get in the way of your practice. We’d advise to wear clothing that doesn’t offer too much additional fabric that can get caught during the poses. Breathable material is another great option because it will help you remain comfortable as you travel through your practice. 

Other than those pointers, you can wear whatever you find works best. Leggings are highly popular among yoga instructors and practitioners, and sports bras can be worn underneath your top. The top you wear over the top can be whatever you find most convenient.  

Should you wear a bra while doing yoga?

You should not wear a regular bra while practicing yoga, or doing any sport for that matter. It’s not a requirement to wear any type of bra while practicing yoga, but it might make you more comfortable and less focused on your body. 

Sports bras are the best option to wear while practicing yoga. Although you’re most likely not going to be doing any high-intensity movements during your session, a sports bra can be a happy medium between a regular bra and nothing at all. 

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