3 Easiest Ways to Track Your Micro Habits

If you are just getting started with focusing on changing your habits or micro habits, one of the best ways to improve your success is to start tracking them. If you’ve ever learned about goal setting, tracking is one of the key things that is always discussed. It helps you keep on the right path and also gives you some visual feedback about your progress as well as a record to look back at and see your progress over time.

The process of tracking works particularly well with micro-habits and will really help you be more successful. When people first learn about micro habits they love them because they seem so easy and effortless. But often we all have a challenge on the follow through. I’ve definitely had this happen to me. Taking a slight extra step and doing some tracking will take your success to a whole different level of success!

So, here are are the 3 easy ways to track your micro habits:

Write your Micro Habit down

By using a journal or some daily planner, you can see at a glance just what you have accomplished. Working with paper can be easier for some people because it’s easier to leave in front of you all day versus having to open your phone or computer. Sometimes the “old school” ways work better and paper has its advantages. Also, writing with a pen and paper takes a little bit more of intention and effort and takes you away from being on autopilot on your phone. Many people report that pen and paper works well for them for tracking, so definitely give it a try!

Put your Micro Habit in a Spreadsheet

If you are more technologically minded, and especially if you like numbers and data, try to track your micro habit in a spreadsheet. If you have an iPhone for example you could use Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets to do this. The nice thing about a spreadsheet is that you will have a n ice visual layout you can print and track over time. Plus you will always have it with you when you have access to a phone or computer.

Track your Micro Habit with a phone app

If you look at the iPhone or Android App Store, you will see many different tracking apps for specific behaviors. For many, this is the easiest option since they always have their phone with them.

Does this describe you? I’m guilty too (blush)!

And personally I prefer this approach for micro habits because these apps have reminders built in. And the apps will provide you with positive feedback, nudges, reminders…all fo the things that psychologists say are needed to build good habits easily.

Rather than give you a long list of possible apps, this one is really simple. There is one app called Done: A Simple Habit Tracker that is highly rated and free and will enable you to get started quickly. It will also give you graphs showing your progress by week, month, or longer. I have tried many different habit trackers and many are overly complicated. This is a simple one that will help you get started quickly and stay focused. There is also a one time upgrade which is only $6.99 if you find you are getting value out of the app. Many of the other tracking apps having expensive monthly fees and that’s why this is my top recommendation. The free version will work for almost all of you.

The one advantage to using your phone to track progress, is that most of us have our phones nearby almost constantly, so it removes a barrier of having to go get your notebook. And with the options to have the phone nudge you, it can help you be more consistent too and that’s something that your paper notebook can’t do.

In summary, tracking your micro habit progress is easy regardless of whether you use “old school” methods like pen and paper, or newer approaches like phone apps. The important thing for success is that you use a tracking method that you will actually use. This will help you make progress on your micro goals.

If you have a tip or suggestion to share with our community, please leave a comment below. Especially if you have specific app recommendations for iPhone and Android, please let me know so I can update this post for everyone.


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