Best Meditation Cushions

We are all dealing with increasingly busy lifestyles and the daily trials and tribulations that we each face can soon become pretty overwhelming. To help battle against this and find some inner peace, more and more people have started turning to meditation. 

The benefits of meditation are undeniable and should be tried and tested by all of us who seek a more relaxed mind. Improving your concentration, reducing stress and managing anxiety are just some of the positive impacts meditation can have on your life.

Meditating requires putting yourself into a relaxed position in order to really achieve tranquility, but this is much easier said than done. Hard floors, uncomfortable chairs, and surfaces that don’t offer any support all need to be contended with. So what’s the solution?

To get the most out of your meditating, a specially designed cushion is highly recommended. A meditation cushion is designed for the sole purpose of providing you with comfort whilst ensuring you’re able to maintain proper form whilst you meditate.

A quick look online and you’ll see that there are a huge amount of meditation cushions to choose from, which means finding the right one could be tricky. 

However, in line with the theme of reducing stress, we’ve done the hard work for you and chosen five of the best meditation cushions for you. And, with various shapes, colors, and sizes in our list, you’re bound to find the perfect cushion for you!

We’ll also walk you through a buyers guide, showing you some of the key factors to look for in a meditation cushion. We will also be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about meditation cushions, so you’ll know everything you could ever need to know before making your purchase.

Our Top Pick

If you’re in a rush and are keen to start meditating with the aid of meditation cushion as soon as possible, our top pick could be exactly what you’ve been looking for. 

Top 5 Best Meditation Cushions


Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Round Zafu Yoga Pillow - Zafu Meditation Cushion Velvet with Zippered Organic Cotton Liner to Add or Remove Hulls | Machine Washable - Free Carry Bag (Amethyst)

Ajna Buckwheat Meditation Cushion


Mindful & Modern Velvet Meditation Cushion | Luxe Zafu Yoga Floor Pillow Seat | Posture Support | Buckwheat Hull Filled | Large Round Cushion with Removable Washable Cover + Carry Handle | Color Green

Mindful and Modern Velvet Meditation Cushion


Mindful & Modern Large Meditation Cushion | Zafu Yoga Bolster Meditation Floor Pillow Seat | Buckwheat Hull Filled Crescent Shaped Cushion with Removable Washable Cover + Carry Handle (Minimal Black)

Mindful and Modern Large Crescent Meditation Cushion


Ajna Buckwheat Meditation Cushion

Buckwheat Meditation Cushion Round Zafu Yoga Pillow - Zafu Meditation Cushion Velvet with Zippered Organic Cotton Liner to Add or Remove Hulls | Machine Washable - Free Carry Bag (Amethyst)

This Buckwheat Meditation Cushion from Ajna won’t only provide you with a comfortable place to meditate but is also designed to be last a really long time, giving you even more value for money. It’s a great choice for the environmentally conscious too, as for every purchase made Anja will plant one tree in return!

Let’s look a little further at the features. The cushion consists of two durable layers, a washable outer cover and an inner case, which allows you to easily wash it when the need arises.

Its unique filling of buckwheat hulls provides its sturdy shape and helps prevent unwanted movement whilst performing your meditation. This also makes it easier to align your spine and support your hips and lower back.

It’s filling also consists of real lavender hulls which provides a form of aromatherapy and has been proven to be extremely effective at adding to your relaxation levels whilst meditating. The hulls are removable too, and this can be utilized to adjust the cushion’s height. 

The luxurious look and smooth velvety, design ties in seamlessly with its relaxing functions as it provides a calming and slick looking aspect to your household. It is also available in five different crystal-inspired colors, giving you the opportunity to blend in it with your existing home decor.

It comes with a free carry-bag as well, so taking your meditation cushion to the most relaxing setting couldn’t be easier.


  • Consists of two durable layers, one of which is machine washable
  • The unique buckwheat filling provides the sturdy shape and helps keep the spine in alignment
  • The filling also contains real lavender hulls that bring an aromatherapy effect to the cushion
  • Available in five crystal-inspired colors to suit any taste
  • For each purchase made a tree is planted in return 


  • Some people that purchased this cushion noted that it was smaller than they expected but still large enough to meditate comfortably on
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Mindful and Modern Velvet Meditation Cushion

Mindful & Modern Velvet Meditation Cushion | Luxe Zafu Yoga Floor Pillow Seat | Posture Support | Buckwheat Hull Filled | Large Round Cushion with Removable Washable Cover + Carry Handle | Color Green

With a 16” diameter and 4.5” height, the Velvet Meditation Cushion from Mindful and Moden will provide you with optimal support without being too clunky or inconvenient.

The slick and luxurious look will make it a viable accessory to have open to view in your home too, and it is a available in a range of colors to suit any interior design scheme. These include emerald green, blush pink, dusty violet, graphite grey, royal navy, and tropical turquoise

The shape and size of this meditation cushion is optimized to help prevent the aching of joints and muscles, providing you with proper posture to improve the health of your spine as well as relieving any tension in the hips whilst you meditate. 

