Want a Happier Day? Try these 5 Micro Habits!

Everyone wants to have a great day. but sometimes our days seem challenging. One trick I’ve discovered over time is that happiness is simpler than most people think.

If you create a few micro habits to get your day started off the right way, you will set yourself up to be on the path to having an enjoyable, calm and productive day. And when you are having a great day it’s likely to rub off on those around you – your kids, husband, partner, co-workers – and you can actually help others have a better day too!

So, where do you begin?

Try these 5 Micro Habits to get your day off to a great start and put you on the path to having a great day.

Micro Habit #1 Start your day off right with Gratitude

When you wake up, immediately think of something you are grateful for. Begin your day the right way…with Gratitude! You can train your mind to think or say one thing outloud you are grateful for and you will put your mind on a positive path before you even get out of bed!

Note: if you do use a gratitude journal as part of a morning routine, you can elaborate on your gratitude in more detail later. The reason this is a micro habit is because it is just ONE quick micro habit that takes a few seconds.

Micro Habit #2 Have a quick inspirational morning routine

Remember that micro habits are generally quick things we can do or get started in one minute or less. For example, maybe you want to wake up to an upbeat song that puts a smile on your face. Or maybe there’s a motivational podcast you like. Did you know that on most phones you can set the phone to use that as the wakeup alarm? The key here is to make these decisions and automate them.

So if there’s a song you love or podcast go ahead and set it up right now as your alarm for tomorrow! And if you want to chain other micro habits on top, do a quick list of what those are. Maybe you have a mantra or affirmation you want to say outloud too.

See how quick and easy this can be? You can have your alarm clock set to the song you love. And as you’re listening you can say one thing you’re grateful for and one affirmation or mantra.

Boom…you’re first 3 minutes with your eyes open and you’re already on the way to a winning day!

Micro Habit #3 Meditate to Stay in the Moment

It’s often easy to get distracted especially in the modern era. It really helps to do a quick meditation to stay in the moment.

And again, we’re talking about micro habits, so always one minute or less to start. So close your eyes for a minute, focus on your breathing, find your inner calm and remind yourself that in this moment you are alive and you are calm!

Focus on the moment and what’s right in front of you.

And if you would like to try chakra meditation, be sure to see our new post – chakra meditations for beginners.

Micro Habit #5 Take care of yourself (aka self-care)

The key to having great energy throughout the day is to make sure you manage your emotional energy not just your schedule and to do list. If you get everything done on your to do list, but you’re always wiped out in the evening and don’t have energy for your kids, or husband/partner, dating, or friends, then you won’t be happy.

So, make sure you protect your emotional energy at different points throughout the day. This is a critical micro habit and often overlooked. Right now let’s do some brainstorming about what issues you might experience during the day. This is a list I’ve come up with from my own experiences and in talking with friends. See what you can borrow from this list and apply to your own life.

  • Take a quick walk – if you’re in meetings all day, go for a quick one minute walk. Even if you don’t have time, walk to the bathroom right now. You can even do a quick 1 minute meditation while you are there and come back to your desk
  • Eat or Drink – do you stay hydrated throughout the day? If not, set a reminder to drink a glass of water and be proactive about fixing this issue – before it happens. Or if you get low blood sugar and throws off your mood, go buy a whole bunch of healthy snacks to have in your kitchen or at your desk.
  • Mood – does your confidence flag later in the day? Do you need to put on an inspiring song to elevate your mood? Or maybe you need to say your mantra or affirmation to yourself. Even if you work in a busy open office you can make this happen.

Remember, you don’t have to do great big sweeping things to change your attitude, it is all about these quick and easy micro habits to get momentum and start making easy changes to your life.

In closing, try these 5 micro habits to make you happier and get your day off to a good start. Remember the key with micro habits is that they should only take one minute and be quick and easy to do and automate.

Please leave a comment below and let me know how you’re doing with your micro habits.


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