4 Tips to Make New Micro Habits Stick

So, hopefully you’ve been reading my articles about habits, or even the ones about micro habits, and you’ve come up with some habits to change.

Maybe you’ve already put some of those micro-habits into motion.

Good going!

Now comes the hard part – how do you make the micro habits stick? How do you make small changes that will last over time?

Here are a few key tips to keep your micro habits on track for success:

Tip 1 – Use your smartphone

Since everyone has a smartphone these days, use it to improve your life and keep your habits front and center.

Decide specific times you want to get your micro habit done and then set up your phone to remind you at the time you want to be reminded. That outsources all of the thinking and mental energy around “reminding yourself” to your phone…and that keeps you less distracted and then you can just follow up and complete the habit when reminded.

Easy. Peasy.

Tip 2 – Try New Self Talk

If your micro habit is not time-based, then find other ways to make this micro habit a part of who you are. In other words, make it part of your identity and the easiest way to do this is through your self talk.

Start with “if-then” statements.

For example: “If it’s Tuesday, then today I’m taking the bus and walking the rest of the way to work,” reminds you of that small habit to walk to work more often. And by changing your self-talk to “I am…” you are literally making this micro habit part of your self identity.

You’re the type of person who takes the bus and then walks to work.

By paying attention to how you speak to yourself, you will start to rewire the old thought patterns. And that makes your new micro habits a more natural part of your life.

Tip 3 – Simplify The Habit

Remember, these are supposed to be micro habits, not major habits.

Sounds obvious, but this is a common mistake

So don’t get caught up in trying to make grand sweeping changes. Instead, focus on the small things that you can easily build into your existing routine. If you’re having a challenge, simplify the habit.

Tip 4 – Take away the “old choice”

If your goal is to drink more water instead of soda or juice, then take away the soda and juice. Stop buying them. Throw whatever you have out or donate it.

If you want to walk more steps per day, start parking your car further away from your office.

Apply this line of thinking to each micro habit and you’ll see new easy ways to make these micro habits stick!

By removing the “old way” what you have left is the new way.

Think about what needs to disappear from your life to make your new micro habits a success.

In summary, it’s not hard to make micro-habits stick.

Just focus on staying intentional on the micro habit and the change you’re trying to make so it doesn’t get lost in the chaos of daily life. By applying these tips, you will stay on track to make your new micro habits a successful part of your life!

Let me know how your success is going in the comments below.

4 tips to make new micro habits stick


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