The filling of this product consists of all-natural organic buckwheat hulls. These buckwheats will provide a firm sturdy base whilst maintaining the comfort required for a relaxing meditation. The filling is removable too, which allows you to adjust the height and density of your cushion to whatever preference you may desire

The cushion cover is machine washable too, so there’s no need to worry about paying expensive dry cleaning bills if something were to accidentally spill on it. All of the materials used in its construction are eco-friendly too, making it a great choice for anybody looking for a sustainably-sourced product. 


  • Designed to provide spinal support without being overly cumbersome
  • Also offers tension relief to the hips when you’re sitting in a cross-legged position
  • Uses natural, organic buckwheat hulls to provide support and offer height adjustability
  • The cover is machine washable making it super easy to clean
  • Available in five different colors to suit any interior design scheme


  • Doesn’t have any aromatherapy or scented properties 


Mindful and Modern Large Crescent Meditation Cushion

Mindful & Modern Large Meditation Cushion | Zafu Yoga Bolster Meditation Floor Pillow Seat | Buckwheat Hull Filled Crescent Shaped Cushion with Removable Washable Cover + Carry Handle (Minimal Black)

Made from natural materials, this Crescent Shaped Meditation Cushion from Mindful and Modern might be the one for you if you’re particularly keen on an eco-friendly option. With its measurements being 17” x 11” x 5.5”, it is suitable for all shapes and sizes too, and comes in a variety of luxe base colors that can be easily incorporated into any home.

This unique crescent-shaped design allows for more support for the hips, as well as being a viable option for stretching and helping to keep the spine in alignment when sitting for long periods of time. As opposed to classic circular cushions, this crescent shape may be what you’re looking for if stretching and various types of meditation are in your sights

This cushion has been designed to be able to accommodate ankles and legs too, so you won’t have to worry about certain parts of your body hanging off of the cushion. Its height also helps prevent aches and pains in the lower half of your body. So, whether you wish to sit with your legs crossed or your feet flat on the floor, you’re guaranteed to be comfortable.

It has a natural, buckwheat filling that provides a firm yet comfortable meditating surface to sit on. The buckwheat hulls are removable too, allowing you to adjust the height should you wish. It’s removable cover is also washing machine safe, allowing you to keep your cushion fresh and like new. 


  • Made from 100% natural materials for an environmentally-friendly product
  • Suitable for all body shapes and sizes, and available in a range of colors
  • The unique crescent shape design helps keep the spine supported and supports the ankles and feet
  • A natural, buckwheat pillow provides a comfortable, supportive seating surface
  • The machine washable cover makes it easy to clean at home


  • Some people found that the zipper seemed a little flimsier than they would have expected, but noted no issues when removing the cover


Anja Yoga Bolster Cushion for Meditation and Support

AJNA Yoga Bolster Pillow - Luxurious 100% Organic Vegan Suede - Yoga Bolster for Restorative Yoga - Rectangular Yoga Pillow with Carry Handle - Machine Washable Cover

This rectangular-shaped Meditation and Support Cushion from Anja is a really versatile option, and its shape provides the basic functions for a meditation cushion as well as a support for deeper stretches or yoga positions.

The rectangular shape isn’t just great for performing a variety of stretches and meditative positions on though. It also provides better lower-body coverage and allows for deeper stretching, which is highly beneficial for those struggling with aches and pains. It’s height and firmness is also ideal for maximum comfort whilst relaxing.

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This product is made from 100% vegan materials as well as being designed from recycled foams. It’s eco-friendly design is also partnered with dual-layer technology which will help maintain the shape of your cushion and make sure it doesn’t lose its firmness over time. 

You’ll also receive a carry bag with this meditation cushion, which is ideal for taking it to different spots or away with you on a meditation retreat. This carry bag provides you with a safe place to store your cushion when it isn’t in use too and helps keep it nice and clean until you’re ready to use it again.


  • The rectangular shape gives this cushion more versatility, allowing you to sit and meditate as well as perform deep stretching
  • Made using 100% vegan materials and recycled foams
  • Uses dual-layer technology to help it maintain its shape and fitness over time
  • Available in a wide variety of colors
  • Comes complete with a handy carry case that can also be used for storage


  • The foam filling isn’t as malleable as some other cushions and you may find the ends bowing a little as you sit on the cushion


Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion, Buckwheat Zafu Oval Floor Pillow, Made in California

This stylish textured Meditation Cushion from Brentwood Home is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. It’s warm and welcoming look makes it a pleasant and practical piece of furniture too, and it will blend in seamlessly with any home decor. It’s not all about looks though.

Let’s start with the filling. Stuffed with organic buckwheats, this meditation cushion is designed to provide superior comfort and support even when you’re sitting on it for a long period of time. 

