Three “Healthy Foods” Secretly Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right on your diet plan but still not seeing the results you desire?

Many people find themselves in this position. They work hard on their dieting efforts and try to follow their diet to the letter but something just seems to be off. They stop making progress. The scale is not going downward and they aren’t getting the results they were hoping for.

If you are nodding your head and can relate, we are going to take about a few hidden diet saboteurs.

Often, the problem is actually a few specific foods that are negatively impacting and sabotaging the results. These women are eating foods they think are healthy, but these foods aren’t healthy and are actually holding them back from success.

What are these foods that might be sabotaging your diet? Let’s review three foods that you need to eliminate from your diet immediately.

Food that Might be Sabotaging Your Diet

Food #1 – Fruit Flavored Yogurts

Fruit flavored store bought yogurts are a favorite among many people on a diet. They are often advertised and everything thinks that yogurt is “healthy.” But, what most people don’t realize is that they are likely digging into pint-sized sugar bombs each time they put a spoon into that store bought yogurt container.

So, next time you’re picking out your favorite yogurt, double check the sugar content so you know exactly how many grams of sugar are in that yogurt. Often you will see 15 grams of sugar (or more) per serving.

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Some sugar free varieties have fewer grams of sugar but instead they are loaded with artificial sweeteners that may also have a negative impact on your diet because they may oversensitive your taste buds and make you crave sweeter things.

What’s the solution? Look for a plain greek yogurt. Or even better make your own greek yogurt at home. You can flavor it yourself by adding a handful of fresh berries and you will end up with far fewer grams of sugar. A whole cup of blueberries typically has approximately 17 grams of sugar, so one third of a cup of fresh blueberries will taste amazing and typically add only 5-6 grams of sugar. Which is much better than 15 or more, right?

Food #2 – Fat-Free Products

Next up on the list of foods to remove from your diet plan are any products that are labeled as “fat free.” If the fat is removed, these foods typically are processed. And often sugar is added to increase the flavor and make them appetizing when the fat is removed. Otherwise they would be totally lacking in flavor.

So there are three main problems here with fat-free products. The first is that they are typically processed and that’s how the fat is removed. Second, because the fat is removed they won’t make you feel full. So you will probably feel hungry later and that can cause you to overeat more calories than you had planned. And third, the flavor and fullness that naturally would have come from the fat that was removed are often replaced with sugar or alternative sweeteners.

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As a result, fat free products typically do not make for nutritious and satisfying food.

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Food #3 – Protein Bars

The final food you need to be cautious about are protein bars, which shocks most people. Everyone is constantly talking about protein bars. All moms can relate to this!

Protein bars seem like a good choice because they are convenient to have around and seem like an easy way to get more protein into your daily food intake.

But once again, you need to carefully check the sugar content in the protein bar and see exactly how many grams of sugar the bar contains. Most protein bars have 15 grams of sugar (or more) per bar. And some popular protein bars we see at the health food store have 30 or 40 grams of sugar, depending on the size of the bar!

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These types of protein bars are closer to a slightly healthier candy bar. So it’s important to really examine the protein bar labels carefully and make sure they have low sugar content. If you do like protein bars look for ones with less than 10 grams of sugar, and 5 grams if you can find them.

In summary, these are the three foods that you may be currently eating that could be causing you some issues. Are any of these in your diet? If so, take a few minutes and write out an action plan to fix these.

And if you want to learn the two must-eat foods that will help catapult your fat loss into high gear, make sure that you check out The 3 Week Diet which goes over the harmful and helpful foods for weight loss.

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