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Start Nourishing Their Body

How To Lose up to 10lbs+ in 6 Weeks Without Spending 2 Hours a Day at the Gym and Eating Salad For Every Meal

You’ve tried every fad diet that’s been released. You’ve spent tons of money on various “weight loss shakes” and pills that promise to help you shed pounds. You’ve wasted money on gym memberships that you swore you’d actually use and you don’t even want to think about how many times you’ve promised yourself that you’re going to “start my diet on Monday, and this time, it’s for real…”

There's so much bullsh*t when it comes to the diet and weight loss industry that it's no wonder you don't know where to turn.

Eat carbs! No wait, NEVER eat carbs. Actually, you CAN eat carbs, but only this type of carbs (and only on Sundays and Wednesdays, between 3pm -4pm…) 

Sugar is the devil. You must eliminate ALL forms of sugar from your diet, including fresh fruit. But you need to make sure you have enough fiber. Wait, fresh fruit contains fiber… and it’s highly nutritious… Ok, I guess you can eat {some} fruit…

It seems like everywhere you turn, there's a different fad diet
rearing it's head.

And where does this leave you?

  • Confused (and maybe feeling like it’s a lost cause…)
  • Envious of the people who seem to know what the “secret” is
  • NOT envious of the people who eat lettuce for breakfast, lunch and dinner (#boring)
  • Crossing your fingers that summer doesn’t arrive this year so you can keep wearing your baggy sweater and leggings

Here's the truth (the REAL truth...)

The key to losing weight and keeping it off isn’t the latest fad diet. It doesn’t rhyme with “Beto” or “Shmatkins.” And while those sorts of fad diets might work for some people in the short term, do you really want to never eat a carb again in your life? And honestly, do you think that it’s actually sustainable? 

The key to losing weight and keeping it off is: creating a negative calorie balance AND making the decision to NOURISH yourself, instead of deprive yourself.

Woah, woah, woah… Ease up turbo! What did I just say? That the “secret” to losing weight and keeping it off ISN’T some fad diet? That it could *actually* be as simple as expending more calories than you take in and choosing foods that nourish you? 

Yep, I said it... And my mama didn't raise no liar.

6-week transformation challenge 1

Weight loss, at it’s core, is actually super simple.

It’s a matter of creating a negative calorie balance – i.e. you have to expend more energy than you take in.

All that talk about carbs, high-protein, low-fat, etc. – it’s all just details. 

Of course, we also want to be HEALTHY too. I’m a health coach, so it stands to reason that I’m, well, healthy… So even though weight loss, in a nutshell, is about creating a negative calorie balance, of even MORE importance is nourishing your body with nutritious, healthy (and tasty) food.


I’m sure that nothing you just read is new information to you. You already knew that weight loss was as simple as creating a negative calorie balance. 

But here’s the problem: simple does not mean easy.

The “secret” of weight loss is simple, but it’s OBVIOUSLY not easy, otherwise nobody would ever struggle to reach their goal weight…

You need a plan.

Something that's easy to follow and doesn't feel like you're constantly depriving yourself of everything you love.

Something that is sustainable, and that the whole family can enjoy.


The Namaste Nourished
6-Week Transformation Challenge

The Namaste Nourished 6-Week Transformation Challenge is a healthy living and diet program specially designed to help you shed pounds faster and easier than you ever thought possible!


Here's what you'll get:

transformation challenge success guide


The 28-page complete success guide is loaded with tips and strategies that will ensure you get the absolute most out of the program. You’ll learn the science behind optimal nutrition and healthy living. 

transformation challenge meal plans


You’ll receive 6-weeks of  approved meal plans, which completely eliminates the guesswork of eating healthy. 

All of the meals are suitable for women, men and children so the whole family can enjoy the same, healthy meals. 

transformation challenge grocery list


You’re busy. You don’t have time to sit there and write out a grocery list every week. 

That’s why I’ve included 6 print-and-go grocery lists that correspond with each weeks meal plan.