It also has a fully removable cover that can be placed in the washing machine for an easy, stress-free clean, as well as a certified organic cotton inner liner. This liner works with the natural filling to help the cushion maintain its shape, and it can also be adjusted to allow you to find the perfect height and density level. 

Weighing just 4lbs, this cushion is an ideal option for those looking to find relaxation outside their home too. It even comes with a practical carry bag, providing stress-free travel with your cushion.


  • Has a unique, textured pattern that makes it both functional and stylish
  • Filled with organic buckwheat to provide comfort and support whilst meditating
  • The cover is fully machine washable and can be quickly and easily removed
  • A certified organic cotton inner liner gives you the opportunity to adjust the height and density of the cushion
  • Weighs just 4lbs and comes complete with a handy carry case


  • Only available in one color and design

Best Meditation Cushions Buying Guide

A meditation cushion doesn’t only give you a more comfortable place to sit whilst you practice, but will also help to keep your spine in alignment and provide relief for your hips, knees, ankles, and feet.

There are certain elements to look for when trying to find the perfect meditation cushion though, and it’s certainly not as simple as choosing the first one you come across.

With such a wide variety of products, it’s important you get a meditation cushion that will help you achieve the peace of mind you seek. So what are the important factors of a meditation cushion?

Durability & Filling

One thing that certainly won’t help reduce stress is worrying about how long your cushion will last. If you’re concerned about the longevity of your cushion it will never do its job correctly. This is why it’s important to look at what materials have been used in your cushion’s construction.

So what makes a durable cushion? Well it’s mainly dependent on what’s inside.

Buckwheat filling: Buckwheat is a grain-like seed that provides a firm and durable filling for your cushion. Buckwheat hulls will help maintain the shape of your cushion as well as restricting any unwanted movement during your meditation session.

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Buckwheat hulls have proven to be very durable and can last up to 10 years. Aside from the durability, the buckwheats are easy to remove and add, making your cushion easily adjustable.

Cotton filling: Cotton is a softer, lighter alternative to buckwheat hulls. A cotton filling will be more flexible, suiting those with aching muscles better. As well as this, a cotton filling will provide a hypoallergenic alternative. The durability of a cotton filling is perhaps not as strong, however. There is a possibility of mold with improper storage and care and the risk of losing its shape is also a possibility.

Foam filling: Some meditation cushions use foam as a filling. This is usually recycled so makes a wonderful eco-friendly choice. However, foam is a lot less malleable than both buckwheat and cotton, and you may find the edges of your cushion begin to curl upwards under your weight when you sit on it.

Weight and Portability

This is another important factor for picking the perfect cushion. Do you wish to meditate from home or want the option of doing so anywhere? This is definitely something to consider whilst picking your cushion. A larger heavier cushion is great for its firmness and durability, but not so much for portability. 

If you are looking for a meditation cushion that can travel as well as you can, look for included carry bags, handles, and lighter cushions that weight less than 6lbs. 

It’s worth noting, also, that meditation cushions that come with carry bags will also provide you with a great storage solution. So, if you don’t particularly like the idea of making your meditation cushion a permanent home decor feature, you can safely store it away until you’re ready to use it again.

Cushion Hygiene

A meditation cushion is certainly something you want to keep as fresh and pleasant as possible.

The easiest way to find a cushion that’s handy to maintain is to look for removable covers. These removable covers are usually washing machine safe and stress-free to clean, allowing the management of your cushion to be as stress-free as possible too!

Color & Design

Whilst the color or design of your meditation cushion won’t have any effect on its functionality, it’s always worth thinking about whether you’d like to have it on permanent display or store it away when it’s not in use.

If you are looking to make it a part of your existing design scheme, look for a cushion that will fit in and not look as though it doesn’t belong with the rest of your soft furnishings. 

It’s always nice to inject a little bit of your own personality into whatever you do too, and a cushion that is available in a range of colors and styles will give you more of a chance to do that. 

Final Word

If you treat your cushion correctly and get the right one for your own needs the first time around, you won’t need to purchase another for a long time. The benefits meditation cushions provide will go a long way too, and will help aid you in your path to a relaxed body and mind.

Whether you are looking to get into yoga and meditation or just want to maximise the benefits, a meditation cushion is certainly worth the consideration. So, whether you’re meditating on the go or from the comfort of your own home, there’s a meditation cushion out there for you.

Mediation Cushions – Frequently Asked Questions

Can a meditation cushion be used outdoors?

Most meditation cushions can be used outside if the weather is favorable.

However, it is recommended to accompany it with a yoga mat or blanket underneath to help keep it clean and protected. 

How do I clean a meditation cushion?

Most meditation cushions will come with a removable cover that can be placed in the washing machine.

This makes them really easy to clean and means you won’t be left with a large dry-cleaning bill! Just make sure you check the laundry instructions thoroughly before washing and allow it to air dry to prevent shrinkage. 

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