4 Fat Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

If you’re a woman on a mission to burn fat, it’s likely you are making a few mistakes along the way that are limiting your results and preventing you from achieving your desired outcome. Knowledge is power though, so understanding the 4 mistakes mentioned below will help you start to crack the weight loss code.

Weight loss doesn’t need to be as complicated as it seems. But avoiding common mistakes and putting them behind you will help you get on track to see better results.

Let’s examine four fat loss mistakes you are probably making so you can understand how to fix them!

Mistake #1 – Starvation Diets

Many women think that if 1400 calories is good, 1000 must be better, right? But this thinking is just flat out wrong! Your body needs fuel to burn fat properly. As strange as it may sound, if you cut your calories back too far, your body will go into “starvation mode” and slow your metabolism down so you can survive. Guess what happens then? You’re fat loss slows. And you may even gain weight from fewer calories! Crazy, right…and totally the opposite direction you are trying to go toward!

For successful, sustainable weight loss, you want to use a moderate calorie deficit, like the guidelines set forth in the 3 Week Diet plan, to ensure that your metabolism stays revved up so you keep burning fat.

Mistake #2 – Failing To Plan Ahead

Another big mistake many women make is failing to plan ahead and have an overall eating strategy over the course of a day or a week. They think about their next meal about an hour before that meal takes place. Usually because we are too busy and don’t have time to plan out our meal and cook. It all seems to take so much time, right?

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If you want to really see weight loss results, however, you need to plan ahead. The trick is using a weight loss program that doesn’t require really complicated meals. Because if you have to do complicated meal prep then it’s another big change you’re making to your routine. And we all know how this story ends – it starts out good but ends when you get too tired of all the work to prepare your meals. And then eventually you have “failed” another diet. And you feel bad and it might even cause you to overeat and then you might even end having gained weight. Insert frowny face here.

No woman can handle that — you have a life to lead, right?

You should never wonder “what to eat” when hunger hits or you’ll be tempted to eat something you shouldn’t. And boom…suddenly you have gone off track (again).

But, with a diet plan that makes planning ahead simple, you will stand a much better chance of sticking with your menu.

Mistake #3 Overdoing Cardio Training

Almost every woman I know in her 20’s and 30’s spends a LOT of time on cardio machines. While some smart cardio training – such as sprint or HITT training – can be beneficial for fat loss, you probably don’t need to spend as much time on an elliptical, bike, treadmill, or other “cardio” equipment at the gym. It’s easy to reach the point of diminishing or negative returns.

Instead, what helps most women is a basic weight training program that focuses on key lifts to make you stronger. As you get past your 30’s to your 40s, 50s and beyond, weight training helps protect your bones and helps prevent osteoporosis and related fractures.

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Check out The 3 Week Diet workout program if you need assistance in this area. This new diet and exercise program comes with a money back guarantee and includes both a diet plan and also a workout plan. Together it’s a remarkably effective weight loss plan that will help you melt fat quickly.

Mistake #4 Overcomplicating The Process

Finally, the last major mistake many women make is overcomplicating their program. They find a diet plan that has a million rules and restrictions that they must follow.

And then they wonder why they aren’t sticking with it and why it’s not working.

Can you relate?

Simplicity is best. A plan with a few smart guidelines that you can easily implement into your life, will help you to stay on track which is key to seeing great results and losing the weight you are trying to lose.

Nutritionists and weight loss experts know that fat loss isn’t rocket science. It all boils down to fueling your body with the right food choices to encourage the release of energy from body fat cells.

The 3 Week Diet plan will explain how to do this without feeling like you need a Ph.D. in nutrition and exercise.

So now that you know about these common mistakes you can self-correct. If you see yourself making any of these diet mistakes, re-read this article, make a few changes, and get yourself on track to seeing better results in the future.

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