All you have to do is print it and take it to the grocery store. 

transformation challenge recipe manual


A complete recipe manual containing 60 delicious, dietician approved meals including things like cinnamon and chia blueberry smoothie, baked halibut with salsa, turkey chili and lots more… 

worksheet images


The goal setting worksheet is an excellent tool to help you set realistic, attainable goals and track your progress throughout the 6-week challenge. It’s an invaluable asset!

While the program is diet-focused, working out is always encouraged and recommended. The workout planner is a great way to track your weekly workouts.

The measurement tracker will allow you to truly see how far you’ve come at the duration of the challenge!


Order now and you'll also get the following bonuses!

transformation challenge dining out guide

Bonus #1 - Dining Out "Swap Guide"

Guess what? You can still go out to eat even while you’re completing the challenge! 

The dining out “swap guide” will show you exactly how to turn a restaurant menu item into a healthy, “challenge-friendly” meal.

transformation challenge getting started checklist

Bonus #2 - Getting Started Checklist

The “Getting Started” checklist outlines absolutely everything you need to set yourself up for success during the challenge. 

It covers everything from meal prep and grocery shopping tips to tracking macros and keeping yourself accountable. 

So now you have a decision to make...

You can continue down the path that you’ve been traveling or you can choose to take a new path.

Continuing down the path you’re currently on will be familiar and feel “safe” but 6 weeks from now, you’re going to be in exactly the same position you’re currently in.

But I know that’s not want you truly want. 

You want something different to happen. You want to change the direction of your health and you want to finally reach your goal weight.

Click the button below, enter your details and you'll receive instant access to the entire 6-Week Transformation Challenge.

A ONE-TIME payment of $37 gives you access to the entire challenge for life. You can participate in the challenge as many times as you like

Meet the Weight Loss Expert Behind The Challenge

Hi, I'm Ashli

  • Founder of Namaste Nourished
  • Creator of the 6-Week Transformation Challenge
  • Qualified Personal Trainer (West Coast College of Fitness)
  • Certified Health Coach (Dr Sears Wellness Institute)
  • Certified Weight Management Consultant (NESTA)
  • Qualified Pregnancy & Postpartum Exercise Instructor (ACE)

Got Questions?

What is the 6-Week Transformation Challenge?

It’s a 6-week healthy living/weight loss challenge designed to help you lose weight and transform your overall health.

Do I have to pay every time I do the challenge?

Nope. Once you’ve purchased the program for $37, there are no additional charges. You have immediate access to the program and you’re free to complete it as many times as you wish.

What types of foods will I be eating?

During the 6-Week Transformation Challenge, you’ll be eating a variety of whole-foods based meals, including things like chicken sausage and peppers, baked halibut with citrus salsa, cinnamon and chia blueberry smoothie and more.

Is there a meal plan?

Yes. You will receive 6 weeks of dietician-approved meal plans that are appropriate for the whole family. 

Will I have to buy special shakes, diet pills, etc.?

No. The 6-Week Transformation Challenge consists of whole foods. There are no special shakes or diet pills required.

Can I complete the program if I'm pregnant and/or breastfeeding?

The program consists of nutritious, whole-foods based meals, which are the exact types of meals you should be eating while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. However, I’m not a medical professional. If you have concerns about the program, I recommend speaking to your doctor.

Will I receive a physical book in the mail?

No. It would be crazy-expensive to print and send the program via snail-mail. The entire program is digital and will be delivered as a PDF which you can open with virtually any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Are my payment details secure?

Yes. I take this very seriously. Your payment is processed through PayPal, which is secure and encrypted. When you make a payment through PayPal, no-one besides PayPal is able to access your financial information.

How do I get started with the 6-Week Transformation Challenge?

Just click on the big orange button below, enter your payment details and you’ll receive immediate access to the entire program!

DISCLAIMER: The FTC requires that I disclose what a typical result is. The truth is, most people are lazy and will simply buy a product and never follow through with it, meaning that most of the time, the typical results will be zero. The biggest factor is you. There is no such thing as a miracle solution or magic bullet.

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